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All the horrors of the Hannibal fandom they don't want you to know. Including info on the original Tattle-Crime.com

Tattle Diary Entry #7: Rampant Fraud In The Hannibal Fandom

One has to wonder why this fandom is being used for constant scams and fraudulent activity. Full on disclaimer: I can’t say that no other fandom does this, or no other fandoms have this problem. What I can say is that the hardcore minority of fans that do exist in Hannibal, well, there aren’t a lot of them. A couple hundred at most. Though I would say there are more than a couple hundred fans in general, we aren’t talking about casual fans for this. What we are talking about here is how incredibly easy it is to scam Fannibals out of money using social media like Tumblr (especially Tumblr) and Twitter. We are talking about the same people running scams over and over and getting away with it and people being to terrified to bring it up for fear of backlash. Why is this happening? Why is the majority of the fandom like this on websites like Tumblr? What the hell is going on?

To start with, we need to look at the types of scams being run and how people are being scammed out of money. There are only a few types of scams that are run consistently and they pretty much started around the time of Jennifer Cornet. However, there have been many different scams successfully run in the fandom that no one has even questioned despite how absurd they were at the time.

  1. The Tattle-Crime.com Giveaway Scams: These ones were obviously just rigged gift giving events promoted like they were contests that anyone could win. Even if I didn’t have insider knowledge as to how these were run, it was pretty obvious they were rigged because the same people kept winning over and over. If it wasn’t that then the winners were always people connected to Tattle-Crime.com or on her staff. This was public information and easy to track and yet, even upon pointing this out people still didn’t believe that it was totally rigged for some reason.

  2. The Prayers For Grace Scam: I’m not even sure how she got away with this one other than the fact that she conned two popular blogs into helping her. Though I did a video on this (which you can find here) the premise of the scam was that some girl named “Grace Mikkelectersen” was raped, beaten, and in a coma in the hospital and she deserved Hannibal themed merchandise to help her get better because Hannibal “saved her life” in a very convoluted and obviously fake story she dreamed up. It was promoted by two very popular blogs and it actually worked. No one dared to question if it happened or not either, despite many holes in the initial story being overly apparent.

  3. The Kickstarter Scams: These range from anything between getting way too much funding for enamel back pins that don’t cost nearly as much as the person raising the funds claims to things like FannibalFest. Many people complained that The RAW Anthology (a fan book of Hannigram gay erotic art and fan fiction) was charging people money for stuff that was previously gotten online for free. When the RAW Anthology people heard of this they instantly urged their “authors” in their “book” to take down any of this public work so they could PRETEND this wasn’t ever the case. I’m pretty sure the only reason that got backed was because Bryan Fuller gave them like $1000 dollars and promoted it himself.

  4. Various Donation Scams: Since this is Tumblr you will find all sorts of victimized idiots on their complaining of one thing or another that simply isn’t true or clearly overly dramatic. Some of these people think they deserve money for reblogging pictures, making gifs, and writing essays on Hannibal. Some of them think they deserve money just because they are queer or trans and nothing else. Any type of minority status they can pimp out to the fannibals, they will, because all of the fannibals are now super woke SJW feminists who think it’s borderline oppression not to throw money at blogs like these.

What it comes down to is, why? Why does this keep working? How does everyone keep falling for these things without question? The answer is pretty simple, and it’s the fact that this fandom is basically a cult. It’s no longer a fandom. At least as far as Tumblr is concerned. If you look at the people who are constantly giving money to these scams or scam artists well it’s always the same people or the same general group of people. The types of people who shell out thousands of dollars to attend Hannibal specific conventions each and every year. The types of people who shell out thousands of dollars to attend any convention Mads Mikkelsen goes to. The types of people who are so obsessed with Hannibal they are still running multiple dedicated blogs to Hannibal each and every day and have never slowed down once since the show ended almost 4 years ago now. Those people.

These are the types of people who put their name in a “Fannibal Support Directory” so that anywhere you go in the world you know where your closest “Family” member is for support. At the same time, a ridiculous amount of them seem to have an unlimited income of some sort to spend on whatever the hell they want, despite not being employed. Somehow, this show gained the attention of trust fun babies or really rich and well kept housewives who have literally nothing but time on their hands to devote to their gay fictional relationships. I’m not even sure how, but this seems to be the fandom. The most popular girls in the fandom are spoiled rich girls. One of them, most notably, literally thinks her job (or one of them) is a Hannigram newsletter she writes once a month. It’s legitimately written on her LinkedIn as a job she has.

This cult following Bryan Fuller wanted turned into an actual cult. This is a massive circle jerk of rich, privileged, trust fund babies and trophy wives giving each other money to fund scams to give to other scams, to fund other people, so they can spend it on Hannibal merchandise to fund more scams, to spend on Hannibal stuff. It’s literally just the same 200-300 people going around in circles funding Hannigram shit in a never ending cycle of madness. No one ever questions this, why would they? It says with them so it goes unnoticed. It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. Typically, if someone in any other fandom is caught running scams they are chased out of the fandom very quickly, but not here. Scams are covered up even after they are exposed and people are attacked for exposing them. The Hannibal fandom is full of insane cultists and should you step out of line, even to expose that you have been scammed or someone is running a scam, you become a non-person to them.

[Note: Not everyone who sells Hannibal related merchandise is a scam artist. Not everyone who sells Hannibal related stuff is even a Fannibal some of them realize that it’s just a good way to make money. However, in the mix of all this there are plenty of scam artists getting away with scamming people and very publicly so be very careful about who you give money to and what you buy.

Note 2: I’m not saying that these cult members shouldn’t be able to spend money on what they want, I’m just pointing out how crazy it is that this is what they continually spend their money on. If they want to shell out thousands of dollars per year on Hannibal merchandise and to fund scams, they are free to do so, but I’m also free to point out how incredibly bizarre this behavior is as well]

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