The Cult Of Jenova

The Cult Of Bryan Fuller

There is a cult of about 200 or so women (mainly on Tumblr and it leaks over to Twitter quite frequently) who exhibit many cult like signs. They are violent in their defense of Bryan Fuller, especially his show Hannibal, and they are intent on seeing a season four happen even though multiple sources, facts, and other proof show that this is not something that is ever going to happen. 

You can't tell these people that it won't happen, though, or you will be attacked. Their only alleged proof that season 4 will happen is a handful of very vague tweets Bryan Fuller has made about "being in talks" for season 4. In reality, the show was canceled due to low ratings, and though Amazon could have picked it up immediately (they held the rights) they declined due to there being no profit in continuing the show. They will, however, claim the show was actually canceled due to any number of false things like NBC being homophobic or the show being pirated, neither of which actually played into the reasons it was canceled. The ratings drop in the show's key demo can clearly be seen on the wikipedia page for NBC Hannibal. 

Still, this does not stop many of them from constantly badgering Fuller for a release date on a season 4, nor does it stop them from viciously attacking anyone who denies there being a season four, even if there's factual proof to back it up, which there is. 

Though there is an entire online directory of these people (view here) there are "leaders" who are spear heading this whole cult fanaticism and this is the information I currently have on them. 

Laura Spencer [Website Here]

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Laura has been in this since season one. She treats the fandom like a business more than like a fandom. She also has the largest following for Fannibals as far as I'm aware and seems to get the most attention. Laura has a history of trashing anyone she doesn't like, and encouraging her followers to chase them off of Tumblr and out of the fandom while denying that she's encouraging any harassment. She puts posts about anything (or anyone) she doesn't like in a tag called "wank". She has also posted "official rules" about "engaging trolls" none of which she follows herself but expects everyone else to follow. She's been publicly attacked far more than once by a lot of people for doing horrible things, but her following will still blindly defend anything she does or says because...Hannigram I guess? She lies about being poor, asks for money for existing, and creates incredibly bad art that people clamor to buy for some reason (a lot of it is traced in MS Paint or stolen from popular tumblr posts). A lot of people say horrible things about her behind her back but don't dare confront her to her face as she's known to be exceedingly vicious to anyone who contradicts her "royal" opinion. 

 [Message Sent To Me By Laura Spencer When She Forgot To Hit The Anonymous Button]

[Message Sent To Me By Laura Spencer When She Forgot To Hit The Anonymous Button]

She likes to claim her bitchiness is a "Severe Learning Disability" and that her blog is a "Safe Space" but will routinely tell other people that the internet is NOT a safe space and she's allowed to attack them, and she does this all publicly. People just ignore it for some reason. 

Nickie Michaud Wild [First Website & Second Website]


Nickie Michaud Wild is in her 40s, overweight, and acts like she's another queen of the fandom. People just listen to her. Originally she went by the handle "RevNickie" but suddenly decided to delete a lot of evidence when I started to link people to the essays she was writing about me, and sadly, this was before I knew about archiving posts on the internet. She is now "DocNickie" and insists on being called "Doctor" even though her PHD is actually in Sociology or something. She doesn't work a full time job, which explains how she has so much time to update her personal blog which is 99% Hannibal and a blog she runs called "FuckYeahHannigram" but for some reason pretends she doesn't run it, even though it's totally her that runs it. She is married to another Fannibal and together they seem fond of preying on younger girls in the fandom. Even taking one, in cosplay, to a burlesque show. Videos previously showed Nickie reading gay erotica to teenage girls in the fandom before she went through a mass deletion process on her RevNickie blog. 


Nickie likes to tell people that it's natural to want to harass and yell at me but then tells them not to do it. She claims she used to work in "some field" I guess meaning psychology, even though there's no evidence to that. The fandom just takes her word on everything because she's like a den mother and though she never has much (or any) proof to back up the claims she makes about me or anything, they believe her because she "feels like" it's the right thing to believe. She's made multiple posts about me having dozens of sockpuppet accounts that have absolutely nothing to do with me and has even written an essay on how I am "gaslighting the entire fandom" via the internet, which, if she was actually educated in psychology she'd know that you can't do. She is some kind of "temp" professor at Mount Holyoke College, because her PHD is useless and doesn't afford her any actual, real life work. She has a YouTube channel that's mostly about her cats. Her wife, who is transgender, can be found here. Oddly enough Nickie has joined in on making fun of me for possibly being transgender (I'm not) despite being married to a questionably passing trans woman herself. Wonder if her wife knows about that. 

Rotem Rusak [Website Here]

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I didn't know much about Rotem Rusak until the point in 2017 where she set up a facebook page about wanting to legalize rape and used her own pictures. Then she later claimed that I set up the facebook page in order to get her raped. It didn't work because she couldn't prove it and facebook removed the page shortly after that point. Though she is known in other fandoms as being crazy and a stalker, her behavior in the Hannibal Fandom is clear. She has stalked Hugh Dancy to several locations, even after Hannibal was canceled to remind him of Hannibal. He looks like a dear caught in the headlights of a truck in those pictures where he's being mobbed by her and her group of Fannibals. 

