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Tattle Diary Entry #30: Analyzing The Krystal Emails [With Proof]

Okay so even though I’ve already put up all the screenshots of the email conversation with Krystal [Which you can find here] I want to go over some of the things she says, how they are phrased, and why this is suspicious or just entirely makes no sense. Mostly because there’s more information than what is simply here and I want to give a chance to tell my side of things as well. I will just be quoting the emails because it’s easier to do in a blog post but as I said the images are up just go to the link provided.

That’s up to you because I have nothing to hide. He doesn’t have a clue what you’re on about and neither do I. I don’t have time for games. And leave my children alone too. You’ll get done for that.
— Krystal Bowie [KrystalBowie@gmail.com]

This one is weird because I never threatened or bothered her children. Not once. I do think they are neglected and abused but that much is apparent because of how you can obviously see their gross house in the YouTube videos her kids put up. She lets them freely run their own YouTube channels (she’s never in any of them) and you can see based on how cluttered and trashed her house looks it’s obvious she’s really not taking that good of care of them. That being said, I’ve never once threatened her children. I have told her I’m going to call CPS because seriously this needs to be looked into but…she’s really not making sense on this topic at all. Still, “you’ll get done for that” what does that mean? Cause that seems pretty threatening despite me never doing anything to her children.

I don’t know other than someone who apparently wasn’t you asked me to prove I had a new friend and they didn’t believe me so I asked him for this image. So if that wasn’t you then they did a damn good job of pretending to be you. Leave him alone. I’m not saying it again.
— Krystal Bowie [KrystalBowie@mail.com]

This pertains to the picture I have of Damien with the hand written note. Someone, she doesn’t say who, didn’t believe she was friends with him, doesn’t say why, and so she asked him to do that picture. Does this even make sense? Why didn’t he question it? She also claims they don’t live in the same town and she doesn’t know him in real life. So why exactly would he take that picture for her for someone to prove to someone else that she “knows” him. Why wouldn’t he question it? Also he did this and then by random chance a scammer got it? Or the scammer was the one who asked Krystal for this photo? This “someone” is not anyone she ever names but if this story was anywhere near true she’d know exactly who asked her to prove it as to why he did this for a woman he allegedly didn’t know in real life to prove anything to anyone I have no clue. That doesn’t make sense either.

Sweetie...I have an email I sent you months ago when you asked to read my screenplay. So...someone gave me that Email address to read my screenplay that wasn’t you? And you got a screenplay in your email at some point and didn’t think “Huh it’s weird that someone is doing this” oh right and someone sent me 100$ via paypal with THIS VERIFIED EMAIL ADDRESS so....you also aren’t concerned that someone, hacked your paypal to do that? Seriously? This is what you are saying right now. That someone, told me months ago to send a script using this address and also sent me money to pretend to be you and you have no idea what this is? That’s what you are claiming?
— Me On My Alias Account
Must have went to spam. As for the money someone told me you needed it and since I thought you were a nice person I sent it using the email they gave me. I only have access to one discord and it’s for chatting with my oldest son. Whatever you think you have, you don’t. If anyone comes here I will happily show them whatever fb messages him and I have sent, nothing pertains to you. And they can see, the messages only begin a couple of months ago, not years.
— Krystal Bowie [KrystalBowie@mail.com]

According to this part of the story she claims that someone came to her, once again doesn’t say who, and asked her to send me money and she did it because she thought I was nice. She never once clarifies who this was, by the way, she just keeps vaguely wording stuff. She then claims this same person came back and asked her for $200 dollars, still won’t give a name, and says that she “got spooked” so she just deleted all of that. However, later she admits that we “used to be friends” but when this happened she didn’t think to contact me, warn me, ask me if this was me, anything like that? She just…wrote it off as no big deal because whatever and deleted everything because she got spooked? Does this sound like anything a normal person would do? For any reason? She would give someone else money for a friend who didn’t directly asked because a stranger asked? Who does this? Why? What possesses anyone to do this and then not question why their friend didn’t ask themself? The answer is, because it’s a lie and it never happened that’s why.

