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Tattle Diary Entry #40: The Jaime L. Purr [ill-skillsgard] & How Tumblr Scams Work

As people know I have a life outside of this and typically what I am doing is investigating scammers. Somehow I have this weird beacon that enables me to find them really easily I guess. I have no idea. As I’ve mentioned before I watched Hemlock Grove and well I love Bill Skarsgard as an actor. Not sure I’d say I was ever “in the fandom”. I did write fan fiction for Hemlock Grove (so sue me I’m lame) but that’s over now. I also wrote some Pennywise stuff because why not. I really don’t care if you judge me, half of you are into weird shit yourself. The point is, as weird as I was with my stories the one thing I was never doing was scamming people out of money. No, that was left up to Ms. Jaime Purr. Who was dumb enough to give me enough legal info on her a year ago I was able to investigate her and find out that she’s definitely scamming people out of money.

Jaime L. Purr [ill-skillsgard.tumblr.com]

Jaime L. Purr [ill-skillsgard.tumblr.com]

Now, the thing here is that I probably would have let it go if she wasn’t also so much like Jennifer Cornet. The way she conducts herself and runs her cult, yes, literally a cult with how they behave…I had to say something. It’s not really just because she’s insufferable as a human but to prove a point. What point is that? Well, the point is that you will find one of these scams in almost every fandom. People get on my ass all the time because I only mention the Hannibal fandom, well that’s because until now that was the only experience I had. I used to have a tumblr blog for for my writing, and I didn’t particularly like the fandom but if you want to admit it or not, tumblr is a great place to promote writing which I used to do off site. I mean, so sue me if I want people to actually read my work. Sorry. That’s the only reason I was on there, was promotion because it’s good promotion. Of course, I’m nice to people but I didn’t really like the fandom. They are all obnoxious fucking horn dogs that treat Bill Skarsgard like he’s no more than a dick with legs and don’t get me started about how they are with his brothers.

So, this girl, Jaime (ironically another name starting with a J) is very close to being a Jennifer Cornet. Now, early when I first met her she was “nice enough” and I was admittedly using her to try to get promotion for my own writing. No one is a saint here. Back then, she used to tell me and everyone else that she didn’t do this for money or attention she wrote because she had to write to live or she’d die and she was an artist and it was her whole life. Whatever. The thing was this was all a phony humble tactic to get people to think that she was nice. Like Jennifer? Because Jennifer started that way. Didn’t want money, just wanted to provide a service for the fandom and she was totally the sweetest nicest person who ever existed and she crapped rainbows. This is how it starts. This is how they get you, and yes, this can literally be found in every fandom. The smaller or more obscure fandom the better because people are desperate loners who are also addicted to smut and have no real lives.

In any case, very slowly, Jaime started to get popular for some reason. Once again, much like Jennifer Cornet in the Hannibal fandom she had no substance. Her stories are okay, I’ve seen worse, but they are also very formulaic, cliche, and pretty much when she writes them they will always contain the same shit with like slight variations. Her longer stories are full of self-indulgent purple prose and basically unreadable. I mean they are from a literary standpoint, objectively bad. Factually awful. Very similar to Jennifer in the way that she didn’t do anything herself. The articles she posted she didn’t write (and weren’t even that good), her interviews were fake, and literally all the art she claimed to have commissioned was free because she tricked people out of that. Then she would claim she needed donations to pay her staff artists because they worked so hard for her website and they never saw any of the money. Similar to this, Jaime claims that she’s poor, starving, needs money to buy food and disaster after disaster has happened to her life and her boyfriend.

Jennifer, it was the sob stories too. Like how she needed to buy food, or she was to busy to do X thing because she was always working on the website. “YOU GUYS LOVE MY WEBSITE RIGHT? I HAVE NO MONEY I NEED IT TO RUN MY WEBSITE! FOR THE FANDOM! THE FANDOM LOVES IT! YOU NEED ME”. Jaime? Yeah she thinks the fandom runs on her smut. Her really awful smut. I don’t mean in a way that I don’t like it, or kink shaming. Hell, I wrote Pennywise fan fic what do you think was in that? I mean in an objectively immoral way. First off, she writes what is called RPF (real person fiction) but if that wasn’t bad enough it’s borderline incestuous with, you guessed it Bill Skarsgard and HIS BROTHERS. Now, as bad as that is, because it’s insanely distasteful, she has the nerve to demand money for it. Sorry, not demand, what I mean is that she claims that she can’t afford food or rent and is unemployed so the fandom has to bankroll her life so she can provide sub par gross immoral smut for them to read. You should see her patreon and how self entitled and spoiled it is. I mean, it’s very similar to Jennifer Corner in the way that if you gave Jennifer a 50 dollar donation she’d give you a 1 dollar prize for helping her. Like, literally this is basically the same person and Jaime has an army of them who just do what she says any time she says it, when anyone tries to expose her (aka: Me) they attack me for being jealous/pathetic/whatever.

