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Tattle Diary Entry #22: Celine [The Girl Who's Stalked Me For 10 Years]


I wasn’t even going to cover this person because I don’t know how to classify them. Mostly because they’ve been stalking me since before Hannibal was even a thing. Yeah, that’s how long. The first time I ever ran into them was in the SVU fandom which I was in briefly back in like 2010 or so. Of course none of these blogs exist anymore, even hers, so I can only tell the story based on my memory but it’s so fucking insane. I do have some tweets and other things to back up what I’m going to say about her though. 

She goes by the name Celine and the first instance we ever even talked, was back when I was in a fight with two girls that didn’t even know her. Yes. That’s correct. Celine decided to get into this fight that had nothing to do with her because…reasons? Later on when I was doing research on who she actually was I found a forum post for one of the show’s she’s a fan of, people discussing her and how insane she was. Mostly because she’d dropped into the forum to threaten people there as well and someone said something along the lines of “That just Celine, ignore her, she’s a fandom nutjob” so it seems I’m not the only one who’s been a victim of her harassment. 

Back then, she went by the name DarkPassenger85 but I made a post about her on my website and that got into search results so she changed it so people couldn’t find it. In any case, let’s see what was this stupid fight about. Oh right. 

It was Tumblr and I saw people were shipping something weird, as they do, and I asked if it was a serious ship or a crack ship. I honestly couldn’t tell. It was between Olivia Benson on SVU and a new female detective, can’t remember her name but I don’t think it’s important. In any case, that’s all I did, ask if it was a real ship or it was a joke. Benson being straight, in the show. Yes I get that there are ships of her with other females in the show but, at very least those seem plausible to me? Or did at the time. I mean with some of those women she had chemistry, however this new agent they were shipping her with I couldn’t see it at all and wondered if it was a joke or people were really doing that now, and if so why. However, instead of getting an actual answer I was called a homophobe, a bitch, whatever. 

These two girls, they were a lesbian couple and totes in love, jumped down my throat and made it their mission to attack me. I didn’t care at first because it was stupid but then they doxxed me or well…tried to. The problem with my name is it’s very common and they got the wrong person. I told them they had the wrong person and now they were potentially getting someone else harassed because they were morons. They told me I was only saying that because I was “Scared” and wanted them to take the information down. I was like “No you fuckwits, you doxxed the wrong person and if she does get harassed she doesn’t deserve it because of this stupid argument about Olivia Benson not being a lesbian because she’s not”. They didn’t care, at all. Finally I could only agree to get them to take it down if I promised to delete my account and “never be in the fandom again” which was fine because by that point the show was crap and I was barely even watching it. 

Anyway, in this entire fight Celine had joined in which I hadn’t even noticed at the time. Fast forward to like 3 years later when I’m in the Hannibal fandom. Suddenly I start to get death threats on my blog. Very specific gross and creepy fucking death threats. I’m like what the actual shit? So this person keeps saying “YOU DESERVE IT FOR WHAT YOU DID TO THOSE GIRLS IN THE SVU FANDOM” and I’m like…who the fuck are you? Of course, since I hadn’t noticed Celine at the time I dug up the other two girls and confronted them because I did remember them. They were assholes. Both of them said they had no idea what the fuck I was talking about and one of them wasn’t even in the SVU fandom anymore. I said “Well one of your stupid friends is attacking me over this argument” and they were like “LOL We don’t even care about that show anymore so I don’t know what the hell you are talking about” I was like ugh whatever, I just assumed they were lying and went on to ignoring the death threats. 

To be clear these were VERY specific they included my full name, address, and really intimate details about my life, talking about how they were going to come and get me and shit. It was really fucked up. Eventually when I stopped responding to them for a LONG while the messages stopped. I do mean A LONG while because for months and months I was deleting these threats and not saying anything about them but this person was relentless as shit. It seemed to not matter if I was giving her attention or not she was doing it over and over and over. 

I was relieved when they stopped, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t know who they were from they were using the anonymous feature. In any case I moved on with my life. 

