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Tattle Entry #24: The Randomly Discovered Sex Trafficking Ring

Though many people want to call me a liar on this end there is (or was) definitely some kind of sex trafficking ring or scam of some sort on Tumblr. Not sure what you want to call it, really, other than the whole purpose of the group that I ran into was to get girls to travel to Russia to be sold into sexual slavery. Not that these girls knew that’s what they were doing or targets for but it’s definitely what was happening. The problem is that the targets that didn’t actually get taken (at least a few of them, the more intelligent ones believe the evidence that I have) don’t actually believe me when I tell them what’s going on. Some of them are stupid enough to become repeated targets and actively seeks out these men to get the attention they so crave. Now, I’ve done a video on this topic, actually two, why some tumblr girls are easy prey and then another one detailing how the sex trafficking thing was run in the first place, but I wanted to cover it in a more comprehensive blog post.

First off, I initially accused a man named Demyan as being involved in this. He was not. In the course of the investigation I did into this whole thing there was a lot of misinformation and framing of other people for doing stuff they didn’t do. Even though I won’t get into why this was the case because I really don’t want to, in the interest of being factual I do want to retract what I said about Demyan because he wasn’t involved and I’ve seen proof that he wasn’t. I don’t necessarily feel like I owe him or anyone else, but I do owe it to myself to be factual because it’s important to me that I stick to the facts. If any new information comes to light on anything I’ve already said I’m always the first to correct it. This situation has been pretty strange to go through, but I want to keep what known information I have based in reality.

Now, from what I can see myself and know to be the truth, the actual leader of this entire operation, scam, group, whatever you want to refer to it as, was a man named Zakhar or Semyon. The reason I don’t know his actual name is because he had three of them in the course of the time I was associating with that group. Zakhar was the name I first met him under, then for a while around certain people he was using the name Peter. It was nearly a year after that point in which someone passed along the information to me that his name was actually Semyon which was confirmed by someone else who had formerly known him as Zakhar and corrected me as well. At this point I’m more than likely to believe that his real name is Semyon but because he had so many different aliases there’s no telling if that was his name either, it just seems a lot of people also knew him under that name.

Initially, in this group, there was Semyon, a guy named Zane (pronounced Zan-ya as I found out a bit too late) and then there was Tobias. They were all Russians and all native to this group. There was one other Russian who was very unwillingly involved in all of this and another guy I just call “John” who was at the same level, completely unwilling but involved. As such, these two won’t be mentioned much if at all in this entire write up. Then, of course, there is another guy named Niko. The circumstances surrounding his involvement are questionable as best which is why I’m not going to be using his real name. However, over the past few months of going back over my own personal known facts about Niko, I have come to realize that he had to be more involved than he claims he was (more on that in a bit).

Demyan Orlov.png

These men, all of them, were in the business of targeting girls (and in rare cases lonely males) in order to try to compel them to coming to Russia for various reasons. With the females it had to do with a romance thing. The males that I know about it wasn’t a romantic thing they were just loners thinking they were making new friends in another country and let’s face it, this day and age, not the most unusual thing in the world to believe. The types of girls they targeted were overwhelmingly idiotic morons who were also attention starved and desperate for anyone to love them. Two of my best examples are a girl named Maxx and a girl named Gabe. In all of this Gabe is still trying to seek out these Russian men (or what’s left of them) and even devotes time to blogging about how they are her “brothers”. She also pretends to be Russian herself (and she’s not) and she’s one of these people that thinks she’s trans (she’s also not) because sometimes she feels like a guy. I don’t know Gabe very well myself but I do know what everyone says about her, I’ve seen proof of her behavior first hand, and I can tell you if I had to make a guess on what is actually wrong with her it would be histrionic personality disorder.

As for Maxx, she was in love with Zane. Super in love with him. She will claim that they were only ever just “close friends” but the level to which she will defend him denotes that’s not even close to the case. I covered in one of my videos that Zane had a penchant for torturing, killing, and mutilating animals and then posting pictures of this and bragging about it on his blog. There was even one instance in which I called him out on it and he straight up admitted to me in conversation that he had indeed killed the cat in the picture that he had posted on his blog. Maxx has been confronted dozens of times by dozens of people to warn her that Zane is (or was) a psychopath. She has no lack of evidence that this is the case and the vast majority of people who had the displeasure of dealing with him (myself included) were always very well aware of what Zane was doing and who he really was.

