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Tattle Diary Entry #19: Fans of Hannibal are NOT The Same as "Fannibals"

One of the biggest and most idiotic complaints that I get is that I’m “bashing people for liking a TV show” which I’ve actually never done. In fact, I defy anyone to show me specifically where I said people can’t like this show. I’ve even stated, several thousand times, that I like season one and that opinion really hasn’t ever changed. Mostly because season one isn’t completely full of fan service and nonsensical garbage. I have never said people are not allowed to like the show, nor that there is anything wrong with them liking this show. Ever. I don’t think that. My main complaint is, and always has been, the obsessive maniacs that take it way too far. You know, the people who stalk the celebrities of the show. The people who send death threats to defend the show. The people who dox and harass other people for having an opinion they don’t like. That’s crossing a damn line and that takes things far beyond just liking a TV show. 

There are fans of Hannibal which I imagine is a good sized group of people. Not huge, really, because they can’t even get 100 thousand signatures on a petition to also get the show renewed, but still, a decent amount are more than likely normal or reasonable people. There’s a thing about this, though. In that normal group there’s a range of them. For one, there are a bunch of people who are fans of the show, really love it, but think the ending is perfect and it doesn’t need a season four. They like how it was wrapped up and don’t wish to see any more. Fair enough and good point. Then we have people who would watch a season four but they aren’t overly devoted to making it happen. After that group, we would have the people interested enough in season four that they maybe signed a petition, still tweet about the show on occasion, and maybe even still have a blog or twitter account that periodically talks about Hannibal but they aren’t really waiting for season four with baited breath. These three groups of people I would consider normal, reasonable people who are also fans of the show and like the show. They are never in the group of people that I’m talking about. I thought I’ve made this clear enough but apparently I haven’t, despite explaining this a thousand times before. 

No, the people I’m talking about are the really obsessive assholes who take things way too far and way too personally. The people who think death threats are acceptable. The people who think doxing is acceptable. The people who think factual information, unpopular opinions, pointing out inconsistencies, and asking questions is “trolling” because it goes against their narrative. Those people. The people who can’t even recognize maybe, just slightly, that the relationship between Will and Hannibal is abusive. The people who think that Tumblr is a “Hannigram lovers only” safe haven and anyone who doesn’t ship Hannigram or dares to speak out against it is a troll. The people who will quite literally, tell you to kill yourself, call you a homophobe, and “laugh about your hetero tears” if you say that you don’t like their ship. Those people. 

Alright, so if I also admit they are a minority (except for on Tumblr where they are definitely a majority which I’ve always said but I’ve specifically said that about Tumblr, not the world entirely) then what’s the problem? Well, the problem is that for one, what’s left of the fans of the show, isn’t much. What’s left, really now, is the very vocal minority that bleeds out from Tumblr into Twitter and the real world. See, even if I think there are normal fans and probably a lot more than the crazy fans, the normal fans are aware that the show isn’t coming back, are happy with the ending, or know better than to harass the shit out of every streaming service they can think of to get it renewed. The normal fans, though they are out there, have moved on with their lives because they actually have lives. This leaves the minority to speak for the majority and represent the fandom. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken to someone online and mentioned the “Fannibals” and gotten some kind of eye rolling emoji as a response. If they like it or not, the Hannibal fandom I mean, they are quite literally being represented by these crazy fannibals because these are the people still around to represent the fandom. They scream the loudest, they apparently have no jobs or personal lives, and they are utterly devoted to constantly updating their blogs, writing fan fiction, and harassing people on the internet who don’t agree with them. Fannibals are different, very different, from fans of Hannibal. Those are two separate categories entirely. I have always said this, and though I’ve tried to explain it a thousand times (and it’s clearly just not working so I’m sure I’ll be explaining it a thousand more) people need to learn the difference. 

Now, the Fannibals (as in the crazy ones) will turn this back around and whine at me for “bashing people” who just like a TV show. This is something I’ve never done, as said before. They will also say that I’m the one who is “Obsessed” and they are just “fine” and I’m psychotic and they are normal. Once again, just this specific minority group of them. However, since I’m not bashing anyone for simply liking a TV show, and I am pointing out how horrible and even criminal their behavior is, these are two completely different things. The problem is that the minority of fuckwits who dominate the Hannibal and Fannibal tags on Tumblr and Twitter are obsessive. They are psychotic. Yet they are so high level into their insane ideology of Hannigram being a perfect romantic love ship instead of ever considering they might be the ones who are wrong they have convinced themselves that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is wrong and there’s no other possibility. 

