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Tattle Diary Entry #21: Katie Dalton's Delusions Debunked [With Proof]

This all started back in 2014. Around the same time Monica Morais started her harassment of me which I recently talked about. They are friends on Facebook and seem to have joined together with Celine (who I’ve also already talked about) in order to harass me. For literal years. I’ve also done a video on her and what it’s like to talk to her because she’s incredibly obsessed with me? Insane? I have no idea. The point is that she’s been doing it as long as the others, if not longer because she’s still doing it.

Earlier this year she came to me and told me that she was leaving the Hannibal fandom even though she didn’t say why and also failed to realize I don’t give a shit if she’s in the fandom or not, nor do I care what she does with her life. I did a video about that too, by the way, just to show how incredibly annoying she is. I told her that I was done talking to her which I was because this is just too much at this point, but I didn’t block her. She continued to send me daily messages for a while if I responded to her or not until I eventually just blocked her without saying anything because I was tired of getting notifications for her messages.

About a month or so passed and she decided to start in with E-mail harassment. I have those blocked now too so she can send them but thankfully, they never actually get to me. At least not in a way I can easily see. They go directly to my spam folder and I don’t know about them unless I check. I mean, they are still there I just don’t have to see them if I don’t want. The point is, that out of all of these people, Katie seems to have kept up her harassment of me. Despite claiming she also left the fandom which would denote that she has no actual reason to talk to me anymore since her main complaint was Hannibal related.

Katie, way back in 2014, decided that since I am not the “real Freddie Lounds” I deserve harassment, oh and a hate blog to be made about me because why not? She also blogs about me on her LiveJournal repeatedly and she definitely joined in on the rest of the harassment with me when it was at its worst. She’s very fond of calling me ugly, calling my cosplay ugly (something I haven’t done for a long time, by the way) and other such nonsense like I’m a meth addict, my teeth are bad, crap like that. She insists that I’m insane while at the same time saying that Jennifer Cornet is the “Real Freddie”. I’m not even sure what’s going on with this woman or why she fixated on me so bad. Even worse, it seems that she entirely invents problems and/or things that never happened or I’ve never actually done. Though I try to stay away from her blog as much as humanly possible I’ll go through one of her MANY blog posts about me here, just to give an example of what I’m talking about. The post I’m going to be talking about can be found archived here.

And now,I’m not even in the fandom so why would I even give a shit? Seriously.And the woman says that *I* am the one who is delusional?

First of all, she mentions repeatedly in this that she only met Hugh Dancy once but it’s not true I’ve seen multiple pictures of her with him. The problem is she’s since deleted a lot of stuff from her Twitter, namely pictures of herself so I can’t prove it. The point is, ignoring her lies about that nonsense what I really want to focus on is this statement here. She says she’s not in the fandom, again, so she asks why she would give a shit about me, exactly…WHY? Why is she still here and still talking about me if she’s not in the fandom the only reason she would legitimately have to be talking to me? I ask myself the same question time and again.

There is a LONG list of things that she has done(but tries to turn it around and make it seem like I am the bad one(like claiming that I(and several other people) threatened to kill her.It ruined the day that it happened because I had to keep up with what was going on in real time.

Except people have threatened to kill me, I have proof that this happened, as to why the hell she “had to keep up with it in real time” I don’t know. The point is that Monica Morais and here little group of friends had a pretty public discussion of at very least assaulting me if I showed up somewhere, used the term “Murdy” and also included a gun emoji. So yeah, that’s a pretty clear statement on what they want to do to me if I were to show up at one of their stupid conventions. It’s not a wild claim by a long shot it’s something that actually happened. I also never stated Katie was the one who threatened to kill me, so she’s including herself in drama that well, she was never even a part of anyway. I don’t just make claims without backing up what I’ve said in the first place with proof, not like her. Anyway, moving on.

She also claims that she has been stalked to the point that she has had to change her name/phone number/email/everything.And she calls ME delusional?

Yeah actually I have been stalked that much? As I’ve mentioned before, I was doxxed no less than ten times by her friend Monica and because of this I started to get harassing phone calls out the ass. I had to change my phone number. I have also since had to change my name and I did have to change my email. I mean, she’s literally, right now, harassing me through email (specifically the one I use for this website so it’s public and not hard to find) yet she can’t see the irony in this statement. Why is it so hard to believe someone was harassed after they were doxed. As I mentioned in the post about Monica (and Celine) both of them were giving my personal information to people and advocating harassing me, which I have proof of. It happened, there’s a lot of proof that it happened. Deal with it, I guess?

The way she’s gone after certain people(especially my friend Monica who got kicked off of Twitter because of the troll’s claiming that she is harassing her.Riiight. The troll has done WAY more harassing than Monica EVER did and Monica is the one who suffers for it?That is such bullshit, and the troll knows it, too.

