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Tattle Diary Entry #38: More Evidence Towards Money Scamming [Krystal And Damien]

Now, I’ve already established that the new “Kirchemaus” blog on Tumblr is run by Damien given that it’s the same exact character he used to play when I first met him. Proof to this can be found on my main page with information about these people. Long story short, they went right back to the same scam they were running before. Even weirder they are now pretending to not at all be Russian, and talking about dropping huge loads of cash on a brand new gaming computer. As well as a car. Now, I get that you need to get a car that’s a necessity but a gaming computer? Considering I found out where Damien works because I got my hands on a photo of him in his work uniform…well I don’t think he’s making that much money. Not to mention he has a couple kids he’s more than likely paying child support towards yet he has this kind of money to drop on a gaming computer and a car at the same time? I’d link to the posts directly but I can’t since they made their tumblr’s private.

Let’s look at everything weird about this. For one, it seems he’s talking about dropping 4K on a gaming computer which you in no way need to do if you actually know about computers or gaming. I’ve built a very high end gaming computer myself for far less money and it was pretty awesome. So, either he’s an idiot (and he might be) or he just likes flashing his cash around. Maybe because he has so much of it he doesn’t actually care if it’s a rip off. No idea. The only reason the car can be ignored is the fact that people need cars, and quite frankly my car cost more to buy than his so he’s probably getting a piece of crap car. Either way, given his job and obvious situation he really shouldn’t have this much money to drop on a brand new gaming computer unless he has an additional source of income. Like, you know…online catfishing scams.

Then one has to consider that this is a lie because they are clearly aware that people are watching their stupid blogs now. Entirely possible, yet, at the same time, since my whole point in this has been that they are definitely money scamming people it would seem like a bad idea to brag about this sort of thing in public view even if it is a lie. The most horrifying part in all of this is that the Julixpriest blog is more than likely Krystal like these aren’t all different people. These are literally the same people on different accounts talking about this high end gaming computer purchase and Krystal in no way should have this amount of money or think this is a good idea. Nor should any of this really be happening given Krystal’s lack of a job and Damien’s more than likely minimum wage paying job.

It’s really just a bunch more evidence that they are making money running this weird scam, somehow, but it’s still very unclear how. Obviously, it’s more than just me watching them at this point. You think I’m the only one? Now that their blogs are public there are a few people who enjoy watching this train wreck as they want to know what’s going on too. It’s odd to me that they were smart enough to keep up such a complex lie for such a long time but dumb enough to go back to whatever this behavior is as if no one is going to be looking at them, especially now. More to come.

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