The Cult Of Jenova


Here are more articles, websites, information, sources, and media in relation to Jennifer Cornet, both of her cults, and background information on her personality, her partners, her cult members, and her inner circle. [This page will always be under construction and review] to have an article or source added to the list please contact us.

This will take you to a bunch of original articles about Jennifer Cornet and what she did in her original fandom which was Final Fantasy Seven. Here you can see she kept up the same pattern while entering into the Hannibal fandom. 

This is a bit more information on what Jennifer Cornet preached in the Hannibal fandom and how it connects to the FF7 fandom. It explains the "religious" mentality of the seemingly harmless cult.

Jennifer Cornet is well aware there are many people after her for criminal and civil reasons. As such, when she "became Freddie Lounds" she used dolls to represent herself so she didn't ever have to be on camera. Here are a few pictures of that.

Far more in depth information on the BITE model and how cult leaders use it to make people subservient just on a far larger scale than Jennifer did. 

Here is a general idea of the thought process that Jennifer Cornet goes through. Basically, when she puts on a costume/wig in her mind she is that character and no one can tell her otherwise.

Here you can read more about soul bonding and the belief system that Jennifer Cornet uses on victims via fandoms. In summation it's basically the belief that fictional characters have souls and living humans can possess those souls as well as be eternally connected to a soul. 

In order to form a cult, Jennifer used something commonly known as The Bite Model. It's basically a step by step guide on how to brainwash people into doing your bidding. This was either done consciously or unconsciously, she was very mentally ill so it's hard to tell.

There is a woman involved in all of this who claims that she barely knows Jennifer Cornet and is incredibly shady, especially when all evidence points to them having a very close relationship. Who is CleoLinda Jones and how does she fit into the Jennifer Cornet scam?