The True Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom

Rotem Rusak

Rotem RusakFreddie LoundsComment

Rotem Rusak is pretty much the definition of a delusional fanatic. She has several other horror stories written about her across various fandoms and even rumors that she is part of the Columbine fandom (or previously was). Rotem devotes her time to stalking Hugh Dancy from the show NBC Hannibal and is one of the man Fannibals who has been deemed incredibly psychotic and dangerous. Since she doesn't seem to want people to see what I have to say about her I'm presenting it again, due to popular demand. 

OK Cupid Dating Profile (archive link)
Weird YouTube (and if she decides to remove videos we have already downloaded them so we'll gladly post them anyway)
Tweet about attending a topless show with a 45 year old and seemingly predatory woman named Nickie Michaud Wild
Weird Vimeo Account
Tumblr Account
Twitter Account
LinkedIn Account
Facebook Page
Photobucket (Archive Link)
Specific Post About Stalking Hugh (archived here)

Rotem also cosplays, so much so that she made it onto Getty Images. It seems that her life is entirely devoted to fantasy and she can't seem to escape it. In reality she's pretty much a Jewish American Princess using her parents' bank account to fly to Europe twice a year in order to meet up with the fannibal cult at an event called Red Dragon Con. Probably where she also has her sex orgies with Nickie Michaud Wild. She's not that smart. She uses her legal name for everything and her screen name for everything, except tumblr where she is known as The-Winnowing-Wind.

I'd advise avoiding this thing at all costs.