The True Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom

Lauren Skaggs

Lauren Skaggs, Tattle StaffFreddie LoundsComment

Other than statements from my sources I also personally witnessed what happened to Lauren Skaggs. It's awful. Though there isn't much solid information on this poor girl and where she is now we do know that she's in a bad situation and we hope that maybe one day she can get out of it.

In season 1, TC found an artist named Lauren Skaggs AKA "TheTuxedos". Lauren would have been 17 at the time considering what her age is now. TC back then was around the age of 27 or 28 (if she's even telling the truth about that but we think she's far older than what she claims). In any case, TC started to pressure Lauren to do art for her as well as sexually role play. It is unclear how quickly they got into the sexual role play but considering the fact that TC was overly protective of Lauren and her role play blog in season 1 (UniqueCocktail) it seems that's when this all started. Lauren would do art for her, for free, in exchange for exposure (at the start) because as I mentioned TC is very good at convincing people her site was popular because Bryan Fuller followed her on Twitter (As well as a man named Rick who worked for the production company) so she MUST have had connections.

Though TC was fond of using the word "Commission" she never actually paid Lauren for anything. What she did was promise her things. Most notably she promised the girl a job at NBC. An official job. Something she couldn't even get herself, so I have no idea how she convinced Lauren she was going to get her one. When I first started talking to TC in season 2 she was overly protective of Lauren and jumped down my throat for a fight I had with a group of role play blogs a year ago (that Lauren got involved with). At the time I had no idea that UniqueCocktail was Lauren, all I knew was that the person behind that blog was a jerk getting into a fight that had nothing to do with them because they were in a clique and couldn't think for themselves. It should have been obvious, back then, that Lauren was a naive little follower considering her behavior during that attack.

TC was incredibly obsessed with Lauren but was very hesitant to use her name. Ever. At least her real name. Most of the time when her name was used, or A name was used it would be Tux/Chilton. TC forced Lauren to role play for her as Chilton and I suppose Lauren only agreed to it thinking that she was going to get a job with NBC. I don't know. She was young and stupid and still kind of is stupid but she's also been brainwashed.

My first contact with Lauren was over Skype voice. A conference call, where she wasn't allowed to talk. TC made her type her responses. At the time the excuse was that she was "shy" but I later found out the actual truth was she wasn't allowed to talk to me specifically. I've never actually heard her voice. However, several members of the staff (and previous friends of Lauren) will report a different story about shyness. My friend Sam talked to her on several occasions and they became friends. Lauren gave her some painting tutorial lessons as well. With how much Lauren seems to be a social butterfly with everyone else it's clear to me TC just had her on lock and she wasn't allowed to speak to me specifically. Lauren, being the spineless girl she is just listened. Any communication I had with Lauren was severely monitored by TC and all my messages to Lauren had to be approved as well as Lauren's messages back to me. Though I wasn't ever anything but nice to this girl, TC had her convinced I was some sort of demon and I mean since before she ever met me.

In October of 2014, Lauren took a trip to meet TC out in "Chicago". I use that in quotes because that's where TC says she lives but she actually lives in a nice suburb north of there, but seeing as how the character she believes she is, is from that area of course she's going to say Chicago. It's funny to me she thinks anyone actually believes this if they know her P.O Box address which is in the same suburban area. Not Chicago.

Though me and my friend Sam tried to get her not to go, she wouldn't listen. At the time she was claiming that she knew TC was a liar and couldn't actually get her a job at NBC but she did have connections and now Lauren had the same connections and she didn't want to lose them so she was going. When Lauren arrived at the house (and keep in mind she had never seen TC's face at all. Lauren drove with a girl named Roxy to this house having never seen what the woman looked like) TC wouldn't recognize her as a female or as who she was. She was either called Tux or Chilton (mostly Chilton) and instantly sexually harassed. When Lauren refused to kiss her or cuddle with her, TC would throw a huge fit, sobbing like a child.

Over her time there, Lauren reported being made to do art almost 24/7. TC never wanted to leave the house unless she was with Lauren and they were driven to a place. I don't think TC drives or even owns a car so Lauren became her personal driver (and art slave). Rumor has it TC even made them drive out to a house from ANOTHER Fandom (American Gods) to just hang out there and look at it to prepare for entering a second fandom when the show airs in 2017. TC would also beg Lauren to buy her things from the store, and if Lauren refused she'd throw a tantrum like a child.

