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Tattle Diary Entry #31: Right Back To The Scam [And Threats]

A couple night ago I was sent an email via the contact form on my website that directed me to Maxx’s blog to let me know she was “talking to people who knew me very well” to threaten me I guess. Well, that turned out to be not true? True? I mean I actually don’t know but Maxx has a history of going on insane rants about me already so I’m not too worried about what she is telling anyone. I mean I’m sure it’s a lot but she was doing this way before now and I just ignored it and I will continue to ignore it. When that didn’t work one of them decided to blame things on my ex…from a while back. Now, I don’t like him cause he’s a fucking moron but I’m also not too scared of what he says about me because….yeah he’s a fucking moron. Once again, if he wants to run his mouth then fine? It’s still not something that is going to effect my day to day life. They claim he’s giving out my personal information yet I also can’t see why he’d suddenly take their side (he didn’t take it back then and though he doesn’t like me either it seems weird he’d just randomly take their side). I suppose he could be part of this cause he also lives in Australia but it seems unlikely. In any case if he wants to contact me and explain himself he knows how. So let’s just start with all of that which isn’t nearly as stupid as the fact that they literally started the scam up again a few days after I called them out on it in the first place.

The ironic thing here is that if someone hadn’t sent me the e-mail about Maxx I wouldn’t have ever went to look at her blog. I wasn’t worried, don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see what amusing insane shit she was posting about me for a good laugh as that’s what I usually do when it comes to Maxx. It’s when I caught all of the other blogs and it’s super obviously them. Hell, one of them is the original URL from when they first started this scam.

Now, it seems to me that if they weren’t doing anything wrong in the first place, I mean beyond just fucking with me and other people, why not admit that? They also both know I hate Maxx and Gabe with a passion so why not tell me they are just fucking with Maxx and Gabe which for one, I’d totally believe, and for two…I wouldn’t even try to warn them because I hate them so whatever. Except, they haven’t done any of that. They have tried to claim they are victims of identity theft. They have then tried to claim I made up this story all by myself and need mental help. Now they are blaming my ex and Maxx? What exactly gives here? Why go back to it this quickly? Maxx and Gabe can’t be part of this directly because they are insufferable and no one would really want to spend much time alone with them. Not to mention, write with them, look at them…so the point is that they seem to be targets. There are posts like this on the new Damien blog too:

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 9.35.05 PM.png
List of some of the scam blogs

List of some of the scam blogs

I can’t link to that because they set their blog to private so that you have to be signed in to view anything mostly because they know that means I can’t link anyone to this post or archive it so you’ll just have to take my word. Yet, they are right back to their exact same characters, personalities, and the first two targets they were working on before. It means they must be getting something out of it, and these girls are being targeted for a reason. What that reason is, I don’t know, but they must need to accomplish whatever this is fast if they are this desperate. The thought of Maxx and Gabe being in on the scam with them makes no sense given that…well scammers are supposed to be charming and nice not the most insufferable fuckwits you’ve ever come across so I can’t imagine they are part of it. Think they are just idiot morons brainwashed into thinking whatever Krystal and her crew want them to think. Which really begs the question of who the hell sent me that thing about Maxx.

Then we have the problem (and I use that word loosely) of one of the the roleplayers returning to claim they are annoyed by spam in their email. See, there was this huge email chain of names in a group email we had dating back to last year. Krystal’s name was in it as well. In any case…they suddenly log onto it right now after about a year and are annoyed by the “spam”. This is weird because when everyone vanished the first time I kept spamming those accounts asking if anyone was around. No answer. Except now this person is annoyed by “too much spam” just now? They can’t possibly use this email as a regular email or they’d have been annoyed way before this point. Also, when I linked them to the information about the rest of the group being a scam they just shrugged it off. This indicates that it’s Krystal or one of her minions once again trying to throw me off track or something. I have no idea. The point is they are right back to doing the same thing with the same or similar blogs after only a few days. Krystal also launched a bullshit privacy complaint against the video I put up. Even YouTube was like “yeah this is probably BS” in their email to me then later approved the video after a MANUAL REVIEW for monetization. Seems that it won’t be coming down basically ever unless Krystal or one of her idiot groupies decides to tell the truth.

The point in all of this is their behavior is still really suspicious and it seems as though whatever they are getting out of this might be important because they started again so quickly. Is it money? Are these girls intended trafficking victims? Both? What is this? Why did they go right back to it? Why did they make it so obvious? Why does no one in this group have any ability to think for themselves and review evidence? What is the point of this and why are they acting this way? It' only makes them seem more criminal. Not less? Why would they want to frame me for all this or even NEED to if they weren’t doing something considerably fucked up? The answer is that I don’t know, care, or intend to find out. I’m pretty much done talking about this unless something significant happens and I believe my scam page on this specific thing shows enough proof. If any single one of them wants to come to me privately to clear their name they know how. Otherwise, everything stays as it is and I will move on with my life. They really need to move on with theirs and get some mental help. Especially Krystal.

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