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What You Get For Your Money at FannibalFest 2

#FannibalFest2 kicked off with an underwhelming bus tour that looks like maybe 30 people actually attended.

As expected, the majority of the fannibals on the bus tour went in cosplay so they could reenact scenes from the show at each location.

Things which are apparently perfectly normal for people to do, I guess, for a cancelled TV show that has been off the air for three entire years. I wonder what the people who own these locations think of this happening two years in a row now. Anyway, after that came the breakfast with daddy thing, which if you recall was priced at a $40 ticket on the FannibalFest website and/or some kind of reward for an additional donation on their initial kickstarter. It was quickly revealed that the breakfast was not worth that much money. The Fannibals were excited about it anyway.

After that, it was revealed what the $170 dinner looked like. It did not look anywhere near worth the money that one was required to pay to get a ticket. I will remind you that both meals were approved and overseen by professional TV chef Janice Poon who is apparently completely okay with the quality and price of these meals. Enough that she let the dinners go out looking like this:

There were a bunch of flower crowns and people of questionable gender who attended as well as people who…well obviously identified and presented as female even if it was questionable what their biological gender was.

It seems that Hannibal’s actual chair from his actual office in the show was brought along so people could sit in it and they all lost their minds over this…guess that’s worth a nearly $200 ticket price plus the additional money for the subpar meals:

Nickie Michaud Wild and Rotem Rusak were there again, making me question how they have so much money to spend on this while also not having jobs:

Though this random fannibal who is addressing another person (not me) says that they know for a fact some fans were comped tickets.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.02.01 PM.png

They follow up their statement by saying they know because of the twitter feeds of certain fan fic panel members who were at the convention.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.02.34 PM.png

One of the fan fiction panel leaders or members is none other than, you guessed it, Nickie Michaud Wild:

At the end of the day if you attended this convention and don’t think it’s a complete rip-off or even an entire scam I’d love to hear how you are going to defend all of this. Not very many people showed up maybe around 100 or a little over, at most, and it appears someone is complaining because tickets were comped for some people, not for others, and they don’t know why. Seems like what I’ve been saying all along is true but none of them care as long as they get their 5 day long “Hannigram” fix with their cult…I mean…”Family”.

Note: Links to actual tweets have been archived so should people start deleting tweets to try to cover their own asses I have sources as proof. Things they can’t delete. Should any of these tweets go down I’ll provide the source links instead.