The True Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom

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Here are archived images, posts, and other things pertaining to the former owner of Tattle-Crime.com, Frederica Avery (also known as TC). These images (a lot of them) have no actual archived links but are genuine screen grabs from public accounts at the time when Tattle-Crime.com was up and running her social media accounts. They are being placed here to use for future identification purposes. They contain items she owns and certain physical features that may or may not identify her as well as excerpts from chat transcripts to provide an account of how she speaks. If you run into a woman like this, or her partner, you may want to think twice about communicating with her. 

Chat Transcripts

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Former Tumblr Blog

Former Personal Blog

Partner's Formal Personal Blog

Posts about Frederica from her friend CleoLinda Jones

More to be added soon website is currently under construction once again due to attempts at censorship, fear mongering, and outright harassment.