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Tattle Diary Entry #36: There Is No Way Krystal Is Native To Australia [Proof]

Another thing that stands out with this whole situation, in my mind, is Krystal’s accent and the accent of her kids. Though she doesn’t sound Russian (because she doesn’t) her accent is definitely not Australian, not even close. It’s a mixture of Scottish and British primarily there is a tiny bit of Aussie there (like she’s been exposed to it as an adult) but native Australian? Not even possible. Especially if she was born and raised there. Even if I could believe that somehow she didn’t get the accent (which is improbable when you learn English in a country with such a strong accent) I don’t believe that her kids wouldn’t. We are talking about a situation where you are claiming to be native to a country, with a distinct accent, and you don’t have it? Like…at all?

Think about it. If you are born and raised in a country, any country, with a specific accent (Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia) anything like that, you will have that accent. Why? Because you learn english there. However they are pronouncing the words will be how you pronounce them. It’s pretty basic to know this. Now, I suppose she could just be not talking that way on purpose for some reason but she doesn’t have the accent despite living there. I also know she lives there because I have her address. I looked it up on Google street view and going by videos on the YouTube channel her kids have, that’s definitely her house and her kids. There’s no mistaking that she legitimately lives in Australia and in the house she says she lives in. Except, why don’t any of them have the accent if that’s the case? I’ve already established that Damien and Brad (or both) have to speak Russian fluently but this doesn’t explain Krystal or her accent.

Now, I can’t prove this as much as I want to because that would include linking to her kids on YouTube which I won’t do because not only are they minors they are clearly autistic and mentally ill. However, after reviewing what footage of her kids and house that I could find on YouTube I came to several conclusions…or at very least made a lot of observations.

  • None of her kids have anything close to an Aussie accent. Seems to switch between British, Scottish, and sometimes American. There’s not a hint of Aussie in there.

  • Her house is a mess. Mostly it’s just cluttered with objects to a point where it looks like it’s a literal storage unit of random crap and definitely not suitable for children to live in (especially not special needs kids).

  • Her children have a lot of expensive toys. They also all have their own YouTube channel and they do “unboxing videos” with mystery packages so either they are just randomly giving their address to strangers or Krystal is using them to get random gifts (another thing that indicates scamming)

  • They go to a special needs school (you can see this based on one of the videos her daughter put up where there’s some kind of event/performance)

  • Krystal is literally never in any of the videos with them you never see or hear her. Considering how young these kids are it’s really weird that she’s not ever joining them to make the videos (especially given that they are special needs) and she just lets them upload anything they want.

  • Some of the videos are really disturbing and make no sense. Like the ramblings of a madman made in some really bad flash editor.

Now, the thing here is that if you are born and raised in Australia or even just move there at a young age you should still have the accent. For instance, Costas Mandylor moved there from Greece when he was 6 years old. He speaks with an American accent now (by default think he prefers it) but you can still hear it there somewhat underneath some of his words. If you start to talk to him about Australia he can go into the accent super quickly (and I’m not even sure he notices he’s doing it). He moved there when he was six too…and he still sounds very strongly Aussie…not even on purpose of you get him talking about it. I’ve known others who moved there as children but you’d never know given that they learned the accent. Pretty much these people have no excuse not to have the accent unless they moved there.

Now, previously Kiah made the outrageous claim that Krystal wasn’t in Australia and she was Russian herself because her accent sounded “eastern European” which it doesn’t. It sounds nowhere near Russian. However, Kiah did bring up something about them possibly moving there at some point which I wrote off. The YouTube channels don’t go that far back either. If anything, given the mutt accent they have it seems they’ve lived in a lot of places not just one and Australia is the most recent place they arrived in. This denotes some sort of criminal activity in of itself because they are moving around a lot. One country to the next. Australia is also comparatively closer to Russia than a place like England or Scotland. She’s not a native Aussie no matter how much she wants to claim she is. What she’s actually doing, why her kids are getting mystery boxes and allowed free reign of YouTube I don’t know. It also seems unlikely she’d super easily get benefits from the Australian Government not being a citizen there so I doubt her income is government. I would go as far to say as whatever scams she is running online that’s a good majority of her income and how she’s taking care of her kids. She complained to me numerous times that CPS was on her ass for several reasons.

Even if all Krystal, Brad, Jilly, and Damien are doing are being mentally ill fuckwits online okay what about their kids? Brad and Jilly have a bunch of them (and they claim the kids are special needs). Krystal has at least 4 and they are very obviously special needs. It seems there’s gotta be a scam in here somewhere that also has to do with these kids being special needs. If anything, the 100% definite victims of what they are doing are the children. They are neglected in favor of this fantasy world, scam, or whatever else has been built online and for all we know it’s worse than that. If anything ever comes on it, I hope to god, it’s getting those children proper homes because they aren’t healthy where they are now.

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