On my twitter, at the time, I had a crap ton of followers like 3000 or so. This one girl starts tweeting at me is really friendly and nice and whatever and we start talking, no big deal I talk to anyone who wants to talk to me as most people know. Well, one day I tweet about needing some money for an emergency and asking for ideas to raise quick cash. I wasn’t begging for money just asking people if they had advice. Anyway, this girl, Celine, comes to my DMs. She’s like, “If you give me $100 dollars I can gamble it online and turn it into $1000 in like an hour” I’m like, “yeah I have no idea who you are I’m not just going to give you $100 dollars” and she kept saying that we were TOTALLY FRIENDS and I’d been tweeting with her and she KNEW me and I should TRUST her. She was relentlessly begging me for this money to gamble with. I was like “No, bitch, I’m not giving a stranger on the internet money to gamble with I’m not a fucking moron” and then she replied with something like “Alright you’ll be sorry”. 

Next day, I get on and Celine is just spamming my mentions with how I’m a psycho cunt and I deserve everything I get and the Fannibals are right about me this, that, and the other. I was like what the actual fuck? Is this because I wouldn’t give you money to gamble with you nut job? So I go to my DMs and I’m like “The fuck is your problem?” And she starts laughing about how she tricked me and was never my “friend” and I’m like “I didn’t really think you were my friend just that I was being friendly with you…” I don’t know I guess she thought it was some kind of sweet burn but I wasn’t overly shocked or betrayed.

So then, at a certain point, she started to get threatening very threatening and she slipped up. She repeated back to me word for word a death threat I’d gotten on one of the anonymous messages on Tumblr. I was like “OH MY GOD YOU’RE THAT PSYCHO FROM THE SVU FANDOM” keep in mind it was literal YEARS later at that point and she didn’t even watch Hannibal…so that in of itself is bizarre. I’m like, “Jesus Christ you need to get a life”. She starts to backtrack like “NO NO I’M NOT THAT GIRL OH MY GOD YOU ARE INSANE” and I tell her that she just repeated word for word a death threat she’d already sent me and it was super obvious it was her. 


Yeah then she started to tell people she would “Sell” Them my information. I went to her and I was like “You don’t have a copy of my ID you liar” and she’s like “yes I do” and I’m like “Okay show it to me” and she’s like “It’ll cost you” and I’m like “No it won’t because you don’t even have it” and she insisted she did and she started tweeting fannibals one by one saying “I’ll sell you her personal information just follow and DM me” and I mean literally ONE BY ONE tweeting all of them this SAME fucking message. 

She also ended up harassing my family, and mentioning them BY NAME IN TWEETS saying weird creepy ass shit about them. It was around that time I found out she lived in France and was French and…well clearly insane. I filed a police report anyway because the death threats were nightmarishly creepy like…God damn. To be fair I filed a police report before I knew she was French but after I knew her name. She was talking about killing my dogs and shit. 

Celine in one of her many photo ops with Katrina

Celine in one of her many photo ops with Katrina

Whatever, the point is that as it turns out she wasn’t just stalking me for however many years she’s literally  obsessed with some actress named Katrina something or other? In any case (And she’s removed the tweet) she was stalking this woman too which I found out from a tweet that said something like “I found out where Katrina is filming today I’m going to pay her a visit with this” and there was a picture of a massive camera with a telephoto lens to spy on her. It seems all this girl does is stalk people and by her own admission has met this Katrina woman at conventions 4 times. 

Now, I know what you’re going to say “haven’t you met Costas Mandylor more than once?” Yes but it’s horror conventions, and if you like it or not a lot of those places get the same guests over and over. Have I PAID FOR PHOTOS WITH HIM REPEATEDLY no. I’ve run into him repeatedly and he’ll take photos with me because we are friendly but this is a very different situation. I guess you could call me a liar on this end but seriously it comes down to being friendly with him and the fact that horror conventions routinely have repeat guests cause it’s horror and there’s a limited number of people that do conventions. I also only have one actual professional photo op with him. So take that as you will. 

In any case, I decided I was just going to ignore her. Forever. No matter what. I blocked her and moved on with my life. 

