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Tattle Diary Entry #33: The Twins And The Double Down Lies

One of the most puzzling things Krystal and her crew did was double down on their lies so hard they used pictures of their own actual children. Jilly and Brad seem utterly unconcerned that their babies were used to push this narrative and sent me a crap ton of pictures….but why? Why be this elaborate and why did they even care how much I believed them just for a prank? Here I include the pictures they sent me to convince me it was real but the only remaining questions are WHY did they do this and can they possibly be suitable parents?

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Tattle Diary Entry #32: The Damien Dick Picture

Damien himself sent me a picture of his dick and it has to have been him because not only did I recognize his tattoos but I also recognized the room it was in. This really leaves me to wonder what his feelings towards me are and why go through all of this to act like a shady fucking douche the moment you were caught if you aren’t doing something considerably illegal.

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Tattle Diary Entry #31: Right Back To The Scam [And Threats]

Krystal and Damien are back to scamming after sending me a few oddly worded non-threatening threats. Literally back on the same blogs with the same characters targeting the same people and doing the same thing. Now if this is all just a joke on me, why not admit it? They look extremely suspicious but I’m really done with this. I think I have more than enough information to establish my point.

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Tattle Diary Entry #30: Analyzing The Krystal Emails [With Proof]

I’m going to analyze some of the wording in Krystal’s emails and her overall story of what happened. That story being “Someone for some reason stole all of our identities at random and pretended to be all of us to trick all of us because reasons” which seems way less likely than you know, them all being in a group scam and lying about it because they got caught. That’s just me. Review the evidence for yourself.

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Tattle Diary Entry #29: Was Damien A Pawn In Krystal's Game? [New Theory]

I think it’s possible that Damien was coerced into participating in this by Krystal and the reason he warned me was he wanted out. It’s even possible he had feelings for me or at very least gained enough empathy to want to help me feel relieved instead of stressed out all the time. If that’s the case I can’t really hate him too much and I hope he can get out safely even if he doesn’t ever talk to me again.

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Tattle Diary Entry #28: The Russian Tumblr Scam Part Two

It seems the two main perpetrators of this Tumblr/Russian scam are two people from Australia named Krystal Tyler Bowie and Damien Georgie Mills. However, nothing explains why they kept trying to get people to go to Russia, why they continued to do this with or without me reacting to it and why they gave up right now. This was such a massive operation on their part it couldn’t have been handled by only TWO people but…for every answer there’s three more questions. I will keep investigating.

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