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Tattle Diary Entry #26: The Absolute Delusion Of The Fannibals Continues

Not too long ago I put up a blog post about how the Hannibal fandom went crazy and the process in which it happened. Of course, I linked to this article on various social media websites because that is what you are supposed to do. This triggered the fannibals, as it usually does, into attacking me, and no I’m not surprised. Of course when this happens I like to use the term “harassment” a lot. Not because I actually feel like I’m being harassed (as I’ve explained before) but because it’s one of their favorite words to use against me. Examples:

I post an opinion they don’t like (or even have to read) and it’s harassment. I comment on something once with an opinion they don’t like and it’s harassment. That sort of thing. I really use the word ironically (as I’ve explained before) with the intent to show them how incredibly stupid they are being. It’s very akin to expressing: “When I do it it’s harassment but when you do it, it’s justified” which is the entire purpose of why I use the exact same terms that they use to annoy me. That’s all it is. For the 100th time, because I’ve said it so much before:

I do not feel like I’m a victim of anything, I don’t even actually feel harassed. Unlike these people, who use these words without any sort of meaning (and so much that they have lost all meaning) at very most I’d say I have been annoyed by them. Obviously, this excludes people like Monica Morais, Celine, and Katie Dalton who went above and beyond to stalk me for years…but literally everyone else? No. Even with the unholy trinity I’m not sure I’d classify it as harassment personally. By the legal definition it is harassment (as in what they did to me) but I’d still call it more of a major pain in the ass than legitimate harassment. Those three went after my family, my job, and sent me death threats which is pretty high level psychotic. Did I ever actually feel in danger? No. Would I call myself a total victim? Not really. I mean, I guess I’m a victim in the way of the fact that with those three, they came and attacked me first without provocation so by the standard definition of victim that would make me a victim but at the same time I’m not unaware of why this happened? The point is that…I guess I have to repeat myself a lot since these people don’t really get that I don’t feel like a victim nor do I feel like I’m actually harassed. I use the same words they do in an attempt to show them how fucking ridiculous they are but I think it’s obvious it’s not working so I should probably stop.

In any case, there was a person (account name: V.Iersel_ ) on instagram who got ultra super triggered by the blog post about the Hannibal fandom going crazy and why I personally think it happened. The reason I wrote that is someone on my YouTube channel asked me to write it and that’s about it. Now this chick read maybe one paragraph and not much else and got very upset. She didn’t even seem to catch the article I posted before that which was about finding a human sex trafficking ring on tumblr. Instead, she read one thing I wrote once and probably not even the whole thing and went ballistic. What followed was a whole host of standard cliche responses that I’ve come to expect from these people:

  • Insulting my age

  • Insulting my life

  • Pretending to feel sorry for me

  • Pretending to be a therapist on the internet (when she admits he’s only 19 years old)

  • Pulling out the whole “OMG YOU’RE ATTACKING A YOUNG PERSON ON THE INTERNET” argument, cause she’s younger than me

  • No one cares about you/listens to what you say

It’s all really par for the course with this fandom. She literally hit every single counterpoint that they always hit. It’s formulaic and it’d be hilarious if it also wasn’t incredibly sad. In any case, I confronted her on this because it’s obvious that she has no clue what she’s talking about and of course when I pointed out to her plainly that she was wrong and why she was wrong she had a tantrum (also not surprising). Yeah, I guess I wasn’t nice about it but I’ve lost the ability to be nice to these people. Furthermore: she came to my account to annoy me first, all I did was respond. However, once again, me responding to their attacks seems to be the worst offense I could commit? This is what always happens. I post something, some idiot responds with something completely incorrect, I reply to them to set the record straight, and suddenly I’m “harassing a minor on the internet” or something. It’s like they don’t realize that they are 100% proving my point and even worse this chick, whoever she is, definitely fails to realize that the post about the Fannibals being crazy describes every aspect of her behavior. She did literally everything I say the fannibals do in the argument because she is one of them. Perhaps it’s why she got so triggered.

Here I will address two things she actually said to me, verbatim (and provide screenshots that she actually said them) so you can see what I’m dealing with here. These were posted as comments to my posting of my article as to why the fandom went crazy:

literally so much of your life is taken up by hannibal and everything associated with it, trying to prove points and whatever you do, with literally 0 effort. also, i never called you immature. it's funny how you're placing words in other peoples mouths. and again, so much of your life is taken up by hannibal etc. does it matter what you do? do you really think it matters? cause i can already give you the answer.

