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Tattle Diary Entry #27: Just Because It Didn't Happen TO YOU Doesn't Mean It Doesn't Happen

Here’s a good example of another problem I constantly run into with fannibals, especially baby fannibals. The absolute denial that anyone in their fandom is mean because they personally have never experienced anyone being mean. Now, typically this is seen when it’s new people to the fandom not people who have been there since season one. I’ve learned, from experience, that the newer someone is to the fandom the nicer they get treated because the fannibals want their numbers to go up so they can get their season four. Thankfully, it’s not working, but still this is what’s going on. It’s like, when you first join a cult they aren’t immediately insane to you. They start with the nice stuff and make you feel accepted and then they slowly twist your mind until you are in too deep to get out or, conversely, you are one of them.

I’ve had several conversations with several people who have attacked me insisting that I must be wrong. That this is only my experience and no one else has ever been mean to anyone in the history of the entire fandom. Yet, when I ask these people if they are new to the fandom or have been around for a while 9 times out of 10 they say they are new. Well, no shit they are going to be nice to you, jackass. You have no idea what their history is or what’s even going on with their stupid drama. Not yet. I can tell you that I left because of this shit and I’m friends with an entire group of people who left because of this shit. I can even point out blogs that used to be there that were in the fandom in seasons one and two but aren’t there anymore because of this shit. Most of the “dissenters” left the fandom because of this drama, bullying, because the show got awful (or a combination of the three). That’s why there’s only the crazy bullies left and they know better than to just be immediately mean to you.

Recently, I came across a very good example of this on my YouTube channel so I thought I’d use it. This is far from the only time it has happened but it’s a good example of one of those times so I’m using it to illustrate the point I’m trying to make. A girl named Lauren left this comment on my channel not too long ago:

Idk if I’m just not out there enough but I’ve never experienced any of this out there like the Hannibal fandom for me is the most peaceful fandom. All the groups I’m in everyone respects all opinions n all that. Might be just that this stuff doesn’t happen anymore or that I’m not out there that much (but I’d think I’m out there quite a bit)

As you can see here, she’s claiming that she’s never experienced any of this because this is the most peaceful fandom. You know who else would say this if you asked them? I dunno, Monica Morais, Nickie Michaud Wild, Katie Dalton, Laura Spencer, Rotem Rusak. Take your pick. Literally all of them would say they are the friendliest and most welcoming fandom family out there. They would all tell you that they are super supportive and nice to everyone and no one in the fandom is ever mean to anyone for any reason. Now, why would this be? Oh, it’s because people already in the cult…sorry…fandom are nice to each other. They all have one hive mind and agree with everything. It’s when you start to have an opinion they don’t like that they turn on you. As such, I said this to her:

Lauren wait until you make a mistake you’ll find out very quick how much they hate you.

Which is the truth. Surely you need to understand that if you are already friends with someone like Laura Spencer, Rotem, Nickie…whatever then you already agree with their stupid opinions. Ergo: They have no reason to be mean to you. They are nice. Everyone in this fandom is nice as long as you adhere to the following rules:

  • Bryan Fuller is a GOD

  • Hannibal is the best show ever

  • Hannigram is the only ship allowed in the show (followed by Marlana and that’s about it)

  • Abigail/Murder Family is the best thing since sliced bread

If you agree with all of those things, and also never bring up that the Hannigram ship is actually toxic and abusive, never point out legitimate complaints with the show and how it was handled, never criticize Bryan Fuller, never step out of line and like an unpopular character (like Freddie Lounds or Mason Verger) you’re fine. The vast majority of the fans already do this anyway, and the baby fannibals (AKA the ones who just joined the fandom) joined BECAUSE of this. A lot of their recruitment here is the Hannigram ship. Two pretty men in love with each other on tumblr. Yeah that attracts young girls like flies to horse shit. More than likely this girl ALREADY thinks like them and got into the show BECAUSE of Hannigram so why would they be mean to her? Oh right they wouldn’t. Anyway, this is her response to what I said:

Freddie Lounds not sure how I can make a mistake, guessing you been by not agreeing with a popular person or ship. I understand you’ve had a bad experience but have you experienced things like that recently? I have to say I’m new to your channel and have only watched a couple of videos. Like my previous comment said, I’ve not come across any negativity in the hannibal fandom and groups I’m in on fb for example are very open minded and respect all pairings and who people like. I’m hoping what you experienced is more because of how fans are like (is more common in the dr who fandom and Sherlock fandom, defiantly experienced bad shit in them haha ) and isn’t just a hannibal thing. Hope you don’t experience things this bad again :-)

You can see for yourself right here she says “Guessing you been by not agreeing with a popular person ship” and then asks if this has happened “like that recently” yeah very recently. I mean I’m still getting stupid harassment emails from Katie Dalton because she doesn’t like my Freddie cosplay or some nonsense. Yes this is very recent for me and I think the only reason it slowed down to the level that it has is because of my YouTube channel. Because I got more attention than they ever wanted me to get. Otherwise they’d still be doing it. I mean, Monica Morais was determined to keep it up for years and Celine just recently contacted me AGAIN which prompted me to write entry 22 of my blog here. Yes, it’s still happening you idiot. This is still a thing.

Of course she definitely recognizes the problems come in with DISAGREEING with a popular person so she seems to have some awareness to the bullying problem while at the same time denying it happens. Weird right? She claims that this “definitely isn’t a Hannibal thing” but it is in other fandoms. It’s mind boggling how in denial they are. It seems she’s only on facebook with this now or in a facebook group but she hasn’t even looked into everything I’ve had to say either. Reviewed all my evidence. Nothing. These people jumping to this level of conclusion that because they haven’t experienced means it couldn’t possibly be happening to anyone other than me…I’m sick of this shit and it needs to stop. The Hannibal fandom attempting to paint itself as some kind of peaceful family of idiots who NEVER EVER attack anyone needs to stop. It’s far from the truth. I agree they are not THE ONLY fandom that behaves this way, but they are by far not the most peaceful. Fuck that noise.

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