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Tattle Diary Entry #18: What Is A Troll [Since Fannibals Don't Get It]

There is a huge problem with the Hannibal fandom and calling me a troll when the fact of the matter is that’s not what I am or trying to do. I’m actually trying to, legitimately, get answers to questions that are on my mind and present facts to these people about what the truth is. This isn’t trolling, at least not in the manner that meets the definition of being a troll. Here’s the thing. A troll goes onto a forum to say off-topic things and insight riots and such or just to piss people off. Though I am aware what I am saying is unpopular, my entire intent isn’t to piss people off it is to get answers. That’s it. People get angry because I ask questions about things they don’t like or post facts they don’t like and equate this to trolling when at the end of the day what I really want is to have a genuine discussion with people as to why they are okay with certain things within the fandom.

For example:

When I go onto tumblr and I point out the problems with a “convention” like FannibalFest I’m not doing it to insight a riot. The problem is that, well, these people are morons and they don’t like it when you question their authority. However, I’m not asking stupid or off topic questions like “How fat is Betsy Craig". I’m asking real questions like: “Why do they say they need so much for web domain hosting when they clearly don’t and here’s the proof of that?”. Am I aware questions like these will make people mad? Of course, but that’s not a trolling question it’s a pretty legitimate one. Hell, it’s not even the only time that question has been asked and not only by me. Dozens of people have actually complained that this so-called convention is too expensive and wondered why they should trust it and fund it. However, when those people ask they don’t get called trolls when I ask I do get called a troll? Why? I legitimately want the same answers as the other people asking the same questions. If they aren’t trolls when they do it, then neither am I.

Pointing out facts isn’t trolling either. Saying things like, “Hannibal won’t get a season four” and then asking why people still think that. I’m not doing it to piss people off, I’m genuinely curious as to why people think Hannibal will get a season four. I’m actually trying to get answers and understand the behavior of these people. I’m curious as to why they act the way they do and how they can stay in such a world of delusion because…well…how? It seems really illogical to me as a person with a logical brain. It’s pretty clear with Bryan Fuller’s behavior and every last shred of public evidence there is, that there’s not going to be a season four. Ergo: Why do people turn a blind eye to this? False hope? Do they really think I’m the liar here? Why compels them into continuing this farce? This isn’t an attempt to piss them off for “no reason” it’s curiosity because well…I just don’t usually see people behave in this manner.

As for the whole Hannigram isn’t canon thing (or romantic) I’m not the only one who has that opinion either. At all. Once again, you can find dozens of people saying the same thing I say in the same place all over Tumblr. However, when I say it, I’m a troll for some reason and when other people say it, well, it’s perfectly fine for them to say? Also, when did having an unpopular opinion become trolling? Furthermore, Tumblr isn’t a “Hannibal only” Forum. I don’t go to those (if they even exist) and do this, I go to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, which are all general social media outlets and do this. On YouTube I have my opinion and YouTube isn’t a “Hannibal only forum”. If that’s the case, then I’m allowed to have my opinion, an opinion that actually quite a few fannibals agree with, but somehow when the others do it they aren’t trolls and when I do it I am.

Once again, this comes down to the fact that the fannibals believe that there is only ONE person who hates them. One person who is against them and one person who is trying to “tear them down”. Instead of trying to engage in a conversation, a legitimate one (because despite what they all say all I want is to gain a better understanding into why they act this way) they brand me a troll and write me off. All I actually want is a discussion or at very least an admission of “Well I don’t care of X thing is a scam I’ll spend my money anyway” which is fair enough. Instead I’m met with verbal abuse, threats, doxxing, hate, and labeled a troll. All because I’m just trying to understand better what’s going on. There’s a difference between what I’m attempting to do and what everyone is telling me I’m attempting to do, however I can’t say I’m THAT surprised because these people were never too smart to begin with.

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