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Tattle Diary Entry #3: The Victim or The Fighter?

I just got in an argument with a baby fannibal tonight. I say “baby” because she seems very new to the fandom, at least according to her social media accounts. Anyway, she saw my account and without bothering to even find out what my “problem” was she just decided I was in the wrong.

To be fair, I’m fully aware I come off as bitch and people don’t like me and that’s fine, whatever. I have an abrasive personality and either people can accept that or they can get the fuck out. One or the other. Not my problem. Some people understand that it’s nothing personal and deal with it, some people like my ‘in your face personality’ and then there are people like her, who I’ll call TS for short (based on her user name) who take it entirely out of context because well…this is the fannibal mentality. They are always right and anyone who opposes them is always wrong.

She came to my profile and made a snarky comment at me, to which I replied. Of course, in her mind this is “harassment” but I guess when she did it to me, first, without me ever talking to her…well…that’s not harassment? That’s justified? To be fair I wouldn’t even call what she did harassment. I’d call it making a snarky comment and then me replying to the snarky comment. That’s about it. That’s not exactly what happened in her mind I guess because her response was gloriously ignorant.

I went to her DMs to confront her because she was being a brat about it and I said, “You aren’t even going to bother to listen to my side of the story” and she said that she would, and I told her I didn’t expect much anyway because it seemed she’d already made up her mind. I gave her a general summary of my experience in the Hannibal fandom which has been significantly longer than hers. The hate, harassment, death threats, running into Jennifer, what she did, just a summary nothing in great detail because I didn’t think she was going to listen anyway so I didn’t want to put much effort into it.

At first she “agrees” that it was “wrong” for people to harass me to that level over a TV show but then she starts to imply I’m a liar because if I have proof people did this (which I do) I would have just gone to police. I explained to her that I have gone to police and filed two police reports and in one instance a restraining order but believe it or not there is not much police can actually do in these situations. To which she called me a liar, straight up. I’m like, no, you just don’t know the law. She said “It must not be THAT bad then if police refused to do anything!”

Now here’s the thing, which she doesn’t understand (or was choosing not to understand because it didn’t support her narrative). In the US death threats, well any sort of threats are protected free speech. You can look this up yourself if you want but it’s true. There may be exemptions made, MAY BE, if the person is showing direct intent to act on said threats. Once again that is open to interpretation of the law and up to the discretion of police. Look that up as well. For instance, the Parkland school shooter openly posted on social media that he was going to shoot people. Repeatedly. The police went to his house several times over this to check up on him but ultimately decided they did not have proof of intent behind his words. Then he went on to shoot a bunch of people. Tragic, of course, but it’s because of how the law is.

It enters into a dangerous precedence to tell people what they can and can’t say. Free speech, even hate speech and death threats should be protected and not every death threat needs to be investigated as a real threat with intent. Even after all I’ve been through I still agree with that. Why? Because then it’ll come down to essentially thought policing. Have you ever gotten so mad and accidentally shouted “MAN I’M GOING TO KILL THAT ASSHOLE” but you damn well knew you weren’t going to do it? you were just upset? Well, would you want police to be able to arrest you because you said some words you had no intent behind? No? Me either. So, as annoying and even scary as it can be to get death threats, over a TV show, I also have to agree that police can’t just go around arresting people who say words but don’t necessarily show intent behind those words.

I went to the police I filed the reports, which I told her. I explained to her why police aren’t allowed to do anything about that, annoying phone calls, doxxing people, whatever. I explained the law to her. I explained what happened. I explained it to the best of my ability because I’ve been through it and even I wasn’t convinced so I researched it. She still insisted I had to be lying. Really? Even after I’ve been through two police report filings and research, I must be lying because you don’t know how the law or police work…yeah. This is what I mean. She claims she’s “not like the other fannibals” and that I “refused to listen to her point of view” but it’s clear she didn’t even listen to mine.

She then accused me of “harassing” her and trying to cause HER harm because I commented on one of her stupid instagram posts. I’m like, look, child, when you post something on social media and people have an opinion they are allowed to just have their opinion. That’s not harassment that’s a disagreement. It’s not illegal and it’s certainly not any attempt to harm you. Which she insisted it was. I told her this would probably make for a good video for my channel which it would, because it just proves my point. It was about then that she started to insist I was playing the victim. Something I’ve heard 1000 times before from 1000 different fannibals.

It was at this point I straight up said to her, “I’m no victim, I’ve already told you I’m aware I’m not nice, and that I don’t handle the hate correctly. I’ve full on admitted that after 6 years of this level of treatment from these types of people I have given up on being nice. I’m aware why people attack me. I’m aware why people think I’m a bitch. I don’t claim to be entirely innocent. My stance on the issue is that I don’t think it’s cool to take hate and harassment to that level because people disagree with someone. They are literally doxing, stalking, and threatening me over a FUCKING TV SHOW. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to say that’s taking things a bit too far. That in no way denotes how much of a victim I think I am, or even that I think I am one.”

If I’m a victim of anything in this, and I really use the term loosely, it’s that I’m a victim of extreme incompetence and insane fan girls. Am I afraid of them? No. Clearly I’m not. Do I think that ALL of their treatment is unwarranted? No, I don’t, because as I’ve stated a thousand times before I’m aware I’m a bitch, I’m aware I am not nice, I’m aware that my personality being how it is makes people upset. I would never ever claim I did “nothing wrong” or that I’m some kind of martyr here. I’m not. My one and only claim is and always ever has been that the level that these fans took their hate of me to, is disproportionate to what I actually did. Am I a victim of an OVERREACTION ON THEIR PART? Sure, but do I think I’m a “Victim” when people hate me for being mean to them? No. What kind of ridiculous idea is that?

The fannibals are very fond as labeling me as “playing the victim” or wanting to but I’m not. I honestly think that they label me as this because they are ALL the victims of EVERYTHING! If someone disagrees with you? You’re a victim of harassment. If someone points out you are factually wrong? You’re a victim of harassment. If someone retweets you and contradicts your stupid statement? You’re a victim of harassment. That entire goddamn fandom is run on a victim complex. So much so, that the moment someone says “Hey maybe it’s not cool to send me death threats because you didn’t like my opinion” THEY must be playing the victim.

At the end of the day, TS and her whole issue is…whatever. She’s an idiot and as much as she claims to be new to the fandom I think the brainwashing has already taken place. She jumped to a lot of conclusions, twisted a lot of my words, and decided I was a liar based on the fact that she doesn’t understand how the law works. People like her is why I don’t bother being nice or attempting to explain anything anymore. They hear what they want to hear, they interpret my words different from what I mean, and they are either doing it on purpose or they are just so dead set on pushing their toxic Hannibal ideology they can’t ever see a possibility that maybe they are just fucking wrong.

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