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Tattle Diary Entry #11: Canon Vs Fanon [Can Bryan Fuller Tweet Canon?]

Canon vs Fanon is a big debate these days. Now, I’m going to point out some things. I’m in my 30s and for most of my life I’ve wanted to be a writer. For most of my life the definition of canon was very universal and solid. The definition being the written word of the finalized draft of something. Either a movie script or a manuscript. Something that’s set in stone because it’s in a final draft and there’s a hard copy of it. This is essentially the bible and the work of the author that states what is factual to their universe and what isn’t. Then one day, some idiot named JK Rowling decided that she didn’t like this and made one of her characters gay out of nowhere. That’s when it all changed. Now, despite my opinions on the actual Harry Potter books, I really, actually hate JK Rowling and what she’s turned the series into. The problem is that she’s a rich, white, billionaire so now she’s allowed to make the rules, even if she literally is only making them to earn virtue points from idiot SJWs. The thing here is, that canon was nothing like this before she came along and many people, millions, entirely disagree with what she did or is trying to do.

Then Bryan Fuller did it with Hannigram. He failed to show any type of romance or love between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham in his show. The show he created and had completely control over. What he actually showed on screen and what was in the scripts, is that, well Hannibal was abusing Will. Manipulating him into a codependent relationship via gaslighting until Will felt that he couldn’t live without Hannibal anymore. This isn’t romance or love, this is abuse, plain and simple. I’m not really complaining about that because it makes for a good story and a good plot. What I’m complaining about is that Bryan Fuller will also try to say that Hannigram, as the romantic pairing, is canon. The fannibals will point to a couple tweets he made saying that it’s canon, trying to set it in stone. It doesn’t work that way though. It never should and it never will.

If that aspect of their relationship was that important to set in stone, the one man who had all the power in the world to do it, was Bryan Fuller. The one man who didn’t do that at all, was Bryan Fuller. If you need to be able to understand a show by also following the creator on Twitter, then it’s not a good show. So on and so forth. If what Bryan Fuller actually wanted to do was show a romantic love between Will and Hannibal he had every chance to do so but he didn’t. That’s not what happened, no amount of tweeting can change it. End of the story. Period. Though there are weird lines in the show that the fannibals will twist into having their own meanings to “prove” Will loved Hannibal (or Hannibal loved Will) it certainly wasn’t something that was shown on screen or stated in dialogue.

The closest instance of this weird word bending they will do is when Will asks Bedelia if Hannibal loves him. This isn’t Will saying he loves Hannibal, at all this is asking a question. If you believe, in real life, that someone has a crush on you, and you ask “is such and such person in love with me” that doesn’t denote your own feelings about them either way. It was also established through out the show that Will felt trapped and burdened by Hannibal. He certainly didn’t love the guy enough to not get married and try to move on with his life. He avoided even seeing Hannibal for YEARS after he was put in prison. How much was Will actually in love with a guy he so easily gave up after his incarceration (and never wanted to go back to see until he was forced?). None of the behavior in the show denotes love or romance between the two men. Bryan Fuller did not put it in the show despite having the control to do so.

Bryan Fuller does not have the power to change canon through tweets. Fannibals do not have the power to change canon through fan fiction they write or willfully misinterpreting quotes from the show. At the end of the fay, Hannigram is fanon, not canon. The little annoying Hannigram shippers need to learn to accept that and move on with their lives.

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