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Tattle Diary Entry #33: The Twins And The Double Down Lies

There is something else I wanted to mention about this whole Krystal situation that is completely bizarre. It’s the narrative they pushed about Brad and Jilly’s twins. Except the story they told was completely made up. Now, I don’t know if Brad and Jilly themselves were behind this bizarre story which from the start I immediately called BS on but…it was a thing that happened. Let me give you a bit of a rundown because it gets really complicated.

Brad was “Lex” or at least they were using his photos for the “character” or person I knew as Lex. At some point, late last year, the “Zane” account came to me and told me that some woman showed up at his house, pregnant. She claimed the kids were “Lex’s” and that she was having twins. I immediately was like ha ha whatever but they kept on pushing that this was real so I was like fine I’ll bite. Except, because I knew this couldn’t be real I kept pushing for pictures. I kept saying I eventually wanted to see these twins when they were born, all that, because I couldn’t imagine that they could possibly come up with pictures of babies (twins even) that looked like Lex and pass them off as his children.

The bulk of the story surrounding this was the woman was named Anushka. She was young and Lex had raped her. Her husband had kicked her out and told her not to come back until she got rid of the babies. She decided she wanted to have the babies instead. She was muslim as well because they were very insistent that muslim girls in that area were really easy to rape and get away with it. I did try to get pictures of this Anushka or even talk to her but they claimed she didn’t speak English or whatever. The point is, I was suspicious of all this from the start. Except, they actually doubled down on this lie and gave me pictures of these babies when they were born and the babies undeniably look like Lex, who at the time also went by the name Sasha. His “actual name” was always Aleksandr but he went by Sasha, then Lex, then Alex…Sasha is a common nickname in Russia with the name Aleksandr.

[Click to enlarge to see Damien on his account doubling down on this lie for some reason]

In any case…after I got the pictures I still tried to get someone to admit that they were lying. As you can see here, this was one of my more soft approaches where I’m saying “well I still mostly believe you but….” and try to kind of play it off like this is MY problem and MY issue and I mostly believe them like…how can YOU be faking this it’s SO REAL. Crap like that. Which they wouldn’t read in that tone of voice because it’s text but that was certainly my intent, to get someone to slip up. Now, Krystal and Damien have gone in and deleted the bulk of the Discord accounts which happened over night. Strange, seeing as how Krystal claimed that she only has ONE discord to talk to her son yet all of the accounts (almost) are deleted overnight after I write the other thing about the dick picture Damien sent me? Weird right. The funny thing is they don’t realize a few things:

  1. The hashtag number stays the same for the account despite the fact that it says “Deleted User” so you can still match the accounts to who they used to be especially since I saved all the names with the # identifier

  2. The conversations are all still there, so all it really does it make things more confusing but because I know who they are and can prove it…well they didn’t do much of anything.

  3. They know that long ago I exported the chat transcripts I needed to export. Everything IMPORTANT they ever said I already have, with time stamps, dates, and account names. They know this and they still decided way too late to do anything about it.

We have this situation where, for some reason, they were intent on making me believe this stupid story which I didn’t, about these twins, so hard that they literally used pictures of their own children. Now, it’s obvious that Brad and Jilly are fine with this because much like Krystal and Damien they ended up blocking me and not being helpful at all. Personally, if I was an actual victim to whatever they are claiming they are victims to, I’d be insanely pissed off that someone was using pictures of my babies for this. They don’t really seem to care. Jilly pretended to be concerned at first but went on to block me later, so did Brad. if this is the case these people shouldn’t really be allowed to have children. Like, what are they doing with them, why get me to believe this story using their children, why be okay with it? What’s even going on here? Given that they never asked me for money or anything like that it seems odd to add in this detail specifically and just be fine with it. Since it’s clearly a group of them doing this there has to be a reason. This isn’t just one lonely woman on the internet being a fucking weirdo this is a group and they are apparently okay with using their babies for sympathy points? They are clearly more concerned with this online drama than real life parenting? What is going on here?

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