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Tattle Diary Entry #34: Hiding The Truth In 1000 Lies [The Krystal Mather Method]

One has to consider a lot of things when thinking about what Krystal, Damien, Brad, Jilly and a few other unknowns managed to pull off (and continue pulling off) on a daily basis. As I’ve already covered on my main page about this topic and several other blog entries, the weirdest thing here is how intricate and insanely well planned this story was. Though I can definitely see points where I probably led them or gave them ideas on my own…most of this stuff was coming from their own minds. A lot of it that I would have or could have never come up with no matter how much of a “good writer” I am (or am not). For the record, I do not believe I’m some sort of epically good writer and I’m certainly not good enough to come up with what they had.

Though I am not interested in releasing the chats in their entirety for my own privacy reasons, if I could, you’d see what I meant. I am tempted to go through them bit by bit and pick and chose the backstories they gave to each other and how intricate and well established they were. I mean to an insane level that none of them ever needed to actually do to pretend to be these things they were claiming. I’ll give a run down of each person, persona, or character (whatever you want to call them) just so you can see what I mean.


Demyan: He was a Russian gangster of some type, except he really didn’t want to be involved in any of this. He did what he had to do to protect his brother Sasha/Lex/Alex whatever they were calling him. Demyan was kind to me, very kind, but only after months and months of trying to chase me away. Even when he was being “nice” he went above and beyond top level effort to disturb me and get me to leave again. Repeatedly. The exact opposite of any sort of catfisher. This behavior is more likely to repel a person than keep them around. Of course, because I knew I was in it for the long haul I knew I wasn’t leaving until I found the truth. I imagine this behavior would get rid of many others. He had intricate stories about his tattoos that matched his backstory. Things that are insanely inventive. I’m not saying no one could do this, lie about it, whatever, what I am saying is a crap ton of effort was put into this backstory to make it seem as authentic as possible. He also, on his own, displayed insanely realistic symptoms of being bipolar with PTSD. I don’t mean in the internet scammer way where they are in your face about it, I mean a very realistic way you’d have to notice. At one point he successfully faked aphasia which I’ve never seen any internet scammer attempt let alone pull off. A lot of time, research, and effort went into this “performance”.


Sasha/Lex/Alex: This one was insane as well. Very accurately portrayed schizophrenic. Once again, not in the way that it would be obvious or whined about. Something you just had to pick up on. The way this person wrote was unlike anything I’d ever seen before and as much as I’ve gone over his chat transcripts I’m not even sure I could duplicate it. Whoever was writing this person it was very unique to this person. Could it have been faked by someone else or could this person have also run another account? Certainly…but whoever was writing this guy was insanely good at being one of the most realistic schizophrenics with possible autism I’ve ever met. Incredibly authentic. Well done. He was also, allegedly, a twin (his twin brother had died at birth) and Demyan who was his older brother vowed never to let anything bad happen to Lex. There was even a subplot (which I entirely didn’t believe) about some other guy named “Kostya” coming back an he was Lex’s long lost twin, and a sex slave to Zane.

Zane: This guy was a complete psychopath. Knew exactly how to speak like one, act like one, would post pictures of mutilated animals all the time. Pictures that I on occasion tried to reverse image search and couldn’t find any actual source accounts for. That doesn’t mean that he took them himself but it does mean he was getting them somewhere other than random gore sites. This guy would talk in depth about how he got off on torturing animals, post these pictures, bragged about working in a slaughterhouse, bragged about raping women, bragged about watching gore videos for his porn. Once again, can this all be lied about? Sure. To make a personality this complex and accurate though, so much research, time and effort. It’s also a personality more likely to repel people than bring them in and in at least one case scared one of their targets so bad, if she even slightly thinks Zane is around she craps her pants and goes on a mass blocking spree. Catfishers, even the emotional kind, don’t tend to try to terrify people to this level. You could mark him down as a troll, or the group, but trolls don’t create these elaborate personalities and worlds for years on end just to prank people. Too much work, they get in and out quickly.


Nikolai: There’s no way to even explain how in depth and carefully crafted this guy was. He was the “saint” of the group, the old wise sage. Wise beyond his years. Everyone loved him and no one had anything bad to say about him. He was smart, calm, cool, collected. Nothing phased him. He seemingly didn’t belong in this group of criminals and was very out of place. There were times he seemed like he might be a red herring, he might be under cover police, he might be a mob boss himself. What brought them all crashing down was a video I got of him where the language he was speaking was Bulgarian [View Video Here]. I started to question why he’d never brought up he could speak that, to me, personally and what the point of hiding it was. This was when they started their mad scramble to keep the story together. Probably not thinking I’d be able to get it translated. In my chat transcripts with him there are over 30 thousand messages, and that’s only on Discord. That’s how consistent this story was. Demyan’s total to nearly 12 thousand.

Zakhar/Semyon: This guy’s story changed from vigilante who only existed to protect everyone to actual rapist/psychopath. There was a thing about how there was a “real” Zakhar who ran this murder group and was killed then Semyon took over and took his name as well. He was the leader of some sex trafficking gang. There was extreme attention to detail put into how they got their girls, and what they did with them. Whoever was on this account told me stories of graphic rape to a point where I’m wondering how they even came up with this shit. This includes a story about someone raping a woman in the eye, she was still alive after but she wasn’t “functional” so they had to mercy kill her. This guy was “good” then he was realistically bad. They were so incredibly consistent with their story and even character growth it was almost impossible to catch them in any sort of lie.

