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Tattle Diary Entry #5: Everything Wrong With Hannibal Season Two

Though I don’t think the first season of Hannibal is in any way perfect or above criticism, because it’s not, I do think that it is really good. Could I list my complaints with it? Sure. Like how unnecessary of a character Abigail Hobbs was. They could have literally done the whole season with her in a coma and it really wouldn’t have made much of a difference. She was awful. However, there aren’t as many problems with season one as season two and then of course, season three, is just a massive train wreck. I thought I’d start with season two and then go from there.

  1. Hannibal doing all that work to frame Will Graham in season one only to get him out of prison the second he could in season two. That is completely out of character for Hannibal Lecter and the canon established by the original source material. Hannibal, who was very devoted to keeping up his free lifestyle as well as cannibalism would have been thrilled that he got away with that. He’d have left Will to rot and would have moved on with his life happy that eyes were off of him, at least for a bit.

  2. Hannibal seemed very confused as to why Will was even in jail and why they couldn’t just let him out. He was very pouty about it. It was weird. Like he had some disconnect to the fact that after everything he did, Will would not only be in jail but also be facing the death penalty. He walked around like this was confusing to him and he didn’t get the concept of it, though season one details everything he did to avoid being caught. Clearly he knew the repercussions of getting caught so why did Will’s incarceration confuse him so much?

  3. The deus ex machina of Matthew Brown. Seriously, that’s all this character was and the only reason he existed was to get Will out of prison. Really examine this character for a moment. He just happens to get a job at the same insane asylum Will is at. He just happens to be a murderer himself who is dying to copycat Will Graham. Hannibal just happens to find him somehow. He’s just happy to work for Hannibal to get Will out of prison then more than happy to try to kill Hannibal just because Will asked. He’s very nearly a self-insert for Bryan Fuller. Then he’s shot and never heard from again. He was awful.

  4. Alana falling in to bed so easily with Hannibal. See, this might be a bit more believable had there not been really obvious feelings between her and Will in season one. I get that she may have not liked him after the point she thought that he killed Abigail but it seemed to me someone like Alana would have more respect for Will than just to run off with his psychiatrist. Not to mention the ethics involved there. Really? It made her look like a pretty terrible person especially since she was also still trying to counsel Will while he was in prison.

  5. Beverly not telling anyone where she was going when she went to check out Hannibal’s house on Will’s behalf. Now, I get that what she was doing was illegal (and I’ll talk about that in a minute) but seriously? She only went to check it out based on what Will told her so she believed him when he said Hannibal was The Ripper. Ergo, why not at least leave a fucking note. Being charged with some kind of breaking and entering crime isn’t as bad as murder, and if she was going to die anyway, why not leave some evidence behind that Hannibal MAY have been your killer? He was the one she was trying to catch, after all.

  6. Beverly agreeing to break into Hannibal’s house to collect evidence at all. Just to go look. How did she think that was going to work? It would have never held up in court. She’d have known this because she worked for the FBI. Any evidence she would have obtained (had she gotten out of there alive) would have been thrown out in court. Then what? What was the plan there other than to prove to everyone he was The Ripper to what? Get more evidence? Inform Hannibal about how sloppy he was so he could just do a better job of hiding? Beverly and Will but ESPECIALLY Beverly should have known this was pointless to do even if she was certain to get out alive.

  7. Miriam Lass still being alive. For this to have worked and been anywhere near realistic, we’d have to consider several things. For one, she was kept alive for literal years by Hannibal. For some reason. Keep in mind, when he took her he’d have had no real actual use for her other than to maybe taunt Jack, I guess. Except it didn’t seem like he was even doing that. He just had her around for some reason. He also had to amputate her arm at some point. Which, I agree, Hannibal could do just fine. However, you can’t just lop off someone’s arm and leave them. You have to monitor them, a lot. He also had Abigail with him either in his basement or that remote cabin where Miriam was found for an entire year. What? No one noticed this? At all? How? Okay, let’s pretend that it’s possible that a bunch of FBI agents going in and out of Hannibal’s house at all hours of the day would miss him keeping two females captive. Even though one is an FBI agent and should have been smart and Abigail for some dumb reason was painted as a genius. Well, then Hannibal’s just not getting any sleep. Between seeing patients, killing people, throwing dinner parties, and covering his own ass so he doesn’t get caught for murder he also has to take care of these two hostages. I know he’s some kind of psychopath and even borderline superhuman but he had no actual ability in reality to do all of this and keep up the appearance that he was normal.