Within the first two weeks, Lauren had spent 200 dollars just on gas money to drive TC all around the area (and in Chicago) but it was the only way TC would let her leave the house and she was sick of being cooped up in there all the time. Lauren reported being extremely uncomfortable with the level of physical and sexual contact that TC was demanding of her for the first two weeks. If I recall correctly there seemed to be a time when Lauren wanted to go home and very badly and then suddenly, everything was just okay.

Though the trip was supposed to last two weeks it ended up lasting a month. During the corse of her time there, Lauren posted a picture that kind of bugs me as I don't really know the circumstances behind it but considering the large age difference between TC and Lauren it's fairly creepy:

When Lauren finally did come home, she seemed very upset and was not talkative. We don't exactly have any idea what actually happened to her beyond the complaints she had in the first two weeks of staying with TC as she seemed to "mellow out" quite a bit after that. When she returned home her Mother reportedly wanted to call the police and her brothers wanted to go find TC but she wouldn't allow it. Lauren spent (reportedly) over a thousand dollars on that trip which was never reimbursed much like the other thousands she spent going to SDCC and doing everything TC told her to do at those conventions.

When she attended SDCC earlier in the year of 2014 it was under false pretenses. Allegedly TC found someone to make fake tickets, hooked Lauren up with Rick (The guy who runs the production company twitter) and got her in that way. If Rick knew the tickets were fake or not, we are unsure, but seeing as how Rick is extremely shady himself it's possible he knew all along. It's important to note that at this point in time Lauren looked like this:

Nearing the end of 2015, Lauren reportedly quit her job (a job someone told me she was calling a dream job) to move out to Chicago. A source tells me at first she was most definitely not living with TC but it appears she quickly ran out of money and had no other option. A few sources report to me giving her money when she begged for it to try to avoid her becoming roommates with that woman. Seeing as how I'm 99% sure TC takes all the money Lauren earns there was no way she was holding onto her donations for very long. Lauren also "borrowed" money from several people which she never paid back. She was prone to begging people buying her art to help support her. The money just ended up going back to TC who more or less believed it was her own money.

Even though when she returned to her house in November of 2014, Lauren was saying that she hated TC, would never go back, and that there was no chance of ever being roommates with that woman, Lauren ended up living with her anyway. We don't actually know what happened other than the most likely scenario is Lauren ran out of money and had no choice but to move in with this woman. Around March or May, this picture were posted on Lauren's twitter account denoting that she was living with TC at least around that point:

This is one of the only known images of the woman known as Frederica Avery (alias) who ran Tattle-Crime.com

This is one of the only known images of the woman known as Frederica Avery (alias) who ran Tattle-Crime.com

TC was intent on transforming Lauren into this fictional Frederick Chilton character, seeing as how TC believes herself to be the "real Freddie Lounds". Just as how she was insistent to Roxy always dressing in cosplay and never breaking the character of Will Graham when she visited. Keep in mind Roxy lives in California and is accustomed to driving to TC whenever the woman asks. Lauren was from Utah and was basically at her beck and call as well. Driving across the country at the drop of a hat when called upon to visit their "girlfriend".


As you can see, this is Roxy and Lauren from the first time she attended SDCC. Which is probably when Roxy convinced her to go meet TC seeing as how Roxy is in the business of being TC's minion and has been since the end of season 1. 

Currently, Lauren is back home. However, her mental state seems a bit behind and her art definitely suffered due to whatever happened with TC. Over the time Lauren was with TC she cut off her hair and told everyone she was transgender and identifying as a man. She seemed to believe she was actually Frederick Chilton from the show and if she didn't believe it, she certainly behaved like she did. Things got even more creepy when TC began to tweet about how Lauren was laying in bed with her.

The fact of the matter is, Frederica Avery, TC, or whatever her real name is, will get away with all of this. This is by far the worst thing she did to any of the members of her so called "staff" but there is far more to go into that doesn't pertain to Lauren that you can read about on this website.