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Tattle Diary Entry #20: Monica Morais vs Reality

A little background on this person. Basically, years ago, I was just chilling on my private role play account not even attempting to engage the Hannibal fandom and Monica shows up. Originally her twitter handle was FannibalMonica but recently she changed it to FannibalJ. In any case, she starts attacking me in defense of Jennifer Cornet. Out of nowhere. I had never spoken to her before that moment, nor did I know who she was but she took it upon herself, to attack me, to teach me a lesson on how harassing people was bad.

Since that point she’s doxed me about ten different times, made accounts to impersonate me and harass my followers, harassed my followers herself, spammed hate comments in my videos to basically everyone (though no one agreed with her), made three attack videos on me (but denies making them) and has put two video up about me on her personal account as well. She has made claims that she won’t let me get away with what I’ve done and she’s taken down “more famous” YouTubers than me but when pressed for any names or proof of this she doesn’t have any. One of her more outrageous claims was that I’m not allowed to be named Monica myself because she legally owns the name and didn’t give me permission. She talks about the Fannibals as if they are some kind of Charles Manson-esque cult of people and is all around deranged. This has been going on for years, since around season two of Hannibal so about five years or so now. In any case, I’ve covered all of these topics in videos on my youtube channel extensively and included proof to all of my statements.

Beyond all of this, she made a real life hate club about me called The Kiwi Mafia which seems to contain around 20 or so people who meet up, in real life, take pictures with kiwis (as in the fruit) and talk about killing me if I ever show up to face them in person. So, that’s also a thing she did. It was only just recently that she stopped talking to me all together, even after making claims like she’d never stop watching me and she keeps tabs on me. Shit like that. I’ve basically been ignoring her for the most part. Unfortunately since she has doxed me, a lot, for a while I had to periodically look at her accounts to make sure she hadn’t done it again because she was fond of doing it, repeatedly, even if Twitter or Facebook removed the posts with my personal information. It seems that she finally gave up when Twitter closed her MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS created to harass people, namely me, but from what I did see on her old Twitter account before it was deleted, she was fond of harassing anyone, at any time, for any reason. Which is really funny given that she also claims to be super against harassment, trolls, and bullies.

In any case, since I have already covered these topics in multiple videos and more than likely people who are reading this here, know about those (but I will provide links at the bottom of this post) I wanted to cover probably the last thing I’ll ever need to say about her. Thank God.

I was looking through Facebook, actually, trying to find something completely different and I managed to stumble across a post that Monica made a long while back. If you were wondering what I was searching for specifically, I was seeing what kind of posts came up when you looked up my facebook user name for my public page, Miss Freddie Lounds. This was one of the posts that came up. It’s a real, actual post. Let’s deconstruct this pile of crazy because…why not? I also suppose it doesn’t hurt to have a record of this level of harassment from this people just in case shit seriously hits the fan and one of them does decide to attack me one day.

Let’s take the first part of it which says:
CW: Harassment, Cyberstalking, Mental Illness, Fake Blood

I’m not even sure what “CW” is supposed to stand for because usually the abbreviation is TW for “Trigger Warning” but I guess she could have meant “Content Warning” and yet still it’s kind of hard to avoid that giant ass picture of her with the fake blood and mentally ill person (herself) right above the warning. Anyway moving on.

Dear loved ones and haters:
For those of you who are concerned about the harassment videos and crazy accusations, there is no need to worry. These videos and blogs by this mentally ill person have no impact on my professional or personal life, so there is no need for concern.
Professionally I am used to dealing with a lot of rude people, people who will try to lie, bully and manipulate to get what they want, people who might be violent and unstable, so I can assure you this kind of behavior doesn’t bother me that much.

First of all, she doesn’t have a professional life. At all. She’s in her 40s, nearly 50 years old from what I’ve gathered and she doesn’t work. At all. She seems to spend her days riding horses that her parents bought her and bragging about how much she loves horses. I’ve seen one picture of her in an office, once, but only after she was trying to prove to me she had a job and it’s super debatable if she was just in an office or actually worked there, maybe? If she does “work” there she’s not any sort of a professional beyond a receptionist but seeing as how she has literally all the time in the world to stalk me for…years, I can pretty much safely say she has no actual profession or personal reputation that can be harmed. Even if it could, well, she’s putting all this bizarre stuff on social media on her own. I mean, beyond the videos that I’ve put up, and even with that I provide proof to every last thing I say about her. I’m not making wild claims that can be easily debunked. No, it’s just public information at this point because it’s all over her damn accounts and things she’s said. The only thing I can see that she may do as a “job” is sell really gross and ugly looking jewelry on Etsy which isn’t saying much because it seems she only has 3 sales to her name.