Right here she repeatedly insists that so much of my life is taken up by Hannibal. Now, this actually isn’t true. My response was very sarcastic something along the lines of if she knows so much of my life then why doesn’t she tell me what I spent the last three days doing, blah blah blah, but the actual point here is that my life is very much not Hannibal related. What this bitch is seeing is one thing I posted on an account I barely keep up with (and am unsure why I actually have at this point) because this was on instagram. The actual answer as to why I have an instagram or even try to have one is that I don’t really know. However if you were to go look at my posts as of late I really don’t have that much about the Fannibals. Do I like to put up posts to bait them from time to time? Sure, but I honestly don’t do much in that realm anymore.

As most people who follow me know, I’ve branched out into other things. Talking about psychology, other aspects of the Jennifer Cornet story (like reading the Sarah Saga) and adding a whole Horror Movie Review thing to my channel. The very last few videos I put up were about the human sex trafficking thing I stumbled upon on tumblr and in the past few weeks I’ve actually said very little about the fandom itself. The most recent thing I did write about the fandom was that one article because someone asked me my opinion on it and I thought I’d give it. However, clearly this makes me obsessed with the fandom entirely when:

  1. I’ve always, always specified that it’s only a certain group within the fandom and specified what this group was.

  2. I’ve always, always pointed out that what I’m doing is exposing specific people doing specific things in the fandom (scam artists, sexual predators, and the like) and not the entire fandom.

The point is that if she even bothered to try to look at any of this (or literally any of them did for that matter) they’d see this. They don’t want to see it. They want to paint me as some type of villain, which is fine and I even get why they do this, I’m not an idiot, yet at the same time it completely proves my point over and over. This behavior only reinforces what I have to say about their behavior over and over. It’s down to an exact science by now. Especially since she went on to say this:

[I] will never ever put any effort in watching a single youtube video of you, let alone click on the link in your bio. i dont care how much or how little hannibal takes up your life: you're still posting about it and if hannibal really bothers you so much, you wouldn't even THINK about me. and thank you, expert; im not a girl!

That she will never put any effort into watching anything on my youtube nor will she actually read anything I have to say beyond one paragraph of information. She also claims she doesn’t care how much or how little Hannibal takes up my life but has spent the past two or three days coming back to my instagram repeatedly to insult me, attack me, and make assumptions about who I am and what I do. That, my friends, is exactly what I’ve been trying to explain from the start. This is the exact behavior that I have explained makes these people insane. This is the very mentality that is written about not only in my post about why the Hannibal fandom is crazy but several other posts about them being obsessive, immature, mentally ill, in a lot of cases minors….well you get the point. These people don’t actually want to hear the truth it triggers them and they can’t be half assed to even hear me out. They don’t want to look at what’s going on they don’t want to know what I have to say. They full on admit to doing very little actual research into what my facts are, what my sources are, what my data is because this is what they want to do. They want me to be the villain because if I’m the villain then they can justify their behavior as GOOD and me as BAD when really it’s the exact opposite.

As I’ve said before, I don’t see myself as a victim I never really have. I am not blind to what I do, how I behave, or what I say, which I’ve also said before. I’m aware that I don’t always handle myself in the best manner but I’m also not sure I care. Mostly because it gets the exact results I’m looking for. However, at the end of the day it always boils down to the same exact argument from all these people. I’m old (she called me grandma several times) I’m a loser and obsessed with Hannibal (when it’s abundantly clear that I’m not) that they “feel sorry for me and hope I get help” and that I’m “harassing a minor on the internet”. It’s always the same cliche, formulaic argument that’s so predictable that I could pretty much tell you that this is everything they are going to do before they do it. I’m not even surprised anymore by it. I constantly wonder why, exactly, they think they are in the right (or how they can think this) when they refuse to even listen to me. As I said in my post about “How the Hannibal Fandom went Crazy” they lock themselves into echo chambers which they REFUSE to leave. This is exactly what this moron and hundreds of others are doing. They refuse to step outside of their bubble and look at reality. It is exactly what makes them into the cult that they deny they are in. End of story.

Note: This person claims they are a “boy” but very much presents as a female on their instagram, hence the confusion, which once again reaffirms my statement of how the vast majority of the members of this fandom are female or biologically female (or in a lot of cases trans-trenders with special genders). Guessing this person lies in the realm of the third category going by how they look.

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