The Cult Of Jenova

All the horrors of the Hannibal fandom they don't want you to know. Including info on the original Tattle-Crime.com

Tattle Diary Entry #1: Welcome

I have decided to do a blog type thing because a lot of times I have thoughts or ideas that really aren’t interesting enough for an entire YouTube video. Obviously all of this will be on topic about the fandom or things I randomly see. Stuff I see on Tumblr or Instagram or Twitter. Whatever. This way I can have a place to vent my thoughts about this fandom and no one will really be bothered by it.

For future reference (since no one seems to get this):

One: I don’t think the Hannibal fandom is the only fandom that has these types of people. In fact, I’ve seen these types of people in other fandoms, personally. However, I see that this behavior is most normalized in the Hannibal fandom. For example: In the Supernatural fandom, though there are people who are really super obnoxious the behavior is not welcome or normalized. It’s actually recognized as horrible and disrespectful. In the Hannibal fandom it’s encouraged and the worse you are the more you are encouraged.

Two: I do not think all Hannibal fans are like this. When I use the term fannibal I’m talking about a specific group of about 200-300 women. I do believe and recognize there are more fannibals than just these 200-300 people. However, if you like it or not, these women are so loud and obnoxious they pretty much represent all of the fannibals. There also aren’t a ton of fannibals in general maybe a couple thousand. This isn’t the same for a much larger fandom like Star Trek or Doctor Who where there are definitely crazy people but the number of normal fans outweighs them, so they haven’t become the representatives for the fandom.

Three: I’m aware no one really cares and I don’t care about that either. I just want to have my opinion.

Four: People think I’m an LOLCOW which is fine they can think what they want. I really don’t care. If you can’t see one tiny thing about their behavior that might be slightly concerning that’s on you. That’s what the majority of what I intend to talk about will be. Not petty fandom drama but their real life disturbing behavior. This is a religion to them now and they use this mentality to behave like whack jobs.

In the end, there are several reasons why I keep an eye on these people. For one, as someone educated in psychology I find it insanely interesting. It has a cult dynamic and there is a lot of cult behavior happening here. Whether it’s intentional or on accident I have no idea. I am honestly fascinated by watching people who are so pathetic and deluded that they have taken a TV show to base their reality on because they have nothing else going for them. I am interested in how far they will push their delusions and obsessions just to avoid being normal or having to face reality. For two, they are dangerous in different ways. Some are just scamming people out of money, some are just sexual predators using the fandom to catfish young girls, and some are legitimate stalkers. Which is all fascinating as well as terrifying.

If you don’t find this interesting like I do, you’re welcome to that, you’re welcome to make fun of me or whatever you want. I don’t care. The fact of the matter is that the problems in this fandom extend well beyond petty internet fandom drama. They’ve taken it into the real world, a lot of them are dangerous, and it’s time that maybe someone talk about that in depth instead of ignoring it.

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