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Tattle Diary Entry #32: The Damien Dick Picture

I’ve been thinking about this situation a lot because it was weird. Now, Krystal claims repeatedly that she and Damien have nothing to do with anything. That her identity, Damiens, Brad’s, and mine were stolen. Then this one person who did this, some mystery person, knew all of us so well that they were able to pretend to be all of us to fool everyone else. For some reason. There’s no motive behind why they’d do this just that they did it and that’s it. Which, of course, is her version of events (not mine) and why it doesn’t make sense because she’s obviously lying. Not only did I uncover a little chat snippet of her on her “AM GON” account admitting to knowing Damien and being Krystal but there are other problems as well. Lots of them. The first one being that there’s no way Damien isn’t actually involved himself in some capacity. I know this because I got a dick picture from him or at least someone who knows him well enough to get a dick picture (very well could have been Krystal herself but I doubt it).

[Proof Krystal Knows Damien and this is her account]

[Proof Krystal Knows Damien and this is her account]

Now, it’s apparent that Krystal has been in cahoots with Damien and possibly Brad and Jilly for years (that these might not even be their real names) and that they are covering something up. What, I don’t actually know. The thing that I always come back to is the fact that Damien…the very last persona of his (which was himself) sent me a dick picture…kind of. I say kind of because of the fact that it was actually sent from the “Demyan” account but I was talking to Damien’s account at the same time. For one, he was overly invested in what I thought of the dick picture. As I said, I was really driving hard at Damien to get him to admit something. Anything. I could show you several instances where I demanded to know if he was just fucking with me. I pulled out all the stops with this guy because I was so fed up. It’s why I mentioned that “Demyan” sent me a dick picture. I was trying to get him to react. Being that he is a “guy” I thought it would just disgust him or something but no….no he was very invested in what I thought of the dick, if it was the size, if I liked it…etc. This seems to denote that it had to have been sent by him and on purpose because I don’t really know any other guy who would be that interested in another guy’s dick or what a girl thought of it…unless perhaps they were gay but even then that’s kind of out there.

How do I know it was Damien’s dick and it wasn’t someone else. Well, several reasons. For one, this guy has a crap ton of tattoos. Enough that even if you don’t see his face in photos as long as you see his hands you know it’s him because of the tattoos. I’m not saying no other men on the planet have the same tattoos but of course, Occam’s razor being what it is…you get my point. Here are a few examples of what I mean just so you can see what I’m talking about, and by the way, all three of these pictures came from Krystal’s AM GON account which you can read more about HERE and see proof that yes, she actually ran that account despite her lying about it.

You can click any one of these pictures to make them larger. You cannot see Damien’s face but you can see his hands and in one of them you can see enough of the bottom half of his face to see his facial hair and chin and that’s how you can tell this is definitely him and not someone else. What exactly is my point again? Right…the dick picture. So…I don’t have a picture of that. Damien and Krystal got wise to the fact I was saving pictures at some point…which is weird because they also kept sending them as if they didn’t know I was saving them all but whatever. In any case, the dick picture was sent and I was so shocked to see it because that was unlike “Demyan” to do completely that I barely had time to save it before it was removed. It was up long enough for me to identify it as his dick though. How? All his fucking tattoos but even more than that…I’ve seen another picture of him in the same exact location/bed that the dick picture was taken. It was this picture specifically. [It should also be noted that the Damien account always removed pictures after they were sent nearly immediately any account I attribute to Krystal did not, denoting that it was more than likely not her running the Damien and Demyan accounts].


Now the thing about this picture is it was allegedly taken when he was sleeping by “Lex” but this could have easily been taken by himself and he just was pretending to be asleep. That doesn’t really matter. What matters is that in the dick picture the same color scheme/bed/couch…whatever he’s laying on is definitely in the background. Like, I very instantly noticed this. It may have been part of the reason the picture didn’t stay up so long (other than the fact that he didn’t want me to have a picture of his actual dick). However, the other red flag with this picture vs the dick picture was this picture was allegedly taken in another location. As in, when this picture of “Demyan” sleeping was sent to me it was supposed to be in a different location to where the dick picture was sent. Which trust me, my brain noticed immediately. Now, I didn’t get a chance to say anything to “Demyan” about it but I knew…I knew it had to have been taken in the same location based on what this room here looks like. There’s no way that wasn’t a picture of his dick and with how he was acting after he sent it (and how invested the Damien account was in finding out if I liked it) I can only imagine that it was Damien himself who sent it then started in with the dirty talk. Yes there was dirty talk and he was good at it not even going to lie.

Alright so what’s my point? Why bring any of this up? Well…what the fuck was this all about I guess I would ask. He’s with Krystal and her group right? Krystal is also allegedly fucking him I mean according to chat transcripts she’s fucking him, blowing him, he’s her “Daddy” crap like that. Now, considering how much she lies she could very well be lying about that I don’t really know. However, Damien himself was super fucking paranoid and shady when I confronted him and directly mentioned Krystal on his own before blocking me. This denotes they are partners of some type even if they are just friends. It was also the Damien account that fucked up bad enough enough to lead me to finding the personal accounts of at least three of these people. On top of that he sends me a picture of his actual own dick which was definitely his and in that bed and starts in with the dirty talk. Why? Why though? What’s the fucking point of this? It honestly screams that he wanted me to find out, he was actually getting off on talking to me, and that he likes me in some capacity. I’m not just saying this because I “like him” or whatever, I mean to be fair I do find him attractive at least physically (but it’s clear he’s a bit off in the head). The thing is that it’s pretty obvious if he was that into me that he sent me a dick picture there’s no denying what he can possibly feel about me even if it’s just lust (and I’m okay with that). The concerning thing is WHY NOT JUST ADMIT IT? Why not say something in your own defense?

The more I think about this, the more I’m convinced that whatever they are doing is highly illegal that Krystal probably has them in some situation they can’t get out of. There’s also source accounts I cannot find, like for the pictures of James, Josef, and a few others. Not to mention the fact that, seriously, honest to God it seemed like talking to different people. I’m not saying always all the time but I am saying it is in no way possible that Krystal, Brad, Jilly, and Damien did this all by themselves. I can tell they are literally ALL involved by this point since they all went on to block me instead of being helpful but this operation was massive. I mean MASSIVE. I know it’s not unheard of for people to make multiple accounts to some extent but we are talking running 20-40 blogs/accounts consistently enough that they didn’t seem to be suspiciously absent (at least not a lot). They were actively roleplaying, publicly (and good at it) as well as doing this Russian gangster drama BS behind the scenes. Not just to me but to countless others, a friend I have in real life, those idiots Gabe, Maxx, Duchess, and Ivy…there has to be some point to this other than “just for the lulz” and there’s no explanation as to why I got a dick picture from Damien and then all the dirty talk literally fucking none.

If all they were or are actually doing is fucking with people on the internet why not just say that? I’d be pissed because they dragged me into this garbage but I wouldn’t stop them. Why? I actually don’t care if that’s all they are doing I really don’t. The problem is that because they behaved this way, made up these fake stories, I got this dick picture, Damien very obviously led me to the personal accounts and then behaved the way he did…whatever this is seems far far more sinister than just pranking people on Tumblr but why? What is it? I have no actual clue. I’m only writing this down now because it’s on my mind and I don’t want to forget that it happened…maybe I’ll get lucky and someone else will come along and see it and have an answer. Maybe Damien himself will finally come forward and explain it. Though the vast majority of my time isn’t being focused on this anymore (as I see no point since clearly they just are going to lie forever) there are a few things I at least want to note before I move on. This is definitely one of them.

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