It’s questionable if Maxx intentionally blinded herself to this because she was so in love with him or she just believed whatever lie he was telling her (maybe a bit of both) but even to this day she’s devoted to defending him. The fact of the matter is he hated her so much he faked his death to get away from her. Though he has passed away at this point, his actual death date was months after she last spoke to him and eerily enough I’m probably the last person on the planet to have a conversation with him before he succumbed to his injuries. However, Maxx will swear up and down that I’m a liar, making up stories, this that and the other. The funny thing is that I have more pictures of Zane than she ever had, I have more pictures of the others than any of them ever had, and I have straight up written confessions from a lot of them. She discounts this as “them just trying to scare me” or something and it not being real. The level of denial she lives in over this whole thing is just insane to me but the good news is that Zane is no longer around to target her and no one else really wanted to deal with her either (she was insufferable) so she was dropped from the list. I guess the bad news is that if Maxx is this gullible (and attention starved) to begin with it’s only a matter of time before someone else screws her over especially since she can’t seem to learn from her past mistakes or recognize obvious warning signs that a man is a psychopath.

Moving on to the lures who didn’t know they were lures, as that’s what I refer to them as. These people specifically existed to lure girls to Russia without knowing what they were getting involved in at first. I know that people will question how this is possible but it is and it’s not even that unrealistic. There would be job postings outside of tumblr on forums that would offer people money just to blog on Tumblr. They were then screened and instructed to make a roleplay blog. Once the blog lined up to their rules and specifications they would get a payment. Easy money, right? I mean who the hell wouldn’t do this for that kind of payout? For every female partner they attracted to their blog and interacted with they would get another payment which, of course, kept them doing the work. If they were to ask what this was for they were told it was just a social experiment. If they didn’t try to get out before it was too late, they were then instructed to try to convince the girls to do things they weren’t normally comfortable with in RP. See how far they could push the limits of these girls and get them to change their minds based on I suppose, romantic interest. These lures who didn’t know they were lures were always very attractive men, overly so by tumblr standards, and given the caliber of the typical tumblr girl this usually worked. As I already mentioned, Maxx bent over backwards to protect a psychopath because he was good looking and she…well she just isn’t and that’s the most I’ll say.

Eventually, they would be instructed to choose one of the girls (whoever was their favorite) and be offered money to go on a trip with her to some location where they could be snatched up and moved to Russia. After that point, the Russians would take control of their accounts, blogs, and all that other stuff and essentially these people would vanish. Keep in mind, this group went out of their way to make sure that their targets were loners first (as in wouldn’t easily be missed) and given that it’s tumblr and that’s exactly the type of girl you’ll find on there…well that wasn’t hard to do. Most of these girls have very few real life friends or even real jobs. Gabe is on disability and if she isn’t sleeping she’s doing something on tumblr. Maxx claims her job is a freelance writer (trust me it is not) and that she’s also some kind of professional twitch streamer (also a lie) mostly what she does is sit on tumblr and do nothing else with her life. They don’t have lives outside of this website which makes them the perfect targets and there’s far more than just Maxx and Gabe. There were several others like this I ran into in the initial group and since that point but luckily they were smart enough to believe me so there shouldn’t be an issue with them. Suffice to say, tumblr is the exact perfect spot to find prey that isn’t going to be missed or easily missed and get away with this sort of thing.

As for the fourth guy involved, Niko, let’s just say the evidence is circumstantial but numerous. I still don’t know the actual truth here which is why I wouldn’t outright accuse him of anything specifically but I will say that it’s very obvious he knew more than he ever told me and he was involved far beyond what he claimed to be involved. Here are just the facts of the situation and why the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming:

  • Niko was the one who introduced me to Zakhar and Tobias and he was very good friends with them in real life.

  • Niko had intimate details of Zakhar’s house (as well as Tobias) and he knew things like the location of Zakhar’s bases and how they operated for some reason which was never explained to me.

