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Tattle Diary Entry #28: The Russian Tumblr Scam Part Two

Alright where do I even start with this? First of all I’ve always maintained that people in this situation could be lying to me I just had more proof to this being real than it being fake. Well now there’s more proof that changes the story but still doesn’t necessarily prove it entirely fake. I’ll explain what I found and why I think this using the evidence I do have. 

First of all, what really made me catch onto them was the fact that they fucked up using the same IP address. A while back, the one I refer to as Demyan and have a ton of pictures of (I will be posting all of them in this article) was on his first account, ASilentAssassin (Discord). He came into my Discord and started to threaten people and be all around creepy so he was banned. Now, at the same time there was another girl on there named Krystal. She got manually kicked by me at the same time as well. Why? Because as I said I always suspected them to be lying and I thought that she could be part of it so I kicked her out. When she tried to get back in she wasn’t able. To be fair, when I kicked her I don’t remember how long I kicked her for but anyway I did permanently ban “Demyan’s” account and things calmed down. Later Krystal complained that she couldn’t get back into the server. Said the link was invalid. I generated new ones but it didn’t work. We wrote it off as a general Discord error. 

Cut to about 3-4 months later. I was led to this “lure blog” going by the name Damien and I immediately pointed out how weird this was, by the way, like that it seemed I dunno ironic but I kind of just went with it. Since there had always been more proof they were telling the truth than lying I thought okay I should probably warn him who he’s working for. Fair enough right. Now, a lot of the times I lived in this limbo of not believing this, which I openly shared with these people several times. If you were to go through all my chats with all of them there’s several examples of me flat out accusing them of lying, as recent as a month ago. I did play along a lot either out of boredom or on the off chance they were telling the truth, I couldn’t just do nothing. It was really hard to tell what was real and what was fake and I probably did get too emotionally invested I’m stupid…but I never truly believe it either (as I said) so I’m not sure how I feel about what I found out. In any case, this lure blog was going (initially) by the Discord user name D8M1EN right? And we talked for months. Ironically he appeared around the same time Krystal vanished for like I dunno EVER (until tonight). Now this dude, I always suspected of something I kept playing along with him and I knew what I was doing because I was waiting for him to slip up I knew there was something off about this. I tried to guilt trip him, that didn’t work, I tried yelling at him, that didn’t work, I tried flat out accusing him but that didn’t work. He also tried to get me to give up on investigating this several times and just “ignore” it. I couldn’t and I also thought that was suspicious given that he also claimed to be scared of the Russians too. So I’m like, why would you just want to give up? 

In any case, he asked about my Freddie Discord so I linked him. He said he couldn’t get in. I said that was weird. I did everything I could think of to generate a link that would let him in and nothing worked. On a hunch, I went in and revoked Demyan’s ban and suddenly he was allowed in. I immediately directly confronted him on this. Discord bans by IP address so he had to be the same account as Demyan. 100% there is no other explanation and I knew, I fucking knew the whole time I was talking to him something was off, right? So when I confront him he tries to guilt trip me, accuse me of hurting his feelings, this that and the other. I wasn’t falling for it. No. I knew there was no other explanation and I researched that shit. So at the end of my rope I post the warning that a lot of you saw. That they had 24 hours to explain themselves or I was going to do a massive info and picture dump. 

Now, no one really said anything to me from Damien’s account but I realized he had changed his user name from D8M1EN to DamienOmen666. I wondered why. Curious about that I googled just that short user name. Well guess what the hell pops up: 

Actually it didn’t happen EXACTLY like that because what popped up first was an Insagram account with that user name set to private but the name was Damien which I then googled and well you can see the rest of the story. 

In any case I start to go through his profile and look at his photos and I see photos of OTHER people that they claimed to be…Lex and Lukyan (that’s it there aren’t any other source accounts unfortunately). So I message his account, “Lex’s” account and the account of “Lex’s Wife” who I won’t name all at the same time. Damien replies first. Here’s the majority of how that went because I’m too lazy to type it out: 

Click on any of the images to embiggen. Anyway if you don’t want to do that the general summary is that this guy denied having anything to do with it. Then I sent him the picture of him with his face and the written card with his name. I say, if you have nothing to do with this how do I have this photo? He still plays stupid. Eventually he says, wait I sent that to one friend. I say what friend? Why? He says something about “she had a friend that didn’t believe I knew her” and I said okay well who was she? He says he’ll confront her himself. I’m basically like dude you owe me some answers. Right? Then, he brings up Krystal by name and in the entire conversation I hadn’t used her name. At all. He then accuses me of stalking and harassing him and blocks me. Well if that’s not sketchy as fuck. 

