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Tattle Diary Entry #29: Was Damien A Pawn In Krystal's Game? [New Theory]

The more I think about this the more something doesn’t add up. Let me play out the scenario in my mind as a completely sane person. You play along as well it’ll be a nice multiple choice, what would you do, type of situation. This is going to be about events that happened in Entry 28 so you should probably read that first if you haven’t. Anyway, here goes:

You are on facebook one day and a girl (or guy) person, whatever, approaches you and accuses you of catfishing them. You are completely innocent of doing anything what is your first reaction?

A: concern
B: anger
C: suspicion
D: fear

Now, to me, any reaction other than B is non-suspicious. A fear reaction may be slightly suspicious (as it could denote fear that a person was just caught) but fear could also explain things like being afraid your identity was stolen, despite your innocence, and that you are about to get arrested for something you didn’t do so that one is about 50/50. The most normal reaction would be concern our suspicion maybe curiosity is a better word. Not anger, or getting angry at the person accusing you.

The stranger is sure this is you and you are lying, no matter what reaction you have. They show you evidence, a photo of you and it clearly is you as it matches all the photos on your profile, but it has a hand written note with your name. You know you sent this to one person but you didn’t expect it to end up in the hands of a stranger. How do you respond to this person now?

A: Claim that you sent that to a friend for very vague and oddly worded reasons
B: Tell the truth and when asked mention what friend specifically you took that picture for
C: Explain why you took that picture and ask if you should contact the friend?

As you may have guessed, the first response seems to denote that you are once again, guilty of something. Pretty much anything non-helpful after that point is going to seem more suspicious. When the stranger sends you more pictures like a picture of you asleep which also isn’t on your profile page. How do you react to that?

A: Shock/Fear because you don’t know who took it
B: A vaguely threatening goodbye phrase mentioning someone else shady involved with this
C: Concern that your privacy has been invaded?

You can tell when I list things like this, what the more normal responses to this situation are. If you were approached by a total stranger, with these pictures that are pretty damning, in the context this person is claiming would you not be a little more helpful? Concerned? Afraid? Especially if you absolutely knew who had to have taken the pictures in the first place? Ultimately, would you try to help this stranger who has been catfished because you are completely innocent? Or would you be weird, kind of threatening, and then block them immediately? The second reaction denotes complete and utter guilt to being a willing part of this. The first denotes innocence. It’s psychology 101.

Well, I started to think about the situation. Why Damien may have left subtle clues to me finding his actual Facebook then reacted the way he had. I looked over the other profiles before they were blocked down and I was ultimately shut out and couldn’t research more on my own. I was able to talk to some of the others in the photos that I had been given out of context but they were these actual people. One of them sent me an in the moment picture and though that has seemingly happened before I do believe this woman took the picture when she sent it and it corresponds to what she said. From this point I have developed a theory on what may have happened but it is just a theory so you’ll have to bare with me on this.

As I said before, many times, I never truly believed that this was real. I was maybe about 50/50 or so, maybe a bit more. I also enjoyed playing along even if it wasn't real or I mostly thought it wasn’t. The reason why some of you heard me get invested, which I’m not going to deny I was, is really because part of me wanted it to be real. I was bored…honestly and it was kind of fun. Also, I’m not going to lie I’ve actually done roleplays that I knew were completely fictional (long term) and got emotionally invested that’s part of the fun for me, at least. This isn’t new, and I looked at this a lot like an in depth roleplay. My only problem was that there were so many photos that did indicate it was true and there are still a ton I cannot explain at all.

In any case, what I could gather from the profile of “Lex” and his wife (who I won’t name publicly because even if I think they are or were involved I also think they got out at some point before now) they do have kids. They are a bit older so those kids would be in school all day. Except, recently, they had babies. I mean very recently (Twins) which means that they wanted out of whatever this was to take care of the babies. Fair enough. This would have left Krystal with two less people who were playing characters (in theory) and it’s still debatable how much the wife played in this but I think “Lex” was a part of it. Who he played, I have no idea. He definitely would want out to take care of new borns. When this happened they got rid of characters…whatever characters Lex was playing. I have my theories on who but not going to mention it. If the wife was playing any she’d have dropped them as well. The other remaining players would have had to continue without that.

