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Tattle Diary Entry #37: The Red Flags Over The Years [With The Krystal Scam]

I mentioned plenty of times that there were a ton of red flags over the years with these people and that was always what kept me from truly believing everything that they said. I noted inconsistencies and minor problems but in the end, as many red flags as there were, it was never enough to outright call them on. I think that near the beginning when Kiah first said that it was Krystal on all of the accounts she got way more careful about not seeming like the same person from account to account. I also don’t think it was only Krystal the whole time (it doesn’t add up and the story was too elaborate and well handled for that to even be possible). I do have some theories that the others may have wanted to drop out (or take time off) for various reasons. I believe Brad and Jilly to be involved on purpose (and for awhile) but they clearly just had babies together so they’d have wanted to take time off. Now, why they didn’t just come clean then instead of using the twins in a weird fucking manner to further their nonsense story I have no idea. Anyway, here are several of the red flags I noticed over the years and why I could never fully be invested in this story….but also why it wasn’t exactly enough to call them on it outright.

  1. None of them could or ever would get on voice chat within the Discord channels. They would go into the channel to listen to “us” speak (by that I mean the people who clearly weren’t members of this scam) but never say anything themselves. They claimed they didn’t speak English. No idea why they’d want to hear us talk if that was the case but okay that was something I noticed.

  2. Almost all of the pictures they sent had some kind of instagram filter so while that was going on I was looking for source accounts. Now, I didn’t tell them I was doing this but I was always, always trying to find source accounts for the photos. They learned to crop and resize things to make them impossible to reverse image search so they already knew what they were doing.

  3. The Metadata was removed from all of the photos, to a high level, intentionally stripped. One of the programs I used to read Metadata indicated that this was definitely an intentional tampering and not just a general error. That’s an extra step to cover your identity.

  4. There was a point where I got the same answer to a question (and I mean word for word) between the “Nikolai” and “Demyan” accounts. This was months apart, of course, but it was striking enough that I noticed it and not only that I called them out on it immediately. It was written off as a “translation” thing and the answer wasn’t exactly uncommon or unique so I couldn’t exactly say both of them wouldn’t have the same answer to that question or it was impossible.

  5. The story about how “Kostya” was Lex’s twin brother, somehow, but also “Demyan” didn’t know him. There was a thing about how he always wore a bandana over his face and hair so no one could SEE him. When I demanded, several times, that someone just yank it off his face or something everyone refused. It was clear that this was a lie from the start and I honest to God drilled the shit out of Demyan over how much I didn’t believe this repeatedly but he wouldn’t bite. I never for one second believed that story but they absolutely wouldn’t come clean on it.

  6. The story about the Twins which I go more into detail here, it was ridiculously unbelievable and even at the time when I was told I explained to them how much I didn’t buy it. Still, they kept doubling down on it being true (and included photos) so what was I supposed to think?

  7. The fact that “Toby” was some magical tragic prince charming that was a victim to Duchess and whatever she was doing. Literally everyone in the “Russian group” defended the shit out of him and acted like he was the best thing since sliced bread.

  8. The fact that they initially were using different pictures of themselves, fake ones, but someone found the source account to at least one of these fake pics. It seems at that point they started to use real pictures of themselves and claimed that because they were “Russian” they initially had to hide their identity.

  9. “Nikolai” being fabulously wealthy above any of the others yet not having any means to travel where he wanted when he wanted. Not only that but he had an iPhone yet somehow could never video chat.

  10. The changing of spelling with Nikolai’s name because it started out as Nikolay…actually at first he was just Nick but that was his “American” name then it was Nikolay. Then I asked “Isn’t it usually spelled N-I-K-O-L-A-I” and a few months later yeah they were spelling it that way. Demyan’s original named was “Hunter” and Lex’s original name was “Buster” and there was a third guy named Lukyan who was originally named “Chase”.

  11. The very odd and convenient manner in which Miroslav, Tatyana, and Ruslan showed up and the very odd and convenient manner in which they “exposed” Demyan as being the “bad guy”. None of that added up from the start and was so coincidental I knew it had to be a lie but at the same time there was no way to prove it.

  12. How every last one of them knew each other in real life…somehow. At first it was passed off as “we all met in the same English class” which didn’t make sense at all. They also all could just get to each other’s houses all the time super easy.