And Evie dearest, you can make a thousand videos that I’m not going anywhere. And I’m still going to be more fabulous and better looking than you could ever dream to be. Ciao mostro 😘

Here’s where the fake name comes in again, as I mentioned above (and a thousand times before) my name is Monica, and at this point she’s even seen proof of that, but she’s decided that I’m not allowed to be named that because she doesn’t like it. You can also see how she claims she’s not going anywhere. This post was made almost a year ago, and as I already said I’m aware it’s super old, I’m just seeing it for the first time today. I would have ignored it otherwise but the content of the post is just insane. Not this part, really, because this is all par for the course with this lunatic. It’s what comes next that was what grabbed my attention.

P. S. If you ever want to tell my pet troll how you feel about it you can reach it at missfreddielounds@gmail.com (just remember to use temporary emails only)
If you choose to ignore it, it’s a very wise course of action.

Look at the phrasing on that. MY PET TROLL, is that not creepy as fuck? Like she owns me or something? Why would she refer to me like that and I mean EVER? What kind of thought process goes into a phrase like that? I know that her English can be pretty horrible so maybe it’s a lost in translation thing, but the rest of her post is in perfectly fine English so I don’t know that really just creeps me out. Whatever. Next she goes on to give everyone my E-Mail address which really has never been a secret. I tell people to contact me there if they want to say something to me, give me info, or anything else. I’m not sure if she thought she was exposing a big secret but I think she thought she was, which makes it even worse. As she, I guess, believed this was some kind of private email account. She also advocates people making fake email accounts to contact me and only using those. The thing is, people could have done this all along had they wanted to because of the fact that, well..I never had that email private in the first place.

I never actually got any emails from her, or her idiot hate group. I did get stupid ass “mean” comments left on blog posts on my website and back in the day I would get a lot of anonymous hate and death threats on tumblr but no one ever actually used my very public email to harass me so her attempt to rally the troops against me was unsuccessful. Only 18 people ever liked this post in the first place and only one person ever commented. The comment is something along the lines of wanting to know more about Jennifer Cornet, to which Monica tells the guy that I am Jennifer or I at least know her because I’m also “so obsessed with her”. Then she adds that the guy can private message her if he wants my personal contact information which isn’t creepy at all.

Now, as you can see, the post starts with something about harassment and stalking which I suppose is to indicate that I’m stalking or harassing her which isn’t even the truth. I’m unsure how she presented this initial argument or whatever but the fact of the matter is that I would have no reason to talk to her, or about her, had she not attacked me first. As previously mentioned, she came out of nowhere on a private role play account I had to attack me and it only got worse from there. Essentially, everything anyone has ever heard me say about her has been in my own self defense. She’s also always maintained this huge anti-harassment and anti-bullying policy but this whole situation with her could have been avoided had she never said anything to me in the first place.

As for the Jennifer Cornet thing, she always has claimed I either am Jennifer or Jennifer is one of my friends and I’m covering for her. The theory she seems to be going with is that I randomly decided to “frame the real owner of tattle-crime.com” someone she will still refer to as “The real Freddie Lounds” and that I did that because I guess I was jealous and because I wanted to take attention away from my friend, Jennifer who is the real criminal. Something along those lines. It’s also hard to tell because sometimes she addresses me as if I am Jennifer so I don’t really know what her thought process is. I do know that she gave massive amounts of money to Jennifer to run her website, at some point in a tweet she said hundreds of dollars of support so I guess one could consider her to be part of Jennifer’s cult even if it was only just financially and online. As to why she ever attacked me in the first place, I assume it was because Jennifer sent her after me (not uncommon for Jennifer to do) so that’s the best explanation I got.

In the end, Monica (and the fannibals in general) seem to have this idea that it’s completely fine to harass, stalk, and attack people if they are the right people to attack. How they decide this, at times, seems to be completely arbitrary and I’m not the only one who it’s happened to. In Monica’s case, specifically, I literally am the victim because basically, she drew first blood. I can’t say I’m entirely innocent as I was mean to her and all I ever did was defend myself but I suppose I could have handled it better. Whatever the case may be, she eventually changed her screen name to FannibalJ and then deleted or hid all of the posts she ever made about me before even though the attack videos she made are still up as well as the videos she made for or about me on her personal YouTube channel. This is the Fannibal Family method, anyway. They single out a person they perceive to be as weak, isolated, and vulnerable. Someone who they think will have little to no defense against their attacks and they do it, relentlessly, until they get rid of that person. Once again, I’m not the only person this has happened to and I’ve witnessed it happening to MANY other people. The thing is, those people don’t fight back, they never did, and this is what allowed the fandom to become as toxic and rabid as they are. People either stopped trying to contradict them for fear of getting attacked like me, or left entirely.

In conclusion:

The Fannibals will openly preach about being against negativity, harassment, and bullying but this only applies if you are on their side, agree with what they want without question, ship the right things, and like the right people. If you don’t baa with the rest of the family like a good little sheep you are subject to this level of harassment and sometimes for years just because you dared to have a mind of your own.

Here are screenshots of the post in case she decides to remove it:

Links to the videos I did covering all the nonsense and harassment this woman has caused me over the past 5 years:

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