The two very known individuals in this are Krystal and Damien right? Though I suspect there had to be a few more than this (not much) I can only speculate on that. What I do know is that Krystal is a shut in and a mental case and I knew this way before now. Damien appears to have children but not in his custody, seems he doesn’t even see them. Now, Krystal had her kids, but they seem painfully unsupervised. They all make YouTube videos and you can see their faces, they get mystery boxes from someone, and you never see or hear Krystal in them. That means she’s pretty much not giving them attention. In a few videos you can see how gross and messy the house is and how cluttered her daughter’s room is. Krystal doesn’t work but she does seem to be completely addicted and devoted to her online life as well as her fan fiction.

A few months ago, she started talking to me about how she finally met a great guy and he was so sexy and he treated her right. Talked about how he had been burned by women before and was super nice and wanted to be with her. The man she described (though I never got a picture) was Demyan or the person I knew as Demyan at the time so I thought she was just lying. She claimed he was also a security guard somewhere. The reason I thought she was lying was well the guy she described sounded like Demyan and since Demyan and I seemed to have a “thing” together I figured she was jealous of that. However, that picture was either him actually taking it for me himself because I demanded it or doing it for Krystal. I also can’t imagine he’s not involved at this point himself given the fact he mentioned her by name and led me to his account. The problem is that I accused him flat out of catfishing. He also had every chance in the world at that point to defend himself or say something but instead he acted way more suspicious and ran off? Why?

Why lead me to his account, expect I’m not going to question him, then act like that? I also don’t think it was a mistake given the fact that well after this long he makes a mistake like that? He uses the wrong computer and tries to get into my discord? He knows who he is he would have known not to use that computer to do that. Even if that wasn’t the case, as I mentioned before his facebook user name was very much the same one as his discord. If he really didn’t know why Krystal asked for that picture, or what it was being used for, that was his chance to tell me and be helpful but he didn’t, so he must have some involvement with this. As much as I can agree that a good portion of this is a mentally ill lunatic with too much time on her hands (who should not have children in her custody) I still think it’s too much for just one woman to pull off no matter how neglected her kids are. This level of work denotes a group of people. How many there are in the group, I don’t know.

The last account I interacted with, Damien (which is English for Demyan) was…interesting. He was very much like Demyan as I mentioned before and I used to call him “Second Demyan” and “Aussie Demyan” and “Demo Bear” things like that. Mostly it was because I knew there was something off about the guy and I was trying to get him to react but he was very good at not reacting. I constantly drilled him, guilt tripped him, tried to get him to see how stressed out I was, accused him of lying, and told him I just wanted to be done with this because it wasn’t fun anymore. At some point, he urged me to just ignore it all and stay there with him and we could roleplay. It could just be us. Had they not made this Lex so sympathetic I would have cause I was that close to being done. I refused. I think he wanted to stop because either he genuinely started to like me (which has happened in catfishing cases before) or he saw how upset I was and started to actually feel bad. Maybe both. However, what really sucks is IF (and that’s a big if) the last version I got of him was the real him and really how he behaves then I really could have gotten along with that guy and it pisses me off that we met because he was catfishing me. Not Krystal though she can go die in a hole because it’s pretty clear she would have kept this going forever had other people not wanted to leave or blatantly left.

Now, the question would remain why would he do this with her and for her for literal years? What did he get out of it? What was the motive? I have two theories on that:

  1. He actually had kids with her (or at least one) and she’s got him held by that, maybe telling him things like “do this or I’ll tell the police you beat the kids” something along those lines and he really didn’t have a choice.

  2. She met him after a string of bad relationships and was bitter (Krystal herself is also super bitter about being left along with 4 kids) and she talked him in to helping so he can get back at women because “ha ha fuck women right?”.

It could be a combination of these things as well, which is completely possible or a third thing. I could also be completely wrong but this really isn’t the worst theory in the world. The thing is, I don’t believe these were just random mistakes after 4 years or so. I believe this was intentional and he wanted me to find out because of how much I complained for it to be over, but oddly enough, he begged me to just drop it and stay there with him which denotes maybe he liked me too? Even worse, like I said, if that was the real him and his real personality I genuinely liked him too. I don’t know if he’s a victim of Krystals in the way I mentioned, I don’t know if his initial reasons were because he felt that after a string of bad relationships no woman could possibly like the real him and this was his way of getting back at them…but if that was the real version of that guy I liked it. Even weirder, it wasn’t all that different from the Demyan persona he surely played and another persona, Caleb, who I’m sure he was because Caleb had a similar personality to Demyan and also Damien himself. All of them I got along with very well because we are all on similar wave lengths.

