The Cult Of Jenova


TattleCrime.org is your extensive resource for learning more information on Jennifer Cornet and the cult she ran not only in the Hannibal fandom but Final Fantasy VII as well. Here I have put together all of the links and resources I've been able to find in order to help direct people to the information they need to know to gain a better understanding of not only Jennifer but the Hannibal Fandom as a whole. 


Pictures of Jennifer are scarce as she attempts to hide herself. If you see this woman it's highly suggested you contact the police immediately. There is also an optional contact form here where you can submit tips and other information as anonymously as you wish.  If you want to be contacted back or expect a reply please provide a real E-Mail address. 

Jennifer Cornet [Recent]

Below, you can find links to different resources and other information pertaining to Jennifer and the Hannibal fandom. For any further questions about legal information on this website please refer to the disclaimer. This page is under construction but the vast majority of important resources remain up and available to those seeing information, including pictures, chat transcripts, and other forms of proof. 

Video files, photos, and chat transcripts were collected by me from public accounts where the information was publicly collected and displayed previously. No copyright infringement is intended.

Currently working on indexing and archiving old posts to keep as proof. Eventually, I wish to work my way up to being an archive for the entire story (including the Final Fantasy VII chapters but things like this take time and money for hosting so it may take a bit to get it all together in one place) 

If you are interested in donating time, resources, or suggestions to better maintain and keep this archive you can contact me at here. Any help in any form is greatly appreciated otherwise expect updates to be slow. 

At least she admits she's still stalking me, sorry, keeping an eye on me after 4 or 5 years, something. Anyway, archive link to tweet here just in case she removes it.

Additional Archived History of ALL the Tweets she’s made about me since she’s made her second account on twitter can be found HERE.


Jennifer Cornet's Tumblr [Relevant Posts & Screenshots]

Jennifer Cornet's Twitter & Instagram [Relevant Tweets & Screenshots]

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