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Tattle Diary Entry #42: Former Game Player Steps Forward Exposes Krystal Completely

A former member of Krystal’s scam group steps forward and confesses a few things which leads me to figure out why Krystal is doing this and how she’s making money from it. It will probably never be stopped but at least now the method and information is out there for people to be warned especially if they ever search up her name to see how legal it is.

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Tattle Diary Entry #41: Krystal Attempts To Scam Me Again [Not Falling For It]

Krystal tried to trick me into thinking she was completely innocent. Again. She must be desperate to shut me up if this was how she was going to try to do it. Gabe (M. Thomas Wilson) was implicated as the ringleader instead (she’s not) and Maxx, whoever she is…is still just an idiot but somehow part of this mess. This is really all I need to support Krystal and Damien (as well as Brad and Jilly) are behind this and it’s gotta be criminal if they are trying this hard to make me forget.

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Tattle Diary Entry #40: The Jaime L. Purr [ill-skillsgard] & How Tumblr Scams Work

After a very unfortunate run in with a baby Jennifer Cornet like scam artist who goes by the name Jaime Purr, I realized what the formula is to start your own scams and sex cult in just about any fandom you want because for some reason people fall for it all the time. Here I compare Jaime too Jennifer and have the stunning realization that pretty much this is the easiest way to make money on Tumblr EVER so it’s probably why every narcissistic psychopath in the universe is doing it.

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Tattle Diary Entry #39: All Eyes On Me [Krystal & Damien's Obsessive behavior amuses me]

I’m not sure how Krystal Mather’s and her gang went from being insanely smart to utterly retarded but it’s clear something happened and they lost the actual smart person in the group. However, this behavior is highly entertaining so can you blame me for watching them crumble from what they once were to where they are now?

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Tattle Diary Entry #38: More Evidence Towards Money Scamming [Krystal And Damien]

Somehow, for some unknown reason, Damien and/or Krystal suddenly have 4 grand to drop on a high end gaming computer. Seems really suspicious for unemployed (or minimally employed) losers who do this shit on Tumblr if they aren’t making money illegally on the side. Just more proof to substantiate my claims that they are definitely scam artists, or worse, and they aren’t even that smart about it.

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Tattle Diary Entry #37: The Red Flags Over The Years [With The Krystal Scam]

Here are several of the red flags in the Krystal scam story I was aware of over the years but also why I couldn’t directly call them on it. They were things that were blatantly obvious and I never forgot (a lot of which I never even told them behind the scenes). They may think in their minds I completely believed them but in reality I was always ALWAYS trying to investigate the claims they were making because contrary to what they think, I’m not that stupid or gullible.

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Tattle Diary Entry #36: There Is No Way Krystal Is Native To Australia [Proof]

Krystal and her family are not native to Australia. Though they don’t have Russian or eastern European accents it’s obvious they have moved around a lot and Australia is just their newest home. Here I discuss, with proof, why it’s pretty apparent that Krystal is running from country to country to hide, but what she’s hiding from…I don’t have any clue.

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Tattle Diary Entry #35: The Vague Threats Continue [And Prove Me Right]

Damien is posting what he thinks is proof against me on his blog but really the evidence he’s posting proves me right and makes then all look even worse than they did before. As to what the point of this is, I have no clue, but they are definitely making me seem like the truthful party while reinforcing they are just shady criminals and liars so I’m actually pretty grateful they are this stupid and continue with their nonsense.

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Tattle Diary Entry #34: Hiding The Truth In 1000 Lies [The Krystal Mather Method]

The massive problem here is that the stories they told, how good they were, how they behaved were too intricate. It seems a case of if you bury the truth in 1000 lies then it’s all going to sound like a lie. What the truth here is (and isn’t) is vastly up for debate. Without having the source accounts for Nikolai, James, and several others there’s no telling how many are actually involved, who they are, what they are doing, or how bad it is.

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Tattle Diary Entry #31: Right Back To The Scam [And Threats]

Krystal and Damien are back to scamming after sending me a few oddly worded non-threatening threats. Literally back on the same blogs with the same characters targeting the same people and doing the same thing. Now if this is all just a joke on me, why not admit it? They look extremely suspicious but I’m really done with this. I think I have more than enough information to establish my point.

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Tattle Entry #24: The Randomly Discovered Sex Trafficking Ring

The whole reason I’m telling this story and what I know (or at least part of it) is to show you can never know who you are really talking to on the internet. You can’t trust people either. Also, there’s a crap ton of easy girls to prey on over on Tumblr and that’s not even really all that shocking since I’ve seen this happen time and again (mostly with money scams). I am putting this here so people can realize how easy it is to be fooled, conned, cat fished, and scammed themselves. Though I’m unlikely to fall for anything to that level, I can say with a few of these people I had no actual clue how bad they really were until it was far too late. Some of them, at certain points, I would have trusted enough to go and visit at least…where would that have left me?

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