Part of me worries and wonders if he was trapped, coerced, or blackmailed by Krystal somehow which is why he can’t say anything. Or, if he was doing this all willingly, he feels like there’s no way I would or could continue to speak to him since I know he did this. However, if that is his real facebook and his real life I can at least understand why he did it, not that it at all excuses the behavior but…I get why. I can see that his life pretty much looks like paying child support and work and not having anything else to do but fuck around on the internet. Boring, sad life, he needed to create his own entertainment and he eventually fell into Krystals trap. Maybe she’s fucking him, maybe she baby trapped him, maybe he liked doing it but then started to really like me and wanted out. Whatever the case is here, he was the one who led me to the accounts. Not Krystal herself not the other two who I’m pretty sure were involved for a bit…but him. I confronted him first and it was his chance to come clean but if Krystal has him blackmailed or something he wouldn’t be able to.

The only other option is that it was a genuine slip up but seeing as how he knows my thought process (since he’s definitely the Demyan persona and more than likely the Caleb persona who, by the way the Demyan account insisted the Caleb account was totally innocent and not involved in this the whole time he was just some random guy) he would know his behavior with what he did would catch my eye and lead me to him. He of all people would know this. It happened through the course of this lie, scam, or whatever it was several times. Me noticing tiny little details like that. I cannot imagine it was just a mistake, and as I said had he never changed his user name I’d have never looked because I never even tried to google the others so why would I have done that to him? Exactly.

At the end of the day it’s easy to try to claim it’s Krystal on all the accounts but given the massive scope, the time, and effort, and all the energy it had to have taken them to make this look and seem as authentic as it did there was no way it was just her alone. Plus the fact that there is that picture of him. This denotes that he was involved. Not to mention that Caleb RPed as a certain character that I complained about missing. Krystal tried to write him for me and she wasn’t bad but when Damien did it, he nailed it. It was like talking to the original one…like the one I knew when this alleged Caleb was writing him. There was a second character I missed that I asked him to take over and he nailed that too…exactly how Nikolai wrote that character. Which leads me to believe that Damien, in total, was Nikolai, Caleb, and Demyan (as well as himself at the end). I believe that Krystal took over the more mentally ill and weird personas, and the other mostly balanced but quirky people were covered by the original Lex guy and possible a few others (because someone in this equation did speak Russian, actual fluent Russian). Not to mention I’m still convinced that Jennyfer is still involved somehow I just don’t know how yet.

The problem is that I wonder if this was an attempt to get out but if he wanted out why not just leave? Why not tell me the truth? Why not say anything that didn’t make him look like the most suspicious asshat on the planet? He must have expected me to be angry (and anyone would be so I don’t even regret yelling at him) but why didn’t he say anything to diffuse it? this makes me think Krystal has something on him where he’s not allowed to leave but at the same time he wanted it to stop. If he is romantically with Krystal (because it seems like she caught him somehow with something) it doesn’t sound like she’s good for him and this sounds like a possible cry for help but he’s so screwed over by her he can’t outright say it. Which makes me reconsider a lot of things, that he was forced to do this at a certain point and was no longer a willing participant. I’m not saying he didn’t start willingly but I think he eventually felt bad or really liked me he just wasn’t allowed to stop on his own because of Krystal the women who would have LITERALLY KEPT THIS GOING FOREVER if her accomplices didn’t have better and more real lives than her. If this is the case then Damien is a victim and I owe him an apology.

However: This may all still be a trick I don’t know. There are only a few people who can clear this up for me and prove it. Maybe they are just both assholes. Maybe this really is Krystal on like 500 accounts and she somehow got pictures she stole from all these people. It’s clear that she knows Damien somehow they all live in the same area of Australia and Damien at least knows the people he was in the photos with so…what’s truly going on I don’t know but I cannot shake the fact that Damien’s reaction denotes he’s more of an unwilling participant who wants out (making him a victim) than a willing participant…at least at this point and if he is then I hope that he reaches out to me. If he won’t do that I hope he gets help because he really, really needs to get away from that woman she’s fucking insane.

Since this is just a theory, of course I could be wrong, but if I am right then I will openly apologize to Damien and tell him to fucking get the fuck away from that woman even if he never speaks to me again. It would obviously be the best thing for him and the best thing for her kids would be to have their asses removed from that house because just going by the YouTube videos they put up, it’s clear that she doesn’t take care of them. Either way, since everyone else I found at least tried to be helpful I won’t name them or blame them even if I am irritated but Damien confuses me the most and well…this is what I think MIGHT be going on. If he wants to reach out to me, and it’s safe for him to do it, he knows how so I will always be receptive to that possibility. I hope whatever this is if he wants out he can get out safely because I cannot imagine being trapped with that fucking headcase of nut job and not being able to break free.

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