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Tattle Diary Entry #39: All Eyes On Me [Krystal & Damien's Obsessive behavior amuses me]

Every so often due to boredom or amusement, maybe both, I go look at the blogs that I obviously know are Damien’s, Krystal’s, Brad’s, and possibly Jilly’s because they didn’t really try to hide them. They are continuing with their weird vague attempting to gaslight my bullshit. Not to mention the fact that I’ve already covered the fact that the “proof” they are trying to blackmail me with only actually helps prove me right about what I’m saying. Hence, why I would find this behavior amusing. Now, I suppose one could claim that I’m really secretly obsessed with them and that I sit on their blogs or whatever the fuck people think, and they can think whatever. The truth is that I’m kind of just floored that they somehow went from incredibly smart and pulling all of this off to the most utter retards I’ve ever seen in my life.

Something definitely collapsed whatever this was, at least partially. Though I believe Krystal’s lonely sad pathetic life would leave her to continue, and I believe she somehow has something on Damien to make him continue (what this thing is I don’t know but he seems like he’s a pussy whipped little bitch especially when Krystal is quite ugly as sin and he’s a good looking dude who could do way better) the point is, that they could not be the brains behind whatever they were doing before. I’ve pretty much mapped out the fact that the collapse seemed to have started when these babies were born. Babies that very clearly belong to Brad in some way because they look like him. Yet, the weird thing is that they don’t even seem to care that pictures of their children were posted on this website. Did they, once again, manage to find babies that somehow look like them? Are these older pictures posted as new ones? Are their real names even what they say? Who the fuck knows. However, if you look at Brad’s face next to these babies it seems very clear there has to be some kind of relation. Father? Brother? Cousin? Uncle? Your guess is as good as mine.

Now, one would also question if I found their real facebook pages, it’s possible, but given that they clearly had a bunch of fake ones set up (thank you Damien for proving that was the case with your stupid screenshot) well, how true could those profiles be? Given that they locked them the fuck down (but did not delete) when I exposed them, it’s more than likely their real names, occupations, and identities. It’s definitely the source accounts to all of the pictures I got over the years. Damien is seen in a work uniform for a security firm in Australia which is highly concerning considering that one of his hobbies is doing this online and possibly grooming girls for sex trafficking. However, these two brain surgeons are just…well not pulling it off like they did before. Not even close. It seems that whoever the real head of this was, left a long time ago, and they are now trying to poorly run things.

As I’ve pointed out, they are bragging about money for some reason, they are leaving juvenile “ha ha karma will get you” memes up and they are talking about “silence is golden” and something about how manipulators (me I guess) are the ones who force you to believe their lies. It’s such a weird 14 year old girl mentality to have compared to what they were pulling off before. Now, the thing here is that much like the fannibals and whatever mental retardation they have going on, I like to study these people too. It fascinates me that they pulled off such a heavy and long con for years only to be the actual dumbest people ever in the universe right now. Considering how near the end a lot of the “characters” vanished and it’s really, really hard to tell who was playing who (even though there had to be more than 4 people doing this) there is no actual telling who I was talking to at any given point in time. In fact, whoever was “Nikolai” had to either actually be Nikolai or one of them knows him so well they could fake it (my guess would be Damien) but that would also mean Damien speaks Bulgarian (not even impossible at this point since I’ve proven he can speak Russian).

Why do I keep posting any of this? Mostly because I know an active blog gathers more traffic but also I know despite what they post on their blogs, they are watching me. How do I know? I guess they forgot to jam on their VPNs when they come to look at the articles I write about them. Yeah, see, the thing about owning your own website is the analytical data you get to because you pay for a hosting service. Though I can’t also prove those IP addresses are theirs what I can say is that there’s a suspicious amount of hits from Australia to literally ONLY the articles about Damien and Krystal, which means that it’s more than likely them coming here to read my shit. Why, though? Why do they care? They keep posting something about being quiet and it’s clear from their other idiotic posts they want me to shut up? Yet, I did for quite some time and they haven’t said anything to me. They just keep posting stupider and stupider content and threats. Either way, I know they are obsessed with me and what I think even though my life has moved on from this point. Have new friends, prospects, and well really my only interest in them right now is amusement. They keep being amusing and everyone knows I like to people watch so can you blame me for going to look?

In any case, I’ll be talking about Nikolai in another entry and why it’s super bizarre that the videos actually line up with the person I was talking to, which denotes that I was either actually talking to this guy himself or they know him well enough to fake his personality. If he knows this was done, well…I’m not sure, but man if he’s not part of this and he knows them he might want to come forward quick. His videos are about to be public on my website. Maybe it’s time they say something…unless they just don’t care anymore. Oh and by the way, I do have that picture of Damien in his work uniform. Guess it would be a shame if I posted that and everyone figured out where he worked. I guess I’m a bitch or whatever they want me to be but until any of them come clean I’m going to speculate and keep just active enough that google indexes their photos, names, and other info. Including the addresses of their new blogs, that way, it’s going to be super hard for them to scam anyone and that amuses me the most in all of this.

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