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Tattle Diary Entry #23: Bryan Fuller is *Probably* Lying About Hannibal Season 4

I mean he totally is lying but on the off chance he’s not I’m going to disclaimer that. The point is that the proof is in the pudding and the pudding clearly says that Fuller has no intention of actually bringing back Hannibal. Even if he wanted to at this point, and it is debatable if he actually does or he’s just attention whoring, no network wants it, which he made clear in this recent tweet.

Let’s break down this tweet and explain how he’s basically telling people that this is a thing that’s never going to happen.

First of all he says that he WANTS to do it and the CAST wants to do it and Martha WANTS to do it. Wants. That’s the key word here. Not will do it, can do it, or has the ability. Well you know I WANT a million dollars that doesn’t mean that people are just going to drop money in my mail box or on my front doorstep. I WANT Jennifer Cornet to be apprehended and face justice for her crimes but I think that’s unlikely. Though I do think it’s more likely than a Hannibal season four. I also WANT a pony, a mansion, and to never have to work again another day in my life. WANTING something doesn’t mean jack shit. It’s a word that doesn’t even describe actual intent beyond a fantasy that he’s having, or they are having.

Then he moves on to say that they just need a network or streaming service that wants to do it. Yeah, this goes back to something I’ve always discussed. The fact that the show was so low rated that it was cancelled and even after that point, Amazon (which held the contract) stated that they weren’t around to make anyone’s “third favorite show”. They said that the show didn’t have a potential to be a signature hit. Amazon said this, two years ago, right after the show was cancelled, when it would have had it’s most high ratings possibility to bring it back. Even so, they offered Fuller a chance anyway and he said “No thanks I need all the scripts in advance”. Several things wrong with that too.

First of all, does anyone know how TV writing works? Show of hands? Right, so Fuller had, for years, excitedly bragged that he had the show planned until season seven. Hugh Dancy mentioned (and maybe it was a joke I don’t know) that Fuller had pitched the show to him up until season eleven. Anyway, Fuller also didn’t write the entire show by himself or even most of the episodes. He has a writing team. Still with me? So then when you write a TV show or a season of a TV show what you usually have is a “bible” for the show. It’s a general plot summary for each episode and how the season is supposed to go as a whole and then you give that to your writing team and they write the season for you. Or at least, in theory you give that to a team of writers. Bryan Fuller has his own writing team, I don’t know how because he’s a flaming douche. The point is, that Fuller had publicly bragged about already having plans for a season four through seven. Why didn’t he have any sort of outline ready for his writing team? Why wouldn’t he let his writing team take over? Why was he not prepared for this at all? Why could he not give Amazon at least one script while the writers worked on the other twelve? Why was a TV show bible not good enough for him? Why did everything have to be done in advance? Oh right, because he totally didn’t ever plan on doing a season four nor does he actually want to do a season four. What he wants is to string people along like he has with all of his other shows for literal years.

This is true, actually. Just recently he was talking about bringing Pushing Daisies back and one of the actresses on the show confirmed she STILL wants to do it. Yeah, these are all worthless platitudes that mean positively nothing. The long and short of it is that Bryan Fuller has no actual intention to do a season four and he never had any actual intention to do a season four. Season four of Hannibal is not and will not ever be a thing. No matter how many times he repeats this same non-statement over and over and over. He’s literally been saying this thing, right here, all the time, just changing the words around. That’s it. Every time anyone asks him about show renewal it’s always a statement like “I want to do it but no networks want to pick it up”.

Then, of course, the Fannibals go into a frenzy of harass tweeting places like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, FX, basically any online service that you can harass because they have a suggestion box. Netflix literally changed it’s policy on how to request shows because these people would get on there all the fucking time to harass the customer service agents about renewing the show. Then they would post screenshots of doing that and tweet them to Netflix. The problem is that it’s the same freaking people over and over again. It’s not hundreds of thousands of people. The most “likes” I’ve seen a tweet get about a season 4 of Hannibal was some guy who was clearly trolling for likes and is “internet famous” and that tweet only got 5 thousand likes. It’s a lot but it’s certainly not enough that anyone would want to invest into a show. Besides, they’ve had petitions go up, repeatedly, that can’t even get over 100 thousand signatures.

Now, I know the little Fannibal whine crew is going to come along like “BUT LUCIFER WAS PICKED UP BY NETFLIX WHY NOT HANNIBAL?” and to them I say:

Lucifer got over 300 thousand signatures on a petition in a month. That’s a lot of people in a short period of time. Hannibal’s most “successful” petition hasn’t gotten over 100 thousand signatures in three years, even with “popular” Fannibals constantly reminding people to sign that shit. Hence: Hannibal certainly is not popular enough to justify any network or streaming service picking it up. Bryan Fuller knows this, he likes this, and because this is the case he can blame it on the networks, not himself. He’s already shown that given a chance to do a season four, like with Amazon he’s not interested. If he wasn’t interested three years ago he’s not more interested now. In fact, recently, he pitched a Pushing Daisies revival to replace Rosanne when he thought Rosanne was being cancelled. Weird that, with how badly he allegedly wants to do Hannibal he would try to pitch another show that he did right?

Bryan Fuller Over The Years On Pushing Daisies

Bryan Fuller Over The Years On Pushing Daisies

With every single show he’s had that’s gotten cancelled, this one, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies…he’s told fans for years (and in some cases more than ten years) he will do another season, he’ll do a movie, he’ll bring it back. In literally 0% of these cases has he actually followed through on doing that. In the mean time, he’s moved on to more fan fiction projects which he’s been fired from. American Gods, Star Trek, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles…this asshole is literally trying to do anything but Hannibal. Even worse, he has nothing planned right now? He’s working on nothing, doing literally nothing, and he still…even now…decided to pitch Pushing Daisies as a revival instead of Hannibal. What the fuck more do you Fannibals need in way of proof to show you that this guy is not interested in Hannibal? That everything he says is lip service? That the fact that this tweet only got a little over 1000 likes? How many people are THAT interested in a season four and if that’s the case, you think networks can’t see that as well? It’s literally their job to tell when a show will be profitable or not. This one won’t be.

Bryan Fuller’s tweet essentially boils down to: “I have a show I just need a network” but since he knows he’s not going to get a network, he also knows he can pass the buck, act like it’s not his fault, and have his cult worship his goddamn ass until the end of time because they are too fucking stupid to see that their great lord and savior is actually lying to them and has been for years.

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