  • Niko spoke of the girls that Zakhar was always with specifically saying that he had a new girl every time and he always had girls hanging off of him which lines up to what I was told about Zakhar and his little pet girls that he kept as slaves.

  • Niko was fluent in at least three different languages (maybe more) which in of itself isn’t suspicious until you realize that in the course of the three years I knew him he never actually brought this up with me even when we discussed languages and if he knew any other ones.

  • Niko’s country of origin was a lie. He claimed to be Russian but it seems that he’s actually Bulgarian and I personally can’t think of a reason to lie about that at all, to me. Especially when basically everyone else knew he was Bulgarian so why not ever bring that up with me?

  • Niko admitted to me that he had a “shady past” and I think he downplayed a lot of what he was actually doing but he also admitted that was how he met Zakhar in the first place and as this article already details…Zakhar was a very evil man.

  • Niko’s source of income was very questionable. He had a lot of money. He wasn’t a millionaire or anything but he wasn’t hurting for money at all either and he was way better off than the rest of his friends. His occupation was also questionable.

  • Niko knew how to contact Zakhar directly at points in time when he was supposed to be “undercover” or not available.

  • There are photographs that once you get the full uncropped versions of them (which I have at this point) it becomes blatantly obvious Niko was involved in things he shouldn’t have been involved in. There are no explanation for these photos because he’s the only surviving member of the group so the only one who can tell the story about what happened is him.

This isn’t all that I can point out about his behavior that is suspect, and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he didn’t really know what was going on it’s certainly possible. I mean, I had no idea what was happening until it was too late myself. Niko also became a target at one point and was in a lot of danger, specifically by Zakhar himself so if he was also involved with this group it would put into question why his own men or group put him in danger to begin with. What I do know is that because I realized all of this stuff I know that he can’t be as clean as he says while at the same time I can’t outright accuse him of knowing anything myself because he’s not around to explain his side of the story. He’s certainly presumed alive and well at this point but it’s been months since he’s even bothered to contact me. This is also strange since we were supposed to be close with each other and he promised to contact me once he got to safety. There’s no actual reason he shouldn’t have come back at this point other than him not wanting to own up to the things he has done. It’s possible he anticipated I would realize what was going on (or even thought someone straight up told me something) and he couldn’t come back. Currently it’s split 50/50 here. He could be insanely guilty or he could be insanely innocent as he always maintained. It’s very hard to tell and with his absence I have nothing to go on other than what the facts and implications are. I would like him to come back and explain it himself but I’m certainly not going to hold my breath and until I know the facts I will presume him innocent as everyone has a right to “innocent until proven guilty”.

In the end, the whole reason I’m telling this story and what I know (or at least part of it) is to show you can never know who you are really talking to on the internet. You can’t trust people either. Also, there’s a crap ton of easy girls to prey on over on Tumblr and that’s not even really all that shocking since I’ve seen this happen time and again (mostly with money scams). I am putting this here so people can realize how easy it is to be fooled, conned, cat fished, and scammed themselves. Though I’m unlikely to fall for anything to that level, I can say with a few of these people I had no actual clue how bad they really were until it was far too late. Some of them, at certain points, I would have trusted enough to go and visit at least…where would that have left me? Though I’d have done it in a far safer way than Maxx and Gabe (potentially because it’s still a big IF on my part) it was still a close call because that’s how well I thought I knew Zakhar. Be careful, is all I’m saying. Don’t take money from people for blogging if you don’t know the specific reason or source. Don’t fly to another country (especially Russia) for a romantic partner, if they are that interested in love they’ll come to you (and even then I wouldn’t recommend it). If you absolutely have to be on tumblr, don’t give out personal information, give money to or take money from strangers, and for the love of god just use common sense. You don’t want to end up in the position I did.

These men were also involved (excluding the one with his face blacked out who was not there willingly)

These men were also involved (excluding the one with his face blacked out who was not there willingly)

*Note: I am no longer in contact with any of these people and a good portion of them are gone from tumblr and definitely not going to return. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more of them like this on that site and it doesn’t mean everything is completely safe now. Just watch your back and be very weary of who you are talking to. You never know what might be out there lurking on the internet.

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