If you look at my website or my YouTube channel you will see the vast majority of my content is pointing out shady people doing actual shady things. Jennifer Cornet and her cult that she was running (as well as the scams). FannibalFest and…well whatever is going on with that. These two big things entail real life actions, scams, and behavior. These two things are groups of people, in the real world, acting as criminals. These two things are my biggest problem. After that point, the rest of my content is pointing out other scams or problems I’ve seen. People who stalk the cast. People who scam others out of money for various reasons. People who are predatory towards younger people in the fandom. Real actual problems. This is the majority of my content. This is the majority of my problem and it happens to all be within fandom. Even worse, the fandom knows this is a problem but instead of trying to do anything to stop it they choose to attack and demonize me as if I’m lying when they know I’m not. I’ve showcased, already, several posts that prove that the fandom knows this is a problem. Call out posts, people questioning other people over money scams, they fucking know this is an issue and they won’t do anything about it but God Forbid someone else points it out and they are a troll. 

Now, the smaller percentage of my content (which I fully admit) are my opinions on the actual show and content of the show (as well as what I think of Bryan Fuller). However, I present these opinions (and sometimes facts) for a reason. Me presenting my side of the story as to why I don’t like Bryan Fuller does help establish my point of view on everything else. My presenting my opinion as to why I don’t like seasons two and three or why I don’t like certain characters does help establish why I feel this way about the rest of the fandom. Not completely, but it helps, and more than that, people who watch the rest of my content, the MAJORITY of my content, do ask me questions. Why do I hate the show? Why do I hate Hannigram? What is my problem with Bryan Fuller? If people want to know these things, why am I not allowed to tell them if it’s off topic or not? Since when was I not allowed to have additional opinions to surround the bulk of my main content? Why is this such a crime? Apparently it is, if you ask the FANNIBALS (once again the crazy girls not just normal fans of the show) and I’m merely just a troll. 

Now, for the 900th time, even though I’m sure I’ll have to repeat myself yet again since this seems not to be clear to some people: 

I am not bashing anyone for liking a show and behaving in a normal, rational manner, to like and celebrate that show. 

The majority of my problem is the large group of a couple hundred girls (and grown ass women) who behave like psychotic fuckers to “protect” their show, their Hannigram ship, and their lord and savior Bryan Fuller. Those people. The people who have downright turned this show into a religious cult experience. The people who are scamming other actual human beings out of money or coercing actual other human beings into sexual situations. Those people. 

The funny thing here is, that the normal fans of the show (or people who don’t like the show at all) easily recognize that’s what my complaint is. They recognize why I’m concerned with this behavior, and for the record I’d be concerned with it in ANY fandom. I also don’t deny that to some level this happens in every fandom and I never have, but I will say that because the Hannibal fandom is so small that the minority who dominates who screams the loudest is really going to have the most power since the casual fans don’t care that much anymore for a show that they are aware isn’t coming back (or they don’t want to come back). 

The fact that people, three years after a show has been cancelled, can still milk hundreds of thousands of dollars out of idiots for Hannibal or Hannigram related fan projects that are shady at best, is concerning. You’d never find this in any other fandom. You would not see someone trying to set up a Firefly only convention now, begging for 40 thousand dollars to do it. This just isn’t a thing. Even if someone did do that almost no one would fall for it because even the most devoted current Firefly fans AREN’T FUCKING INSANE LIKE THAT. If this specific situation is specifically happening in any other fandom that I don’t currently know about I’d find that just as concerning, but if you are mad at me for not listing every goddamn fandom this is happening in, you are also mad at me for not being psychic and not watching every fucking TV show that exists. I barely do fandom anything anymore and it’s because of this horrible, toxic, and insane fandom. Hopefully you can see why. 

In conclusion: 

Fans of Hannibal are not the same as Fanniabals. I have never bashed anyone for casually enjoying this show or any other show for that matter. I am pointing out the obnoxious behavior of the CULT group that behaves PSYCHOTICALLY and preys on other people either to get money or god knows what else. If you aren’t concerned with this behavior, I don’t know why, but you are free to ignore anything I have to say because I really don’t fucking care what you have to think if you cannot grasp such a simple concept or what my complaint actually is. 

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