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Tattle Diary Entry #27: Just Because It Didn't Happen TO YOU Doesn't Mean It Doesn't Happen

Here’s a good example of another problem I constantly run into with fannibals, especially baby fannibals. The absolute denial that anyone in their fandom is mean because they personally have never experienced anyone being mean. Now, typically this is seen when it’s new people to the fandom not people who have been there since season one. I’ve learned, from experience, that the newer someone is to the fandom the nicer they get treated because the fannibals want their numbers to go up so they can get their season four.

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Tattle Diary Entry #26: The Absolute Delusion Of The Fannibals Continues

My previous post on how the Hannibal fandom went crazy triggered a bunch of fannibals into throwing a tantrum but no one worse than V.Iersel_ on Instagram who had such a shit fit I had just had to write about how triggered she got and why her behavior 100% proves everything I’ve been saying about these people all along. They are a cult and this, once again, proves it.

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Tattle Diary Entry #21: Katie Dalton's Delusions Debunked [With Proof]

Katie Dalton has been harassing me online for 5 years now. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it seemed like she also didn’t ENTIRELY make up her complaints about me. Here, I will go through one of her MANY blog posts about me and explain, with proof, why basically everything she says is wrong and in some cases, dreadfully uncalled for.

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Tattle Diary Entry #20: Monica Morais vs Reality

The Fannibals (like Monica Morais) will openly preach about being against negativity, harassment, and bullying but this only applies if you are on their side, agree with what they want without question, ship the right things, and like the right people. If you don’t baa with the rest of the family like a good little sheep you are subject to this level of harassment and sometimes for years just because you dared to have a mind of your own.

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