Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nickie Michaud Wild...Pedophile, Pervert, Psychopath? Lets see...

I'm not here to claim that Nickie Michaud Wild is actually a pedophile but it seems somewhat obvious that she has a thing for hanging out with young women in the Hannibal fandom. Much younger women. Like, half her own age younger women. That's somewhat disturbing. As you can see here, this is when she took Rotem Rusak to some kind of Hannibal related live sex show? Considering that Nickie is in her 40's and Rotem is in her 20's, one kind of needs to question why she's doing this. Not to mention that Nickie claims to be married? (possibly to a woman named Tila) or at least they are "partners". Despite this, Nickie seems overly interested in young women that she can hang out with, especially in the Hannibal fandom. As you can see in this post here from Tumblr. You can see that they have some kind of weird relationship from this post considering someone wants this girl to die as well as them telling her to strangle RevNickie (aka Nickie Michaud Wild). Can't honestly say I'm surprised that other people hate that cow because she's nearly insufferable. 

Shared Delusions

One of the biggest and most disconcerting things is that the four worst stalkers use a name for me that is not my name. It hasn't been my name in a long while, it's not even my birth name. Though, for a few years I was going by that name (and I mean very few) they some how found it and won't let go of it. So, legally I do not use the name they call me by and is obscure to basically anyone other than them, They continue to use it despite claims they know my current legal name. They also insist that this previous name (Eve) is my birth name when that isn't the truth either. The four of them repeatedly using this name in reference to me is delusional but it's also strange as no one knows me by this name. At all.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Transformation Of Lauren Skaggs

In season 1, TC found an artist named Lauren Skaggs AKA "TheTuxedos". Lauren would have been 17 at the time considering what her age is now. TC back then was around the age of 27 or 28 (if she's even telling the truth about that but we think she's far older than what she claims). In any case, TC started to pressure Lauren to do art for her as well as sexually role play. It is unclear how quickly they got into the sexual role play but considering the fact that TC was overly protective of Lauren and her role play blog in season 1 (UniqueCocktail) it seems that's when this all started. 

Lauren would do art for her, for free, in exchange for exposure (at the start) because as I mentioned TC is very good at convincing people her site was popular because Bryan Fuller followed her on Twitter (As well as a man named Rick who worked for the production company) so she MUST have had connections. Though TC was fond of using the word "Commission" she never actually paid Lauren for anything. What she did was promise her things. Most notably she promised the girl a job at NBC. An official job. Something she couldn't even get herself, so I have no idea how she convinced Lauren she was going to get her one.