The Cult Of Jenova

The Tattle-Crime Cult Members

Though there were dozens of people via the internet tricked into supporting Jennifer's new cult, giving her gifts (and money) there were two key members of her inner circle (cult). Their names are Roxanna Paz and Lauren Skaggs. Here is all known information on these two women and how they came to be a part of this cult. 

Roxanna Paz:


Roxanna Paz (AKA: Roxy & Will Graham) came to know Jennifer nearing the end of the first season of Hannibal. Jennifer previously knew an had befriended Roxy's boyfriend, someone named "Al" for the purposes of anonymity. After Al became legally male, Jennifer decided she didn't like him any longer and convinced Roxy that her boyfriend was abusive and autistic (apropos of nothing) and that she really belonged there with them (them being Anna and herself). Roxy, without ever knowing what Jennifer or Anna looked like, drove three thousand miles from California to Illinois to stay in the "murder house" with the two. Roxy was only allowed to be her assigned character of Will Graham when she was with them and always had to be in character and in cosplay when she visited. After meeting them and spending an unknown amount of time in their house, Roxy was used to convince Lauren to come and join them. 

Roxy attended conventions on behalf of Jennifer to represent the website Tattle-Crime.com and get it attention. She was sent around to hound the actors and actresses (as well as the crew) to make Jennifer's website known to them and to get free promotion via having the cast and crew hold up the Tattle-Crime.com business card so that Jennifer could post it on her website and pretend to be a legitimate and official website for the show (even though she was never official). Roxy did Jennifer's bidding and helped to brainwash Lauren into doing her bidding as well. Currently, Roxy will not give any information on Jennifer either due to loyalty or being threatened (it is unclear which one has taken place). Though Roxy definitely knows how dangerous this woman is, she will not give up her secrets making her an accessory to every crime Jennifer has committed and will commit in the future. Roxy potentially also knowingly attended SDCC with fake tickets that Jennifer bought on the internet. She is presumed to still be living in California and also it is assumed she hasn't had contact with Jennifer in quite some time but that may also be false. Roxy has also entered a mass deletion process so she can avoid being connected to Jennifer at all costs so some links are archived (since she can't delete those) as proof. Her current blog is HERE but she will deny having anything to do with Jennifer Cornet if asked.

  Lauren Skaggs with Roxanna Paz on their first trip to SDCC in 2013

Lauren Skaggs with Roxanna Paz on their first trip to SDCC in 2013

Lauren Skaggs:

Lauren by far has things the worst with Jennifer at this point. Best guess is that Jennifer met Lauren when she was 17 years old and started to groom her from then on to be her slave. Lauren used to do amazing artwork for the fandom and that's how Jennifer first noticed her. Her paintings on digital and on paper were hyper-realistic. Jennifer told Lauren if she worked for her (for free) she would get exposure to her art and eventually, Jennifer could get her an actual paying job with NBC. Something she never came through on because she never had the authority to promise that in the first place. 

By the time Lauren reached the age of 18, Jennifer had used Roxy to convince her to drive out to Illinois to meet them. By that point, Lauren had already attended SDCC using fake tickets that Jennifer had purchased on the internet. Lauren went around acting as Jennifer's minion. Many who report having met Lauren say that she was like a zombie. She never talked about herself or her amazing art, she only talked about how great Jennifer was and how everyone should follow her on social media and look at her website (Tattle-Crime.com).

In October of 2014, Lauren paid a visit to Jennifer for the first time despite being urged by me and several others not to go. She was supposed to spend 2 weeks there by ended up staying a month. During this time, Jennifer refused to acknowledge her correct gender or her name only referring to her as Tux (part of her screen name) or Frederick (the character that Jennifer had assigned her to be). Lauren was kept up all hours of the night making art, or running errands, driving Jennifer and Anna around. Lauren spent thousands of dollars of her own money to do this and was never reimbursed (same with going to the conventions on Jennifer's behalf). All donations that Jennifer got through her website went into her own pocket. None of her artists (even beyond Lauren) ever saw a dime of that money. 

When Lauren returned home from her month long trip she stated she did not like Jennifer and never wanted to see her again. However, within a month, Lauren had quit everything in her home state of Utah and moved to Illinois to be with Jennifer. Eight weeks after that point she had cut off all of her hair, told everyone she was transgender, and stated going full time by either the name Tux or Frederick. At the end of season 3 when the show was canceled, Anna kicked Jennifer and Lauren out and they returned to Utah together. Jennifer started using the alias Constance Flynn (another character from another TV show). When her crimes caught up to her she ran off again but this time she took Lauren with her. Their current location is unknown. 

Lauren before meeting/living with Jennifer Cornet and Lauren after only spending two months with the woman.