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CleoLinda Jones

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CleoLinda Jones is a woman who got her 15 minutes of fame on the internet years ago by writing very bad Twilight Fan Fiction. She's been milking it ever since in order to make money since she totally has several "disabilities" and can't work a normal job. CleoLinda was the first "interview" that Jennifer Cornet arranged on her "website" and it seems to have gotten her the initial popularity boost she was seeking. No one knows how CleoLinda plays into this but it seems as if she may be related to Jennifer in some capacity. CleoLinda will deny having anything other than very minimal contact with Jennifer even though their public social media history denotes that this is not the case. They definitely first made contact in 2013 and continued to stay in contact until at least late 2015 when CleoLinda was still shilling makeup products for Jennifer trying to make her money and get her exposure. Upon confronting Cleo, she got very defensive and claimed she only spoke to Jennifer once then never spoke to her again after that but since she's not very careful with her social media trail it's very easy to ferret out how much of a lie that actually is. 

CleoLinda seemingly uses the same method in fandom that Jennifer used. Either Jennifer was training Cleo on how to scam, Cleo was training Jennifer, or they both were scam artists who met up before they found the Hannibal fandom. Fortunately for both of them, the Hannibal fandom is one of the most gullible fandoms around and will easily throw money at anything even slightly related to Hannibal so Jennifer and CleoLinda used this to their benefit. Cleo is also a "radial feminist" activist, like most of the fandom and a super special snowflake so she's not exactly someone who is good with logic, covering her trail, or sticking to the facts of the matter. It is believed she may be related to Jennifer based on several people thinking she was Jennifer just by listening to her voice and observing her behavior. CleoLinda denies having anything near a relationship with Jennifer Cornet (despite being listed on her staff as well as attending conventions on her behalf) so whatever information CleoLinda does have about Jennifer, she's not sharing. Possibly because she's just as much as a criminal as Jennifer is. If she's asked she immediately blocks people and/or accuses them of being a troll. Very indicative of guilt if you ask me. 

Note: Both Jennifer and CleoLinda have the same exact backstories. They claim their father is famous but they aren't allowed to say who he is. They also both somehow know the same obscure actor and both refer to him as "like a family member" to them. In a very early LiveJournal post, CleoLinda claims her real name is Lauren but she can't say what her last name is due to her father being "super famous". This is the exact lie Jennifer tells and has told for a while. If CleoLinda wasn't involved with Jennifer before the Hannibal fandom it's an uncanny coincidence. Their mannerisms, speech patterns, and voice are incredibly similar too. One former staff member said, "If I hadn't heard them speak at exactly the same time I would have sworn they were the same person." So, you do the math.  


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