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Tattle Diary Entry #35: The Vague Threats Continue [And Prove Me Right]

Damien has gone out of his way to threaten me on his new blog, the one that is obviously his. Now, I can link to the blog just fine but I can’t archive any of the posts or anything like that. Why? He has the blog set to private which means if you want to see it yourself you have to log in to Tumblr and have an account. Still, I’m not trying to lie or hide anything from anyone so you can click this link. You also have to scroll down quite a bit if you want to see what is there but I have taken screenshots anyway. Honestly, this is stuff that well I didn’t fake and don’t see why I would fake it because it’s actually ridiculous and it only proves me right and makes them look worse than they claim I do. I’m aware that they are baiting me, trying to provoke something, I’m not an idiot. However, I don’t monitor their blogs nearly as much as they clearly watch me. I know this because I only just found these posts last night, and considering how much I have to scroll down to see them (some of them) they must have posted some of this a week or two ago. I had no idea until now. The only reason I found it anyway was going back in to get an updated list of their blogs and to do that I had to skim to find how their network connected. Of course, this forced me into seeing some of these posts and here we are. In any case, let’s get started because really, what they are posting only supports my claims and makes them look shady as hell.


First and foremost is this screenshot of a conversation from literal years ago on Facebook. Which really only proves my point and the fact that when I said I talked to them on Facebook I talked to them on Facebook. Now, what I do want to point out is that the language settings are in Russian and this was definitely from Damien’s account (or Brad’s) the point is that it’s still in Russian. They also used to have their blog language settings in Russian and I mean on Tumblr. Not all the blogs but anyone who was pretending to be Russian had their language settings in Russian. As in, if you went to their main page they had things in Cyrillic and/or phonetic Russian not English. I completely agree an English speaker who knows literally no Russian could do this to pull a prank or something but, for one, it’s really fucking hard to navigate around if it’s not your native language and for two I now have proof that he also had his settings set to this on Facebook. Why do that if you don’t speak Russian natively? It would be a pain in the ass. I also don’t know what this snippet of conversation from 2 or 3 years ago is supposed to prove other than I once messaged them (him) on Facebook which I never denied and I also already openly claimed that they had fake Facebook accounts which proves me right again thanks to this screenshot Damien put up. It also has the hashtag “everything” which well what does that mean? It’s basically nothing honestly cause it only proves me right about the fact that he speaks Russian, that we did talk on Facebook, and that the account was fake and did exist at one point so he’s just giving me more proof to substantiate the claims I already made.

Moving on, there’s a bunch of vaguely worded “threats” like 14 year old girls would make. No, seriously. It’s the most passive aggressive teenage drama bullshit ever, that I guess is supposed to make me feel bad but really it just makes me more confused. Even worse, it seems they are trying to reinforce that I’m a liar and they are the victims or…something. The weird part about this is the accounts, all of them doing this, are private so like…no one would be able to see this unless they also had an account on tumblr as well as sign into that account so who is this for? Specifically me, I guess. Do they want me to post it here and expose myself? Do they get some satisfaction over thinking I’m pining over anything they have to say about me? I only just noticed this to begin with and they’ve been doing it for weeks so that shows you how much I care. Meanwhile, they definitely care because they won’t shut up about me even if it’s not specifically about me. I’ll show some examples down below, click any picture to enlarge.

So let’s deconstruct each one starting with the first image. The hashtag on the first image is “We didn’t keep anything did we? xD” well I don’t think they did. I mean it’s clear they kept that, but for one, as I’ve stated before I said a lot of stuff to fuck with them, I played a role they wanted me to play. I went into this trying to expose a lie. Everyone knows that, do they also not think at this point me stating that should indicate to them that I was lying a good portion of the time when I said anything to them? I guilt tripped them, outright accused them, manipulated them, monitored them…the point is that I played into it to the extent I had to in order to try to figure out what they were doing and what they wanted. I also, fully admit, that the only “truth” I had was what the proof indicated. They went out of their way to double down on the truth and make me believed it. I had no choice but to follow the evidence and come to that conclusion. Does it make me stupid? Maybe, but even when I found out that this was….at least partly a lie (because ultimately I don’t know what they are doing) I wasn’t shocked…it kind of made sense. I think they miss the entire part where I was PLAYING ALONG WITH THEM TRYING TO GET THEM TO ADMIT SOMETHING. Which is obvious at this point because I’ve explained my motives and they watch me so fucking hard they cannot be shocked when I say this I mean damn. They also know based on my chat transcripts with them and how many times I tried to get one of them to admit they were lying that I didn’t believe them.

In any case, enough on that tangent, the point is that I still don’t think they saved anything, at least nothing recent. So far all they’ve posted are things from years ago, and one of the things they posted isn’t even from my blog. I am not posting that one here because that person doesn’t need to be part of this, whoever they are, but they don’t even have the RIGHT evidence let alone stuff that makes me look bad. Now let’s move on to the second screenshot up there.

