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Tattle Entry #24: The Randomly Discovered Sex Trafficking Ring

The whole reason I’m telling this story and what I know (or at least part of it) is to show you can never know who you are really talking to on the internet. You can’t trust people either. Also, there’s a crap ton of easy girls to prey on over on Tumblr and that’s not even really all that shocking since I’ve seen this happen time and again (mostly with money scams). I am putting this here so people can realize how easy it is to be fooled, conned, cat fished, and scammed themselves. Though I’m unlikely to fall for anything to that level, I can say with a few of these people I had no actual clue how bad they really were until it was far too late. Some of them, at certain points, I would have trusted enough to go and visit at least…where would that have left me?

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