  8. Hannibal not being able to tell that the meat he was eating wasn’t Freddie Lounds or human meat at all. After Will attacked Freddie and there was a whole thing staged to make it seem like he had killed her and he brought Hannibal the meat, which was actually just pork, Hannibal wasn’t able to tell the difference. Hannibal the freaking cannibal. Maybe people like Will or Jack or Alana who really had no frame of reference wouldn’t be able to tell but Hannibal didn’t? Yeah, I’m calling BS.

  9. Miriam Lass being able to shoot Chilton in the face, under extreme duress, one handed, after all that trauma through what should have been bullet proof glass, where Alana’s head was obscuring Chilton’s face at that angle and she would have been hit first (because she can’t move faster than a bullet). That. All of that. Not even possible. Not to mention the fact that Jack, a trained FBI agent couldn’t have stopped her at all? I get that she was an FBI student, prior to her kidnapping, but it had been YEARS without handling a gun or anything like that for her and she was having a freaking PTSD level flashback. No one was able to stop her? Why was Jack even armed in the interrogation room? It’s all sorts of dumb.

  10. Everyone just so easily believing that Chilton was The Ripper. Chilton. A tiny man who walked with a cane and was messed up from his injuries in season one. Yeah, that guy. He took down two armed FBI agents then arranged them by himself in his own kitchen so he’d get himself caught for some reason. Alana, who’d known him for years just easily agreeing to that and that it was possible. Really? These are FBI agents. I get that we as an audience know MORE than they do but just the simple facts of Chilton’s life alone should have pointed them to the conclusion he couldn’t have done that. He wasn’t even physically able to do that.

  11. Abigail Hobbs still being alive and then for some reason pushing Alana out of a window. I guess Hannibal not only had the time to keep her hostage but brainwash her as well. Which leads me to the point that he brainwashed Miriam into thinking Chilton did all this stuff to her. Somehow. For some reason. On the off chance that he was going to need yet another guy to frame at some point? Really? When did he even have the time to do all of this stuff? I’m not saying it isn’t possible but brainwashing to the level he had Abigail and Miriam takes a lot of time and dedication no matter how good you are at it.

  12. Alana running up the stairs and further into Hannibal’s house when he was chasing her instead of just running outside. Why? I get that she was scared but she had already called the police. I mean, damn, she must not have been that scared. Who in the hell does that? I don’t care how much she still thought she loved Hannibal, human nature would have made her run out of the front door, not up the stairs. She didn’t know Abigail was in there or even alive. Why do that? Why not literally go and get help from a neighbor or run down the street to meet the cops?

  13. Why did it take the cops so long to get there? She had FBI connections and by that point Hannibal was known to be wanted by the FBI. Especially because of Jack’s dealings with that stupid lawyer at the FBI. Her giving a call like that, the police and other authorities would already have known it was a serious priority and to get their asses on it right away. They were also in DC like in the city area not in the middle of nowhere like Will’s house. It wouldn’t have taken them 30 damn minutes to get there in the middle of the night.

  14. Hannibal just walking away from the murder scene all the way to Bedelia’s house covered in blood as the cops are arriving. Maybe, I can agree they missed him because it was dark. Fine. However, he walked to Bedelia’s house which clearly was in the middle of nowhere? Because, he didn’t get in his own car. He couldn’t. The police would have known to watch for that. He couldn’t have taken Alana’s car or Will’s car. They’d have been looking for those too. Did he steal a car? He certainly didn’t get a cab covered in blood like that. Someone would have noticed. I don’t know this makes no sense either.

  15. Hannibal getting on a plane with Bedelia. A commercial flight. After he killed all those people and they knew it was him. He’d have never been allowed in an airport to even leave. He wasn’t disguised either. He was looking as Hannibal as he ever looked. A commercial airport on a commercial flight like that? No one stopped him? A man who’s face would have been all over the news. That police would have pictures of. That airport security would have pictures of, that guy? Even if he waited for a “week” for the heat to die down, or somehow got into Canada to leave from there, people would have STILL known it was him I mean God Damn. In no universe is it possible Hannibal did anything like that unless he has jedi mind powers. Even if people didn’t recognize him by his face, did he have a fake ID? Like…how am I supposed to believe he could pull this off without getting caught?

These are just the things off of the top of my head that I know are wrong with season two. The things that stand out the most. Are there more? I’m sure there are, but this is just what comes to mind. Still, this was supposed to be a somewhat realistic crime drama. At least, that’s how it started. Then season two just took that and made it all sorts of nonsensical to a point where no one could suspend disbelief anymore. Everything existed to further the escape of Hannibal, no matter how little sense it made. It was still somehow better than season three but not by much. How this show maintained any sort of following is really beyond me. I just think it has to do with the fact that the fannibals didn’t care how much or little sense it made as long as they got their murder husbands on screen for an hour a week. Gag.

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