Rotem also puts out a huge monthly newsletter about Hannigram, which I can't fathom has any new information given the show has been off the air for nearly 3 years and only has 39 episodes. Bryan Fuller followers her on Twitter and is friends with her on facebook and regularly encourages her to behave in this erratic way by retweeting her, replying to her, endorsing her, and praising her behavior even though anyone who is not a fannibal can see how psychotic it actually is. She claims to have some sort of social media job at an advertising firm or something, but also thinks that this "Save Hannibal" Campaign she started is a business as it's listed on her LinkedIn account. She routinely spends thousands of dollars to travel to Europe to go to the Red Dragon Conventions because it's apparent that she's got very wealthy parents and doesn't actually have to work for a living. She was the one that Nickie took to the burlesque show dressed in Will Graham cosplay and it was boasted about on twitter. Given their age difference and the fact that Nickie is married I find this odd but the fandom sure doesn't. 

Currently she spends 99% of her day tweeting Fuller a bunch of random nonsense hoping for him to praise her for random things she has or hasn't done. The rumors about her being "kicked out" of the Supernatural fandom for acting psychotic are just rumors but merely observing her behavior in the Hannibal fandom one can deduce they are probably true. She also has a really bizarre YouTube channel which mostly contains her doing a bunch of interpretive dancing.

Monica Morais [Website Here]

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I don't even know where to start with this person. First and foremost I recognize that they want to be called with female pronouns even though I'm 99.9% sure they are a man. The only reason I bring this up is that they started a rumor I was actually a man (which I'm not) and looking at them, they are so ambiguous gender wise I'm just going to have to point out the fact that I think she's just a very badly passing trans female. That being said, I met her, at random, around 2014 when she started to send me threats for roleplaying as Freddie Lounds on a private twitter account where I really didn't talk to anyone other than my roleplay partners. 

After harassing me off of that account (and reporting it for impersonating Jennifer Cornet) she moved to attack me on my main account which had 3 thousand followers at the time. When my followers defended me she claimed that all of my followers were me on fake accounts and demanded they all prove that they were not me [Example]. Monica has also made various claims like the fact that she can't stalk me because I'm not famous so her actual stalking of me isn't stalking and that I'm not allowed to have the name Monica because she owns it even though at this point it's been proven to her that my name is Monica. She calls me something that isn't even my legal birth name but insists that has to be my name because I think she's insane. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.25.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.27.30 PM.png


She launched a campaign to attempt to get me fired from my job, sent me repeated threats, runs a real life hate club about me called The Kiwi Mafia with about 20 other people, discusses with her friends how I used to be a man, how she'd assault me if she ever saw me in person, and makes up rumors that I'm homeless then her and her friends laugh at me for being homeless (even though I am not homeless and haven't been in the time I've known about this person). From what I understand she gave a lot of money to Jennifer Cornet and Tattle-Crime.com and was sent after me because of Jennifer's request. She kept up the harassment for a good four years and isn't entirely gone she's just being more quiet after she was finally banned from her first twitter for harassing me and several other people with violent threats. Due to her behavior I've had to change my phone number twice and file several police reports. I think currently she's in a sexual relationship with her horse according to things she says about him on facebook and twitter on occasion. Sometimes she rants about how I'm Donald Trump too. 

"Katie" [Website Here] [Twitter Here]

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.09.05 PM.png

Katie (AKA Kater223 or KaterSkater223) is a 47 year old woman who has been stalking me around for about 4 years now, however long Monica Morais has been been doing it, she's been there. They are like best friends. Katie is a "learning disabled adult" but claims to only be "high functioning autistic" which seems very unlikely considering her overly obsessive behavior and fixation on me. Katie has repeatedly told me that I am not "the real Freddie Lounds" and seems to be angry that I "chased off" the "real one" when Freddie Lounds is a fictional character and doesn't exist. Despite the facts and proof I have to debunk everything she says, she continues to insist that I'm wrong, writes blog posts about me and when I don't read them fast enough she links me to them to make sure I read them. She watches every one of my Youtube video and follows all my accounts (even if I have her blocked). She, like Monica, thinks that she needs to destroy my life for some reason. 

 In a nutshell, this is pretty much what this woman, Katie, thinks is going on with me:

  1. I am not the real Freddie Lounds because the "real" one ran off because I'm so crazy I made her run off. 
  2. I'm a meth addict and have "meth teeth" (I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what meth is or what meth teeth look like)
  3. I have 100 different "sock puppet accounts" and no one agrees with me and everyone thinks I'm crazy. 
  4. However, I also have minions who I send out to do my bidding even though also no one agrees with me, likes me, and all these accounts are actually my accounts.
  5. I'm super ugly and my Freddie Lounds cosplay is super bad and "fake" because I'm the "fake Freddie"

There's almost no telling how long she'll keep this up but what is clear is that she should be way more supervised than she actually is. Since there seems to be no ability to reason with her I do not intend to engage her any longer than I already have.