The Cult Of Jenova

Jennifer's Partner: Anna

  This is potentially what Anna looks like not 100% confirmed but most likely. Picture circa 2006 or so.

This is potentially what Anna looks like not 100% confirmed but most likely. Picture circa 2006 or so.

Anna, AKA Gail, AKA Hannibal, AKA anything else she was told to be, is Jennifer's ex partner in crime. They had been together since the Final Fantasy Seven house until she kicked Jennifer and Lauren out. Since she's also wanted as a criminal and knows it, she is not interested in revealing the information she needs to reveal about Jennifer and so the current wearabouts of Lauren and Jennifer are unknown. 

Anna and Jennifer's History before Tattle-Crime:

Anna and Jennifer have been partners since 2002 when they were involved with a website called Hojo.net (as well as several others). They preached the religion of "soul bonding" and "others" and worked together to scam people out of money (as well as brainwash them into a sex cult). It seems by the time they reached the Hannibal fandom, Anna was more resistant to do anything to help Jennifer or play along with her and that's why she reached out and found Roxy and Lauren to do her bidding.

Why is she also called "Gail" and "Hannibal"?

When Jennifer and Anna moved to a different area of the country they were running from members of their former cult (and the law) so they would only ever use aliases. They also believed they were fictional characters and/or had many different personalities. When I first met Anna I was only allowed to call her Hannibal. Jennifer was only allowed to be referred to as Freddie. They behaved "in character" all the time. Anna also played the part of Gail (a male version of Abigail Hobbs). She would change her voice/accent so perfectly that unless you were specifically told they were two different people, there is no way you would have known. 

Why did Anna kick Jennifer and Lauren out?

Anna never liked roleplaying in the Hannibal fandom to begin with, she was forced. Also, Jennifer and her were supposed to get married or something, but when Jennifer became obsessed with Lauren being her slave, Anna was pushed into the background. I imagine that eventually Anna got fed up with this (and being forced to have sex with Jennifer's new concubine) and kicked them out. That's when they left and went to Utah where Lauren's family is. 

Where is Anna now?

Presumably in the same house that she started in back in Lake Forest Illinois but that is unknown as well. Since she's just as guilty as Jen is there's little chance of her attempting to come forward to expose where Jennifer is and is even more dangerous than Jennifer (allegedly) as she has been known to have fits of violence.