These are just five of the personalities I dealt with that were extremely intricate and willing to double down with “proof” at any moment to insist they were real and telling the truth. There were far more. Though I did suspect a crap ton of them were duplicates or not real there were so many that had been crafted to be as real as possible it was too much work, too much time, too much effort for just a prank. Too much for just emotional catfishing when they didn’t need to do about 75% of what they were doing in order to trick anyone. Maybe it wouldn’t have worked on me, but they in no way needed to put this much time and effort into me either to make me believe it. Especially when, at a certain point, it had to become clear I wasn’t believing it in the first place. There were so many points where I was insistent I didn’t believe X thing and stuck by it. Though I eventually dropped the issues to their faces you better believe I remember what every last thing in this was that was also clearly a bunch of crap.

  • The story about “Kostya” just happening to be a clone of Sasha and also Zane’s sex slave

  • The timing in which Miroslav, Tatyana, and Ruslan showed up.

  • How things were typed out to me the night “Sasha” vanished and it looked like he had been shot while typing to me

  • The twins, literally everything about the twins was always suspect up to and including letting me “choose their names”

  • The story about how the twins happened.

  • Toby’s death and the death of his daughter

  • The treatment of Kazimir by his parents and how easily Matvei just went to get him.

  • How they all just happened to know each other in real life and all happened to be in the same area of Russia

  • How Demyan just happened to know where Nikolai lived and how Nikolai just happened to know where Demyan was.

There’s more than this but the point is I was always painfully aware of these situations. I knew that something was wrong but it wasn’t nearly enough to actually call them on. It wasn’t ever enough where I could go to them and be like “I have this amount of proof that says XYZ is true” and I didn’t believe I could confront them until I had that level of proof. I kept collecting it, when they started to drop off one by one I started to export and save chats. I was keeping every shred of everything because I knew how quickly blogs could vanish and accounts could purge. I have been collecting this for a very long time, which they also knew. They knew what I did on this website. They knew my YouTube channel. They knew that should I find any of this out this would be the first thing I would do. Expose them. Do they want the attention? Seems like they don’t considering how quickly they were to turn tail and run but still…beyond all of that…this is so much incredible work and planning. There is nothing that I can really imagine anyone doing here for “fun” for any reason. The only motivating factor in this has to be illegal. Something illegal. Grooming girls to get them to go somewhere to be trafficked. Scamming people out of vast amounts of money.

There are some pictures of Damien and Krystal I’ve already shown (and you can even see on Krystal’s kids YouTube Channels) this woman has money far more money than just “getting benefits” from the government. There is some level of fraud here. Krystal constantly complained about being poor, not having food, starving, whatever. Yet she lives in a very nice house, crammed with stuff, thousands of dollars of toys for her children. They have multiple computers, tech devices (current) they have more toys than anyone that level of income (with a shut in mom who doesn’t work could or should have). Though child support might account for some of it…not to this level. Even if we ignore her…what about Damien? he has copious amounts of stuff. Though he does seem to be employed, it’s not like he’s making that much money and he has multiple kids of his own (who he doesn’t have custody of) which means he’s paying child support while working and also doing this? Why? Well the only actual answer HAS TO BE MONEY. What man with a real job, three kids, and a job would engage in any of this if there wasn’t some incentive. This is too elaborate for “boo hoo I need sympathy on the interwebs” and with the vast amount of shit he clearly has in his photographs he’s getting money from somewhere else.

Do I need to even mention what I’ve brought up thousands of times before? Their behavior. Their shitty fucking cover story about what happened here.

“Someone was pretending to be all of us to scam all of us no wait that person was actually you, you made all of this up by yourself, we don’t really know you, okay bye”

As I said a thousand times before if literally all they were doing was fucking with people online why put this much effort into it? Why do anything to this level? Why not just admit it? It’s not illegal to fuck with people online even to this mentally ill insane level yet their cover story on all of this is that I stole all their identities and pretended to be them then made this story up for my website because I found them at random on facebook? What? What sounds more likely…that I did all of that or they are hiding something sinister? Considering all of them have children…one wonders if it’s not something ultra sick like a pedophile ring. The massive problem here is that the stories they told, how good they were, how they behaved were too intricate. It seems a case of if you bury the truth in 1000 lies then it’s all going to sound like a lie. What the truth here is (and isn’t) is vastly up for debate. Without having the source accounts for Nikolai, James, and several others there’s no telling how many are actually involved, who they are, what they are doing, or how bad it is. However, the best lies contain a kernel of truth and this whole story, lie, myth, rumor…whatever is TOO well crafted to be entirely fake. Where does the truth lie? Will it ever be found? Possibly…but if they want me to say anything other than they are definitely criminals (only because the evidence does point to that) they need to speak up for themselves. The good thing about this is since Damien 100% led me to the source accounts himself, he wants out, and if that’s the case…this is going to crash down on them whether I do anything about it or not. I just wonder when that will happen and how many more people need to be a victim to this before it does.

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