  13. The fact that Lex at several points was homeless and without a car but could get to places hundreds of miles away from where he initially was (allegedly) I mean it’s clear at this point he wasn’t traveling at all. However, I asked repeatedly how he was doing that with no car, in the winter, in Russia and they claimed “hitch hiking” which I couldn’t exactly dispute either so I couldn’t call them on it.

  14. The fact that nearing the end the “plot” to a lot of this story mirrored famous TV shows like X-Files, Game Of Thrones, and other things which not only did I notice but I pointed out to them to see if they’d fuck up or say anything about. Didn’t work. They just pretended they’d never heard of these shows.

  15. The fact that Lex was cut off mid-sentence during a tense conversation where he may have been “shot”. I mean like literally the sentence was typed like “Why are they calling my—” in that fashion…which wouldn’t have come through if the Wifi was cut. Like you wouldn’t type that before the wifi was legitimately cut.

  16. The fact that none of them were ever in any pictures together other than Demyan and Lex. Like, I repeatedly asked Nikolai to get a picture of himself with Demyan, or Matvei, or Kaz, or all of them in a group. It literally never happened. There were also limited pictures of several of these people. I kept asking them for pictures with each other and they never came through on that but they all KNEW each other (allegedly) so I didn’t see why this was such a big deal.

  17. How cropped and weird the pictures always were. They went out of their way to crop and resize and flip images (obviously) and noticeably. Though they were convincing pictures for the story they were telling I did point this out as well. Why are they always like this? What are you cropping out? Why are you cropping them? things like that.

  18. The fact that all these murders/explosions/fires were taking place and I could find no record of them in the news when I did independent research. As in, there were a few times that I was told a building exploded (was rigged to explode) and when I looked up news in Russia for anything reported about an explosion…I found nothing at all. This is something that would have definitely been in the news.

  19. The fact that Zane at one point survived some kind of open bite wound where bone was exposed for a few months and they were telling me he had sepsis, repeatedly. Yeah, right. He’d have been dead. Not only that, the type of wound they were describing would have needed a skin graft which I brought up myself. Then magically somehow without going to a hospital they managed to give him a skin graft. Give me a break.

  20. The fact that Lex survived several thousand things without ever going to a hospital that no reasonable person could survive. Being shot, stabbed, beaten, maimed, you name it. Some of these things are certainly survivable without medical intervention but being shot in the chest isn’t one of them.

As I’ve proven with just these things, clearly I was aware something was off. These are just the things that I can recall off the top of my head. Now, I know people are wondering why I kept going along with it or why none of this was enough to just “call” them on it, right? Well, several reasons. They managed to set up the story well enough that…a lot of this behavior made sense and covered for their backstories. For instance, the lack of photographs of certain people. Since they were all “Gangsters” allegedly, having photos of them floating around was “dangerous” cause it could help people find them and they wanted to keep a private life. Then of course with the cropping and sizing of the photos I was told that they were trying to hide landmarks so people couldn’t figure out their locations. No matter what question I threw at them they always had a logical and reasonable answer.

I can’t tell you how many things I thought of trying to trip them up but any question I had, got an answer that I really couldn’t argue with. Not that I straight up 100% believed them but it was also to a point where I couldn’t push forward and claim it was a lie. I knew if I drove this home too hard (that I thought they were lying) that they’d stop talking to me and I’d never get to any sort of conclusion. Then, of course, because there was enough proof to at least say that this might be mostly true…I couldn’t not do anything. They were really good at proving their identities without proving it. Even more concerning is that the videos they sent of Nikolai matched…who he was. As in, whoever was pretending to be Nikolai either actually was that guy or knew him well enough to pretend to be him because the videos match (and I mean even when translated to English they still match his personality) so either they got insanely lucky guessing what this guy was like (and what he might say) or they actually knew him or he was literally part of this then left for some reason or another.

Now, I do think that this story was so good because portions of it were real. I cannot disprove a lot of what they said as much as I can’t prove it. They have gone back to the same exact behavior they displayed when I first met them as well, which denotes time and effort into this story for some reason. Considering I’ve already figured out that Krystal can’t be native to Australia and Damien has to be one of the Russian speakers it seems that they must have income in some other capacity. For one, it’s expensive as holy hell to move from country to country like they are clearly doing and for two, why do they need to move around like this if they are on the up and up. The weird thing is that once they were caught they went into straight up denial mode but if they weren’t doing anything illegal to begin with, none of this would be necessary. They were good at holding a story together for years until their true identities were found and now they are back to using memes to threaten me. I have no clue what this is or who these people were but sooner or later they will get caught and actual justice will be served.

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