I haven’t “gone after” anyone. Like at all. I’ve defended myself from Monica’s attacks, if that’s what she means. As previously mentioned, Monica attacked me first. My first interaction with Monica was her coming to my account to spam hate at me, not the other way around. I would have no reason to say anything to her had she not done that. She also followed it up by doxing me ten different times on twitter and then advocating my assault and harassment on facebook. Once again, all things I have proof of. I’ve never done anything remotely similar to Monica. Have I talked about her harassment of me? Sure. That’s about it. I’ve never doxed her, told people to harass her, made accounts to impersonate her, or anything of the sort. Yet, Katie is either completely blind to this or so fucking delusional herself she believes Monica’s behavior is fine and me defending myself from these attacks is not fine. Furthermore, Twitter investigated Monica’s account and they found that she had MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS for the INTENT to harass people. How do I know? Twitter sent ME the report after she was investigated. So, why exactly would Twitter send me a report confirming that Monica had multiple harassment accounts if she didn’t? Why would Twitter delete her account for no reason AFTER an investigation if this wasn’t true? Seems like Katie, who has definitely seen this twitter report (I posted it and sent it to her) is choosing to ignore that evidence too.

One of her minions(she has a few-operative word being “few”) came over to my blog to leave a message that I was trying too hard.Sounds like something that she would say.Don’t doubt that she tells them what to post.

Then she also claims I have minions, I guess? No I didn’t tell anyone to do anything I never have, and I certainly don’t tell people what to post. I don’t advocate anyone harass her or any of the others. I never have. The reason I say who they are and where they are is so people can see that I’m not just making this up. However, I don’t ask anyone to harass them or say anything to them if they do or don’t that’s a choice they are making. I’m also unsure what she even means by minions and she also always says “few” when I’m nearly at 1000 subscribers on my YouTube. I wouldn’t call that anywhere near internet famous but I also wouldn’t call that a few people either. Even still, the vast majority of those people have no interest in harassing her or anyone else because they aren’t insane.

Her “I have a life, etc.” not really.Did you know that the troll is adopted(as am I)but she doesn’t get along with them(because she is a crusty bitch and also because the parents like her more than they do the troll.Knowing the troll as I do,I can see why.I’m adopted, but I actually managed to bond with my family appropriately(unlike her)Her family tried, lord knows they did, but some people just want to be nasty(and she is one of them.)

Actual Picture Of Katie

Actual Picture Of Katie

Then she says this about me being adopted because….? Also she’s considerably wrong about this statement I get along with my family decently but to boil it down to this is…well wrong. Not to mention the fact that saying this is literally advocating adults be abusive to babies they adopted because I dunno they know that their babies, literal babies, are…crusty bitches? As for her own self she looks like a mutant potato so if I was going to say anything about her adoption I’d say her mother probably thought she gave birth to a potato and threw in the the garbage…but you know that’s a low blow and I try not to sink to her level. In any case, the fact that she thinks she knows enough about me to speak on that situation is creepy in of itself because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. At all. It’s…creepy and disgusting.

EDITED To ADD:This idiot is SO obsessed with the Hannibal fandom.She says she’s over the fandom but she still posts tons of stuff about the Hannibal Fandom.OB SESSED.

I’m not obsessed with the Hannibal fandom. I’ve stated this numerous times. I’m documenting events with the cult group (people like her) who call themselves “Fannibals”. As I’ve stated numerous times this group, this core group of about 200 people, are who I’m talking about. I’m not talking about general fans of the show, casual viewers, or anything else. I’m talking about the people who call themselves a “Family” devote their lives to blogging about, talking about, and sometimes harassing and stalking the cast members of the show. I’m talking about people who donate thousands of dollars to things like FannibalFest that are clearly a scam. Those people. I am not talking about the fandom as a whole, nor am I harassing any of them just by having an opinion. In the cases where I “single out” a person it’s because of something they’ve done. Monica gets the shit she gets because of the shit she’s done. Which I’ve provided proof for. Same with Celine, and same with this woman. The reason I talk about this, and these people, is to show that this is happening, it is real, and that I can prove it.

This is what I’m talking about with her and the rest of them. They are fixated on me, entirely too obsessed, and won’t let it go. Even when they’ve allegedly left the fandom entirely which is the whole reason they should have something to say to me in the first place. None of this makes sense. This woman is like 50 years old, she lives with her parents still, she spends most of her time going on cruises and the rest of attacking me because…god only knows at this point. I have filed police reports against her and a few years back she was warned by police to stop doing this but apparently she decided to just disregard this message entirely and start again. Her family refuses to do anything to help her with whatever mental illness she has (clearly) and people who have met her at Hannibal related conventions tell me she’s so mentally off that she has some kind of nurse or something that walks around with her. Well, clearly her activities aren’t being monitored hard enough. I can only be thankful she doesn’t live anywhere near me or else I’m sure I’d be able to see her sitting outside of my house at night glaring at me through my window.

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