The Cult Of Jenova

Other Dangerous Cult Members

Monica Morais:


Monica Morais is a man or woman who started his or her vicious harassment of me in 2014. He or she was attacking me on the basis of not being "the real Freddie" because he or she had become convinced that Jennifer Cornet was the "real Freddie". He or she took the harassment to a new level by doxing me, stalking me, harassing my family, posting my information on Craigslist, and trying to get me fired from my job. This harassment of me continued for years and only just recently seems to have settled down. Monica claims that I have been banned from conventions I have never been banned from, claims I was born a male, claims that I am not named Monica because he or she owns the name Monica so that's not possible, and also has claimed that you can't stalk or harass someone if they are not famous. He or she has used all of this to justify his or her hate towards me. This includes a real life club of people who meet up and hate me, as well as take pictures of their meetings, make t-shirts and stickers, and discuss publicly assaulting me should I show up at one of their conventions. These are dangerous people, and this all started due to Jennifer Cornet's Tattle-Crime.com cult. Monica gave Jennifer a lot of money and feels that he or she needs to protect Jennifer at all costs, which includes this level of harassment towards me. Read more about her harassment (as well as see sources and proof) at this link. He or she spends most of his or her time on tumbr accusing me of being Donald Trump but was banned from twitter for repeated harassment and violent attacks. He or she created a new account where he or she desperately tries to get back the follower account he or she once had but almost no one pays attention to him or her any more since the fandom is nearly dead now anyway.

Nickie Michaud Wild:


Nickie Michaud Wild is an unemployed, sorry, "Guest Professor" at Mount Holyoke College. She has a PHD in Social Studies or something and is in her mid to late 40s. She is married to a woman who used to be a man named Teela Wild. She is extremely obsessed with Hannibal and the concept of Hannigram (Hannibal and Will being gay together) and has two blogs on tumblr devoted to this. Her wife also seems to be into this stuff as well. Nickie uses the fandom as a trolling ground to find young women to do sexual things with. Like take them to strip clubs and burlesque shows while they are in cosplay. Nickie has been to every Red Dragon Convention there is meaning she spends thousands of dollars on Hannibal and Hannigram related things. She has been known to sit with groups of very young girls to read them explicit erotica and is more or less a sexual predator trolling for her next score. She has written about three or four essays on me to "diagnose" what is wrong with me, despite not having the education or credentials to do so. She also has denied that I have been to the same conventions as her, despite me having proof and pictures of being at the same conventions. She is best friends with Monica Morais which isn't surprising seeing as how she clearly has a thing for transgender people. Both her and Monica are older than me but behave as if they are younger. Nickie resides in New York with her wife Teela. She demands people call her DOCTOR Nickie and uses this BS degree to diagnose people and problems over the internet. Since no one in the Hannibal fandom is that smart they just take her word for it without doing any research of their own. She is a radical feminist as well and performs "purity checks" regularly with other radial feminists. Is presumed to be delusional and dangerous. Her Hannibal blogs can be found here and here.  It is unclear what loyalty/connection she had to Jennifer Cornet in the first place but I assume she also gave Jennifer money as she is very defensive of that woman without really looking into who she possibly could be and promoted her on many occasions before she ran off to hide again.