What is my point? Okay my point is this. Other than the fact that I’m some unlucky asshole at finding these losers over and over again because fuck my life, I know Jaime is lying as she gave me her legal information and address and I found that she lives at home with her mother and her boyfriend isn’t real. Which means her crap about being borderline homeless and not affording food is a lie and this once again falls back under soliciting donations under false pretenses which is also a scam. All of this made me decide that I’m going to do a quick info list on how to spot a scam because it appears based on several instances this is the go to method to milk idiots out of their cash.

Pretty much the method (at least on tumblr) to start one of these money or sex cults (in both Jaime and Jennifer’s case it’s one in the same) goes something like this:

  • Start blog in a fandom big enough to get a following but not so big you’ll get noticed

  • Play the victim a lot, be overly nice to people, act like a pretentious artist who isn’t in it for the money/fame but because you love the fandom

  • Provide sub par crap that you wrote yourself (or didn’t but stole from other people by tricking them into doing work for you) and spam the tags with that so no one can avoid seeing your blog.

  • Pretend to have some kind of interesting but mysterious life that is unique and special and no one else could possibly understand (also you have some fabulous made up job that you made up and it’s vague enough no one can really say you have it or don’t)

  • Get a following.

  • Make up sob story about how you need money for some reason cause you are starving/poor/homeless whatever. The sadder the better cause people already think you are a nice person so they’ll throw money at you

  • Make sure in some way there’s sexual gratification happening because it’s way easier to manipulate people if you are doing sex stuff with them and have it out in the open

  • Trick people into thinking you are a victim, but also a strong woman, and anyone who points out you are a lying scam artist is just jealous

  • Start a Patreon/Ko-fi or open a donation box and rake in the cash.

Given that in both these cases, and yes, I’m sure, countless others in countless fandoms, this seems to be the actual make and model of a cult and how it is formed, I’m going to say you can find a Jaime or Jennifer in every fandom (if not more than one based on how big the fandom might be). This is happening all the time and people are being used for their money, manipulated out of it, and they are so fucking brainwashed by the point it starts happening they will literally defend the scam artist no matter what proof you have that they are literally robbing you blind. I mean, to be fair, this is a super good tactic to use on that website for stupid people, but it’s also illegal. Now, I can’t say Jaime has reached the level of Jennifer, yet, as she doesn’t seem to entice young girls to coming to her house to have sex…but she’s also just started this scam and no one seems to care about it so who knows what the future may hold. I mean she also claims to be a sex addict, bisexual, and wants to fuck everyone. With how hard her little girl minions lick her ass, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we have another Jennifer in another fandom.

Either way, before you give money to someone consider a few things:

  • Are you giving them money because you appreciate their work/talent or because you feel sorry for them?

  • Do you really know who you are giving money to and why?

Do your research, pay attention. I mean on both Jennifer and Jaime’s blogs there is loads of evidence that they are lying about why they need the money and yet people just don’t pay attention…somehow? Maybe these people are too far gone (or brain dead) to use common sense, but if someone is begging for money with a sob story…maybe try to confirm if it’s real or not first. Maybe consider that if their work was that good to begin with they wouldn’t need a sob story to get money off of you? Because 90% of these types of scams I do see is based on sub par crap work with a sob story behind it (this would include Laura Spencer who I’ve brought up numerous times). I’m all for supporting actual art, and work, and if you genuinely like a person’s work then support them. Please. However, if you base your money on sob stories over actually liking someone’s work or talent then you might need to consider they are taking you for a ride. No, these are not hard and fast rules but just by looking through this girl’s blog (as well as several other people I’ve mentioned before) you can literally tell they are lying. Do your research this is common in fandoms now and I hate watching people get milked out of their cash by people who in no way deserve it.

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