The Cult Of Jenova

Laura Spencer [IDFYTI] Copy Pasta

Laura Spencer who runs IDontFindYouThatInteresting on Tumblr, is one of the biggest problems the fandom currently has. She's a scam artist, and a manipulator. Laura is the source of the very fictional story that I have victimized and harassed "several girls" who she also refuses to name. She has started copypasta in the fandom that the Fannibals now gladly post to smear my name. I also currently have proof of this. 

A few years ago, someone sent me a chat transcript where they went to Twitter DMs and asked Laura about me. This is what she said: 


As you can see here this is her victim narrative about how I attacked her for not RPing with me for a few days which isn't at all how it happened but this is the story that she repeats to everyone, it gets better though:


Then she talks about how a "switch" gets turned and I get "psycho" she brings up "Other girls" but won't say who they are. The name is blanked out there by me because it's not relevant who that was about I'm not getting into it. The point is that she claims there are several other girls but she also can't say who they are. You'd think if this was that big of a deal or that well known she could give one name. She goes on to say "they are terrified". 


This is her playing the martyr. "Then I'm the worst human being in the world I never offered to help anyone" blah blah blah. Any time Laura has been attacked for legitimate reasons she goes on this whole big martyr rant about how she was ONLY EVER TRYING TO SUPPORT THE SHOW! Everything she's EVER DONE is justified because she was only ever BEING A FAN of Hannibal. This is a good example of that stupid victim thing she does. 


When my friend refused to buy into anything she was saying because she wouldn't give any clear answers or proof Laura suddenly decided there was no point in talking about this anymore and my friend was blocked. Well, what does this have to do with anything? Other than the fact that it completely proves what I've always claimed Laura says about me, just the other day this was posted in the comment section of a youtube video about me. It's copy pasta. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 6.04.52 PM.png

As you can see it hits all the major bullet points of Laura's story. I did this to "Some girl" I was their "Best friend" I went psycho on them, I manipulated them, I conned them, and now they are terrified. They are crying. They are in tears. They don't want to get involved again. For one, I don't even know what this is about and I can assure you this is all just repetition of Laura's victim story. This is the story Laura's been telling people since season one. This story has appeared several times in several places with several variations. It always uses vague terms, like "Some girl" no names. When pressed no one will give you a name. I am always "manipulating" someone, I'm always "Someone's best friend first" and I'm always "turning on them for no reason". These people I allegedly prey on are always "Disabled" in some way. This story is posted over and over and over and it never happened and it all started with Laura Spencer. It's time for people to realize that none of this ever happened but at Laura's command it's being repeated over and over. Do the math yourself.