The Cult Of Jenova

How to offer support

I realize that not everyone has or wants to spend money to support this cause. This website I run and host I do it all myself and it's not free, it's also not incredibly cheap but it's manageable. It will always be free with very limited ads as a public service but any donations are greatly appreciated. If you cannot afford to do that (or don't want to) what's more important to me than money is spreading the information. Telling everyone you know. Sharing my videos, sharing my website, getting the word out. My one and only goal in this is to get Jennifer Cornet. It's not about money or fame, it just becomes costly to run this site month after month, year after year. Please consider donating if you can, if not, no worries, I intend to keep this place up as long as I can or until Jennifer Cornet is caught, whichever comes first. I only ask for support on Ko-Fi.com where a $3 donation goes a long way. That's all I'd ever ask for, if you are of a mind to. Thank you for your support otherwise. I appreciate anything you do to get the information out.