Because I got rid of that stuff when they creeped me out after they asked me for 100$ which I did send, they later came back asking for $200 which I didn’t have and I got weirded out thinking they might keep asking for more and more. So no, I didn’t think to keep it because I got spooked. Now you’re saying it wasn’t you and it bothers me, but you’re attacking me instead of listening to me. They called themselves letha something so idk what more to tell you. I would never so this to anyone, or put my kids in harm’s way because I love them. I’ve never hurt anyone in my life, Kiah went all weird on me just because I was “too nice” to her and sent her things and now it feels like you are too. It doesn’t seem fair.
— Krystal Bowie [KrystalBowie@mail.com]

As you can see here she openly admits to not being able to prove this, probably because it didn’t at all happen this way. This is also where she openly admits to knowing Kiah, the first girl who accused her of being a scam artist, and then throws in a phrase like “I was too nice and sent her things” and that this isn’t fair. All she ever did was be “too nice” and now people hate her. First of all her initial story holds no actual water and she can’t prove any of it happened or even give a name as to who asked her for money on my behalf but she didn’t think to bother to even ask me or inform me of this before sending the money. Literally this would be the scenario she’s trying to claim happened:

Random stranger she doesn’t know: Hey so your friend who use to be your friend Monica needs 100$ dollars you should send it to her
Krystal: Okay I’ll do that and not ask any further questions about this or bother to contact Monica even though I know how because I’m friends with her right now. I also won’t save any of this and I’ll do what you want.

Does that sound plausible to anyone? Unless this woman is insanely mentally ill to a point of actual retardation this in no way should have ever worked on anyone. She’d literally have to be the dumbest person on the planet to fall for this, or she thinks I’m the dumbest person on the planet and I’ll believe this makes any sort of sense. She’s also getting upset for “attacking” her instead of “listening” acting like I’m being the irrational one here when I have more than enough proof, dating back years, that connects her to all of this anyway. Seriously? This is how manipulating abusers talk…not how normal innocent people talk and this story makes zero sense from a logic standpoint.

She also says things that denote that she definitely did something wrong she just knows that I can’t definitively prove it stuff like:

Can’t prove it’s mine, can’t prove it isn’t. Need another prompt here.
— Krystal Bowie [KrystalBowie@mail.com]
And you can believe what you like. I got my proof in real fb chats, all you have is weird stuff from alias accounts.
— Krystal Bowie [KrystalBowie@mail.com]

How does she know what I have though? That’s the key here. She says that all I have is weird stuff from alias accounts. Plural. All I showed her was her account, the one “AM GON” account. Yet she seems to know everything else I have? How would she know? If she wasn’t directly involved in this how would she know this stuff? The point is she does know. She knows that what she and her friends did was make a bunch of fake accounts to scam people. That’s why she said that. It’s pretty obvious. Also, you can delete facebook messages and even if you couldn’t you can make fake accounts and have other conversations on those, which she most certainly did. Several of her friend accounts vanished after I confronted her as well…accounts more than likely run by Demyan and Brad. Things like that. This looks like she’s been trying to build a solid case against me with them for months and if she’s completely innocent why would she need to do it?

Also, she repeatedly brings up “I’m asking around to other people and they have things to say and show me” yet she won’t tell me who these people are, what they have to say, or even attempt to prove it. Meanwhile, the whole time she’s demanding I leave Damien alone, speaking for him, and acting like a complete and total nut job. Her story goes from her not knowing who I am, to admitting to us being friends, to meeting Damien on a chat group and messaging him first to him messaging her…the point is that her side of the story makes no sense. She’s utterly unconcerned that someone did any of this…both her and Damien (when confronted) are like “well shit happens” and then Damien eventually changed his version of events to me, myself, personally, making up this entire thing to frame him, Brad, Jilly, and Krystal. Yeah so according to them what happened was I somehow found their Facebooks like 2-3 years ago, invented this whole story, set up all these discord accounts and chats myself, chatted to myself for months just to later frame them for some reason? That’s their version of events.

My version of events: They are a group of scammers trying to do something and are now lying.

Occam’s razor dictates the simplest explanation is the correct one and my explanation for what happened is far more simple and plausible than whatever they are trying to claim happened. I’m also very open with my evidence what I said and what I did. They crop things out of context, continually change their version of events, and refuse to help me figure this out at all more than likely because they know they are lying and got caught. What I don’t understand the most is why not just admit it, because if all you did was “trick” me and other people it’s not illegal. However, their behavior denotes they did something way, way, worse than that and this is a coverup. Decide for yourself.

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