Now, at the same time, “Lex” and “Lex’s wife” answer me. To be clear, they have been super cooperative, helpful, and reassuring. Like…I admit they could just be stringing me along or be a part of this too and trying to hide it or they were literally used and had their pictures stolen because Damien is literally friends with them in real life and has access to their accounts. One thing that is for certain is he definitely was in this picture, he definitely knows Krystal, and he locked down his facebook (can’t see his Friend’s list or anything anymore) immediately. The other two I contacted as of now are still communicating with me, being friendly, helpful, and seemingly genuine that’s why I’m not going to name them. They also do appear to be very Christian. Not that it means they aren’t involved I just don’t think they are? Or I think it less. In any case “The Wife” explains to me that she doesn’t know a Krystal but a few months ago on Facebook some woman named Krystal tried to add her and she blocked the account she doesn’t know the woman. I said “Fair enough”. I started to talk to her about Damien. 

Now, initially when I brought this up she said her husband was friends with him BUT they hadn’t spoken for months. Then apparently she decided to call him. At the same time, Damien’s discord opens up and he’s like “You need to stop harassing innocent people” which is weird because…how would he know to get on at that exact time if it wasn’t him? He wouldn’t. So this all confirms this is this Damien guy. The problem is there’s a crap ton to confirm Krystal is involved as well. 

Alright so, if I was catfished fine but they never asked me for money, actually Krystal sent me money at one point and mailed me something. Her address is seemingly verified through Paypal (and her phone) so I still have that information. The thing is why not just tell me you catfished me? Yeah I’d be pissed, but seeing as how they also didn’t ask me for money or get any money…then it’s not like I could have them charged with any crime. They went into denial/purge/block mode so super quick and Krystal herself is still in denial. I told her that I was going to report her to police. She either thinks I don’t know how or won’t so I guess we’ll see how that works out. In any case there’s still one huge question here: 

Why were they trying to get girls to go to Russia because that did happen and it was more than just me. Actually Demyan or Damien whatever tired to keep me out. He tried to get me to leave and drop it repeatedly. I don’t even understand that part. Krystal sent me gifts through the mail. No idea why. It’s the exact opposite of catfishing. I found other girls that ran into these accounts who were asked to come to Russia. Someone in all of this spoke fluent Russian as well. As much as I’ve now found two source accounts, I have not found accounts for dozens of others like “Niko” or “James” who I have the most photos of otherwise. There is something off about this, it’s not normal catfishing it’s not a normal scam there is definitely more than one person involved and they are definitely asking people to go to Russia…so why? What is this? What’s going on? There isn’t very many answers only more questions. I will keep everyone updated if I find out anything else.

Also if anyone wants to act like I’m lying about not believing them or confronting them this is one of many times I straight up called Krystal a liar. Now the reason I’m blacking out her name is because if I need to prove later this happened I don’t want her account name known, yet. Eventually I’ll release it. However I do have proof.

She posted this picture of herself with the same screen name. I get that she denied everything when I confronted her but the truth was that everything happened the way I said it happened. Something was posted on “Lex’s” blog but it wasn’t word for word. I showed her what he actually said and she was the ONLY one who saw it I didn’t show it to anyone else. A few days later a new post went up where it was the actual quote. She’s the only one who could have changed it. All the blogs have been purged literally all of them and the discord servers that I don’t own are completely gone. She never straight up admitted to it but I knew what was going on. This was the point where I started to play along more than believe.


Think what you will but Damien and Krystal are very good at this, for some reason they were trying to get girls to come to Russia, they continued this behavior if I was there talking to them or not, and despite finding their source accounts I do not have an explanation for how this ties into Russia or why they were doing this to so many girls. Hopefully I’ll find out. Until then, I need a lot of sleep.

Click any image to embiggen. In any case, these were all the images I got of Damien himself during this whole thing. All of them were found on his Facebook except the one where he is asleep and the one where he has the note with his name on it so take that as you will. Also, he or someone took a dick pic and sent it to me. It was definitely his because I recognized the tattoos on his arm. However, they removed it very quickly and I was in so much shock that happened I didn’t nab it but I can confirm I did get a dick pic and I saw it well enough to know it was his. As to what actually went on here…I still have no clue.

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