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Tattle Diary Entry #8: The Real Life Madancy Ship

For anyone who doesn’t know the term “Madancy” is the name tumblr fannibals gave to a romantic pairing for two real, adult, straight men. They are Mads Mikkelsen (Ma) and Hugh Dancy (Dancy) on NBC’s Hannibal TV show. Both men are straight, married, and have children. In Mikkelsen’s case he has been married for a very long time, about 30 years. He has two children, one of them who has reached legal adult age and one who is close. Hugh Dancy is more recently married and he just had his first child with his wife. Neither of them have a history of being with other men romantically or being romantically linked with each other.

This still doesn’t seem to stop the fannibals from pushing the idea that they are together in real life. Though I do believe some of them keep it to themselves and only in fiction, a lot more don’t. It is heavily recognized by a good majority of the fandom that this is truth, not fiction, and even that wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t directly involve the actors. Which they do. All the time. We are talking about people who legitimately get Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen involved in this. Now, to some extent it seems that Hugh and Mads might support this, maybe. It’s really hard to tell. I’m fairly sure no one ever actually sat them down and explained to them what Madancy is and they think it’s another offshoot of Hannigram, which it’s not.

There are a few theories that float around (That the fannibals believe are absolutely 100% fact) about this very fictional relationship. Here are the two that I know the best, but there may be far more than this.

  1. Hugh Dancy is gay and his wife is a beard. He used her as coverup so people will think that he’s straight even to the point of having a child with her. (Highly offensive I know but a lot of them legitimately think this I’ve heard it a lot and no, they were not joking).

  2. The show Hannibal was just a smokescreen for them to be able to work together and continue their gay love affair behind their wives’ backs and Bryan Fuller set it all up.

Both of these things are astoundingly ignorant and horrible. Even worse, they most definitely do present this to the actors publicly in some fashion even if they don’t really overly explain it. My theory is that they don’t exactly have time to explain it to them when they are in autograph lines and get about 30 seconds to talk to Mads or Hugh. I’m also pretty sure if someone told Mads and Hugh in detail what these fannibals are saying they wouldn’t be as okay with it as they appear to be now. It’s even questionable if they are actually okay with it or not, or just being polite because these fannibals are insanely intimidating.

What I’ve heard, multiple times, is that when Hugh and Mads were working on the set of Arthur, years ago, they fell in love with each other. That Mads is “more straight” than Hugh who was just “always gay” and they had a secret love affair when they were filming that movie. They remained friends but were longing for each other. When Bryan Fuller hired Hugh to play Will Graham on Hannibal, Hugh was desperate to be with his lover again and begged Bryan to hire Mads on as Hannibal so they could have an affair. None of which makes any sense and all of which is just disgusting to say about two actors who you know nothing about. Not to mention have no evidence towards what’s really going on or not.

Though if this is brought up and these people are confronted they will claim it’s just harmless fun and fan fiction, I’ve found the case behind the scenes to personally be a lot different than what they say. Even if this was all fiction, which I’m certain it’s not to them, the fact that they really push this idea into Mads’ and Hugh’s face is disturbing enough. Even worse, Bryan Fuller really does nothing to dispel any of these rumors (and he knows about them) because Fuller is a walking douche bag.

We have this problem where a bunch of real life women are really saying these things about these men. That they really think these things about these men. It’s something which I covered extensively in this video here. It’s disturbing to the level in which they involve themselves in these actors lives. It extends far beyond Hannibal the show and into not only the real world but any movie Mads and Hugh have ever been in, either together or separately. There is some deep, psychotic obsession with these two men among these fans, and Fuller is doing nothing to stop it. I can only hope they are staying safe and aware at all times because these people are quite frankly, terrifying.

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