Cut to about 3 years later. I was in a bad mood because I had fought with my at the time boyfriend. I tweeted something bitchy about how I hoped he got what was coming to him because karma is a bitch. Out of actual nowhere comes Celine tweeting ANGRILY at me: 


I’m like what the actual shit? Where did you even come from lady? You haven’t said a damn thing to me in three years and WHY do you think this tweet is about you at all? Like, it seriously wasn’t I had forgotten she’d existed but apparently she had been following my twitter, somehow, and was still so obsessed with me that she thought that tweet was directed at her? Even when I told her that it had nothing to do with her she insisted I was lying and making fun of her for getting a kidney stone. I’m like bitch I’ve had two of those you didn’t ALMOST DIE from a kidney stone you fucking drama queen, even if you did that tweet wasn’t about you and you are insane.

It was around that point I realized that even though I had forgotten about her she had not forgotten about me even to a point she was watching and waiting for me to tweet something ANYTHING that she could misconstrue about her to have a tantrum which she did. Which was all sorts of fucking terrifying. She went on a huge rant on twitter which she later deleted, again, because she didn’t want people to see how insane she was when I called her out on it. 

Fast forward to current year (2019). I get onto my new twitter for TattleCrime and see she’s followed me. I’m like what the actual SHIT do you want? I go to her DMs and am like “Dude, why the fuck are you STILL bothering me after almost 10 goddamn years” and she replies with something like “Oh it reminds me how blessed my life is and keeps me humble”. 

Alright, several things wrong with this. For one, after she “nearly died from her kidney stone” that she blew out of proportion she claimed that she quit her job, because she was some kind of millionaire and moved to Ireland. Except that’s not true either. She actually joined an MLM. How do I know? I’ve read her dumb ass fucking blog and she’s literally a part of an MLM or was at least. Last post on there seems to be in 2018, late 2018. In any case the majority of the blog consists of posts like “DO YOU WANT TO BE RICH LIKE ME FOLLOW MY BLOG TO LEARN TIPS ON HOW TO BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT” however if you look at her actual twitter you can see her talking about working a pretty basic normal job that kind of sucks then a post about how she was promoted and might become a manager at the literal same time she’s running this “I’M A BILLIONAIRE WHO IS FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT” blog. Plus if you look at her blog and the comments you can eventually be led back to a blog of the head of the MLM telling people how to get traffic to their blogs and how to win contests and shit. Literally this is her life. Basic minimum wage job, she MIGHT be a manager one day, she’s desperate enough to join an MLM and then fail out of one after about two years, oh and she’s still stalking this Katina woman and running some kind of “Lesbian love” blog on Tumblr.

Yes…now I can’t exactly claim that I’m not some kind of loser and I won’t but I’m literally not “Join an MLM and beg people to follow my MLM blog” level loser. I’m also not so much of a loser that I keep tabs on people I absolutely hate like this for 10 goddamn years and even worse, she only got fixated on me due to a fight that she wasn’t involved in, while defending girls who didn’t even know she existed. 

In the end I told her that if she was that blessed she wouldn’t need to keep coming to me to rub it in my face, she wouldn’t have joined an MLM, and she certainly wouldn’t still be this obsessed with me. I told her to seek attention somewhere else and also told her I’d help this time by blocking her first. 

This woman, whatever her problem is, she doxxed me, tried to sell my personal information to Fannibals, harassed my family, sent me death threats for years, all because of an argument that she wasn’t a part of to begin with and all because….well I have no idea. I also have no idea when she’s ever going to go the fuck away because it’s literally been this long. She’s not a fannibal she never even watched the show she just decided to help them harass me because reasons. It’s why I don’t know how to classify her. In the end, I’ll go back to ignoring her like I have TRIED to do MULTIPLE TIMES FOR MANY YEARS but there’s no telling when the next time she’ll pop up is or why. I do know that I don’t have anything more to say to her or about her but I wanted to do this video anyone to show people just how insane people can get on the internet for legitimately no reason other than they are that starved for attention. 

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