This one is of Damien’s character, someone named Talon who is an “Asexual assassin” and has some weird penchant for rats. He’s a total rip off of the Willard guy from that Willard movie with Crispin Glover because Damien has a boner for Crispin Glover. Honestly I’m amazed he went right back to the same character and muse and basically the same thing he was doing before, along with all the rest of them. As you can see on my scam page, they are just doing the same stuff they did before and immediately started over again. This does denote they put a lot of effort into this story (for some reason) so much so that they don’t want to start over and who does this if they aren’t being paid because it’s too elaborate to just do for fun. In any case, the second post I guess is supposed to be a threat but it’s not scaring me all that bad cause it’s just straight up stupid. Damien, sweetie, if you want to scare me you’re going to have to try a lot harder. Whatever let’s move on to the last two.

The last two were once again taken from a different blog that you have to be signed in to tumblr to view but here’s the link anyway. Now this is one of the many blogs in their network that is trying to convince people I’m a liar and/or convince me I’m a liar. I can’t tell if they are trying to make me think that I’m lying to them or what but…as you can see the first one is about all my lies really being about myself (which is a 5 year old mentality at this point) and the second one is hashtagged “without your lies you are alone”. Except for one, I’m not lying and for two even if I was I’d not be alone. I think it’s pretty clear I have a life outside of this. Right after I exposed them I went on vacation to a convention and I’m not completely lost without them. I will admit I am insanely confused as to what the point of this is but to act like I don’t do anything other than this is downright retarded. Hell, I wouldn’t even care this much if I had a damn clue as to why they were doing this or what they got out of it.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 2.39.11 PM.png

The weirdest thing in all of this is the screenshots that Damien posted from his old Talon account where he brought up the creepy guy in Vegas. Now, when that happened I did mention it to them, and they did insist that was an attempt to kidnap me. Because of the fact that Damien clearly speaks Russian and there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence to support that, and they were trying to get girls to go to Russia, well I can’t say what happened in Vegas. Was that creepy guy a random occurrence? Very possible. Did they actually send that guy? Also possible. Even if they didn’t send that guy and they are just using it to try to freak me out…well once again that isn’t helping. So, either they did send that guy and they want to remind me of that right now for some reason OR they are implying they could send a guy or…something. I actually don’t know WHAT posting that conversation proves against me. How does it prove I’m a liar? if anything it supports my claims they were involved in that to some capacity which once again only makes me sound like I’m telling the truth. Then of course we have all the other stupid vague posts which are clearly about me without directly using my name.

This behavior, not only is it immature and downright retarded, really only supports my claims. That they are shady people, possibly criminals, doing something wrong, are trying to intimidate/provoke me for some reason…something. As to why…I don’t know. Any time I try to contact them they block me so as much as they seem to want me to do something they don’t. Do they want to look bad? Are they aware that the story I’m telling and all the proof I have makes them look insanely guilty? That literally this makes them look like they could be sex traffickers? Pedophiles? Are they aware that my story which is far more coherent and logical makes them look like fucking rapists and scammers? Like…do they want that? Do they want to look this bad? Who in their right minds would? So in a way it denotes they want this attention but at the same time they are in such hardcore denial mode instead of telling the truth that it’s like…what’s the point?

Now, I’m well aware of what they have of me that could be “bad” but I’m not exactly afraid of it being posted. I suppose if I had my preference I wouldn’t want it posted but you know I admit that I was stupid and did stupid things in my overzealous attempt to try to get them to tell the truth. I full on admit that. However, even as bad as the “worst” stuff is, it’s still not terrible. As for anything else, well, like I said a million times before:

I got into this to figure out the truth. I played their silly game. I played into their fantasy. I was always aware it was a lie but I knew if I didn’t keep playing along I’d never come out with the truth. I manipulated them right back…maybe they thought they were winning, maybe they thought based on what I wrote it was the truth…I have no idea but I can say that I know what I was doing the whole time. I was hoping to hit a nerve, guilt trip them enough….literally anything to get them to slip up and tell me the truth. However, now I’m more confused than ever and the stuff they keep posting only reinforces everything I’ve already claimed about them. Is this what they want? It’s a weird push and pull struggle between “do I feed the trolls or do I stop?”

The problem is that this isn’t cut and dry trolling. They put so much fucking efforts into this, years worth of time and trolls don’t do that and even if they did for some reason they would have a massive party because they “tricked me”. They’d want bragging rights they’d want to rub it in my face they’d want some sort of victory dance on my grave because they thought I was “dumb”. The purpose of a prank even a cruel one is to rub it in the face of the victim once it’s over. Not….pretend to be the victim yourself then cry harassment and run off and do all of this. I don’t think I’m feeding trolls because I don’t think these are trolls. I think they are making money off of this somehow. I think they are using me to get sympathy to make even more money. I think this is far beyond trolling for the lulz and whatever they are doing is illegal. As to if I’ll ever get answers beyond these passive aggressive immature 5 year old tumblr statements…I have no idea but I can say that their behavior is really only proving me right. How have they not figured that part out yet?

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