The Cult Of Jenova

All the horrors of the Hannibal fandom they don't want you to know. Including info on the original Tattle-Crime.com

Welcome to my Hannibal fandom resource website. Everything you need to know about the continuing saga of Jennifer Cornet and the rest of the scammers in the Fannibal Family.

The Story That Started It All

The Krystal Mather Scam


Krystal is literally so desperate to get this video removed that she has now sent in one completely BS privacy complaint where even YouTube is like “Meh we’ll review it for you so don’t do anything right now”. What is she trying to hide? What are all of them? I don’t really understand any of this. If this is just a prank why didn’t they say it to start with? If they hadn’t pointed me right at their blogs to begin with with the Maxx threat I wouldn’t have even looked. I’d say they are literally trying to get me to react at this point but if they wanted me to do that they wouldn’t be flagging my videos so what gives?

My Demon-Sushi Coverage And Commentary

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