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Tattle Diary Entry #9: Why Are Mads And Hugh So Polite To The Fannibals?

One thing I see pop up a lot in the Hannibal fandom, especially on Tumblr is the notion that Mads and Hugh (and the rest of the cast) allegedly love being accosted…sorry…visited by Fannibals to talk about Hannibal. Even years after the show was cancelled (and has no chance of coming back). Of course, people use this to attempt to contradict my statement that maybe these people are actually very annoyed by this behavior. Except, the evidence that they are annoyed by this (or even creeped out and intimidated) is more than the evidence that they legitimately enjoy it.

We can start with the fact that in several pictures now, Hugh Dancy has looked incredibly uncomfortable posing with these people after they do hunt him down to talk to him about Hannibal. Which is literally what they are doing. Hunting him down. Somehow, they are being informed of where Hugh is going to be in the city and they go and find him. I do mean they because it’s always a group. More on that in a moment. When this does happen and he’s forced, once again, to take pictures with the same people who always hunt him down, there’s no hiding the discomfort in his face or his smile.

Take this girl for instance who has stalked Hugh Dancy down more times than I can count. You can definitely see in his pictures with her and her gaggle of Fannibals how uncomfortable he is. There’s even been at least one instance where she followed him somewhere and made him do a video thanking the fannibals for being fans so she could put it on her twitter page.

Then you can also consider several things when it comes to Mads Mikkelsen. One of the most telling things is that he’s been limiting his question and answer sessions with fans at events. Though the fannibals make bizarre claims about this having to do with the fact that he “says too much” and “gives away too much personal information” I think it’s more indicative of him not wanting to answer the same freaking Hannigram questions over, and over, and over again. I certainly wouldn’t be in the mood for that after three or four years of not being on a TV show. They hunt him down to everything he does, even non-specific Hannibal events, to hound him about Hannibal.

Of course, comes the point when people will say “Why do they keep putting up with it then? Why are they still doing this they don’t have to” and that answer is relatively simple. If you were paying attention to what I’ve already said, they always show up in groups. It’s never just one or two of them. It’s always a group of them. Somehow, when Rotem finds out about Hugh Dancy being somewhere in the city she’s able to pull together an instant group of 10 fans (in flower crowns) to go with her to hunt Hugh down. Like the time when she heard he was going to be filming the Colbert show for an interview that had nothing to do with Hannibal. She rounded up about 7 of her friends and they went and accosted him outside.

Here’s the thing, there’s one of him and there’s 7-10 of these people. They are also clearly insane. I mean clearly. Though I’ve never actually met Rotem, the stories about how creepy and obnoxious she is in person have traveled far and wide. Not just in the Hannibal fandom but in other fandoms like Supernatural. I’ve seen her YouTube channel and her videos, how she talks about these people, how she sounds when she does it, she’s very off putting and comes across as psychotic. Not to mention she has a penchant for posing in photos with knives for some reason.

Put yourself in Hugh (or Mads’ shoes) at this point. Or any other cast member for that matter. She shows up with her psycho eyes and her reputation, which by the way they know at this point because she does this so much, and 7 to 10 of her friends who are equally psychotic. How much do you want to confront them? How much do you want to tell them to fuck off? You know they can find you at this point they’ve done it a dozen times. You know there’s a potential that if you piss her off (or one of her friends) she might hunt you down in the streets alone one night and stab you. You are one person and there are a bunch of them (and sadly a lot of them are overweight and could easily overpower you if they wanted because they got angry). I’m not saying they would or will do this, I’m saying that you need to look at this from their perspective.

They are also always accosted at a random place on the street. Calling for security is not exactly an option if they already left the venue where they were protected. They have no real choice but to deal with this, and at the end of it all they are actors and they have to consider trying to avoid a PR nightmare. However, the look on Hugh’s face in the majority of these pictures is very clear and screams “GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE”. The stiff, uncomfortable smile. The deer in the headlights look. The body language. Things they all ignore and don’t seem to care about as long as they get yet another candid photo op with their precious Will.

How many do they need though? They also all show up to events, shell out thousands of dollars a year for photo ops with the same people over and over again. They are going to conventions and behaving this way, which Hugh and Mads have seen enough to know them by name (or at least by looks) and then they are being hunted down on the streets of New York to take pictures. Though Mads and Hugh still, on occasion, do Hannibal related conventions, one would think that it was in a desperate attempt to maybe sate their desires so they don’t get hunted down. However, this is really only making it worse for them. The more they are polite, the more they play into this, the worse these fannibals are going to be.

There’s more to consider here about why Hugh and Mads put up with this than just them simply liking the fannibals. It’s crucial to examine everything else going on around them and quite frankly I think the only people at this point who don’t think their behavior regarding the cast is creepy, are the fannibals. It seems the rest of the world, looking in, can very much tell that this has gotten out of hand and there’s no reasonable way to stop it now.

Note: If you’re going to ask why Hugh or Mads don’t just get a restraining order on some or all of these people let me explain that as well. They’d have to know very specific information about them. Full names, addresses, and where they live because that’s how you have to file a restraining order. When one is served the person who is getting it, has a legal right to know about it so they have warning not to approach that person anymore. Hugh and Mads would have to go and research who these people are and get names, addresses, and things like that. If you are going to doubt that they have the ability to do this (and I’m sure they do) you also need to take into consideration some other facts. For one, they are both men and these are all women. They would have to prove that these people are enough of a threat (or potential one) to warrant a restraining order. They will be taken less seriously because they are men, and doing any of this could cause a massive backlash and PR nightmare for them to attempt. In that case, trying to get a restraining order or actually getting one is incredibly useless unless they have very good evidence to the threat that is posed, and even then they still may avoid it, sadly, because they are men and these are essentially girls or women who would never be seen as an actual threat to them physically. Does that help? I hope it does because I’m very tired of pointing that out as well.

Note 2: This is all just theory and educated guessing on my part from what I hear and I see going on. I do not speak for Hugh or Mads or the rest of the cast but it’s pretty much Occam’s razor on this one, given the events currently happening and what can be publicly seen by any sane person looking on.

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