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Tattle Diary Entry #12: Theory vs Diagnosis

One of the biggest problems I’ve come across with the Fannibals is that they don’t seem to understand the difference between diagnosis and theory. They also seem to think that me theorizing what might be wrong with a person is also a diagnosis and even doing this is “wrong” because something about stigmatizing mental illness or whatever. Except it’s really none of this, especially when the very mentally ill behavior can be seen publicly and the Fannibals are putting it out there themselves.

First and foremost, I’m not the first (nor will I be the last) to point out how crazy this fandom is, especially with how they behave and stalk down Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen. Something I’ve already talked about in this post. However, then we move on to the Fannibals who yell at me for pointing out that this very public behavior is not right and denotes that some of these people (or a lot of them) clearly have significant mental issues. Profound ones. As I already discussed in a previous article there is a good explanation as to why this fandom has so much mental illness in it. It’s not even surprising. Of course, instead of trying to listen to what I have to say the Fannibals keep doubling down on their irrational behavior to try to prove me wrong while proving me right at the same time.

For instance, last night on my instagram I had a girl come and yell at me for attacking Fannibals and “stigmatizing mental illness” for “everyone”. Though what’s really funny is, right after she did that, she called me a loser and said no one cares. Pointed out that I didn’t have a lot of followers anyway. Which I’m aware of, and I’m not doing this for the followers. However, the reason I found this to be pretty funny is that her initial complaint was that I was stigmatizing mental illness and destroying the whole world but if my audience isn’t that big to begin with, which she’s aware of and I am, what’s the big deal since no one is paying attention to me? Let’s forget that part for the moment and pretend that I had a much larger audience. Who are my theories harming again?

As I pointed out to her, and she had very little comeback for, this is very public behavior on very popular fan accounts for the show. For instance, Rotem Rusak (who I’ve talked about a lot) has a ton of followers and publicity in that area. She puts this information and behavior out there herself. She posts pictures of herself posing with knives, videos of her stalking celebrities and harassing them, and she is constantly attention whoring to get Bryan Fuller’s attention. Not only is this behavior I have no control over and she’s doing all by herself because she’s clearly not supervised and has no life, it’s all in public. I am far from the only person who has publicly called her out for this. I’m far from the only person who can see that she’s not right in the head for behaving this way. I’m far from the only person who is able to recognize that she’s stalking people and that’s not okay. I’m not the only one who’s ever made a post about it. You think people don’t openly talk about how crazy she is already basically everywhere? She puts the behavior in public and she opens herself up to public ridicule. That’s kind of how social media works.

Theorizing what might be wrong with her (which all I’ve ever actually said is she’s a stalker and by the legal definition of the word she most definitely is a stalker) isn’t trying to diagnose her. Nor is it stigmatizing mental illness far beyond anything she’s already done herself, in public, because she’s utterly unaware of how bad it makes her look. In the fandom, shelling out thousands of dollars per year to follow these people around the world is applauded. No one finds it creepy and the more you stalk these people and hound them with a flower crown on the more popular you get. The more attention Bryan Fuller gives you, the more like royalty you are treated, even if you are openly an asshole to literally everyone else. This behavior doesn’t go unnoticed and it does indicate deeper psychological problems. Theorizing on what those problems may or may not be isn’t illegal, unethical, or even stupid. If these people are putting their behavior out in public for everyone to see and they are aware of it because they are proud of it then why exactly is it worse for me to point out how insane that behavior is? I’m pretty sure it’s more detrimental to the real life victims of this behavior, not the mental health community in general for me having these theories.

If you saw a person who was naked, in the streets, and ranting about how they were Jesus because this was happening in public, would you not try to guess something was wrong with them? Even if you didn’t have a background in psychology, this is what most people do. That doesn’t mean you don’t feel sorry for them or even have compassion for them because they are mentally ill, but recognizing that they are and theorizing on what may be causing them to behave in such a manner isn’t harming them or people who are mentally ill in general. Despite the fact that I think these people are insanely mentally ill and have a copious amount of problems I do feel bad for them. I wish that they’d seek treatment so maybe they didn’t need to rely entirely on a fictional murderous cannibal to get what they are looking for in life. I wish this just as much as I wish the hypothetical naked guy would get the type of treatment he needed to live a better and more fulfilling life.

At the end of the day, commenting or theorizing on very public behavior that is over the top obnoxious, odd, and clearly stems from some type of mental illness, isn’t a crime. It’s not further stigmatizing people with mental illnesses and clearly these Fannibals doing this stuff are lucid enough to know they are doing it in public. The vast majority of them do it for followers, which is a mental problem in of itself. If it’s in public and it’s accessible by everyone then it’s also open to commentary by everyone who can see it. If these Fannibals don’t like my commentary on it then they need to take it up with the people who are behaving this way in public, not me. End of story.

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