The True Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom

Monica Morais

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Monica Morais is a man who claims to be a woman. In fact I'm not actually sure what his/her gender is only that every single picture I've seen of him/her it appears to be a man in a wig and this picture is definitely a male body except he/she is still going by the name Monica? I don't get it. (Picture Of Him Archived Here)

One of 8 times Monica has Doxed me (while admitting she knows it's against the rules)
Monica referring to himself as a Dragon cause he thinks I trolled him or something?
Monica makes his own meme's with a name that isn't mine
Monica accusing a friend of being me when it's not me (he thinks everyone who defends me is me)
Using the Meth Insult for the millionth time (which was originally started by Tattle-Crime.com not him)

Anyway, Monica believes that he/she is the dragon king or something? He/she also sends me stupid pictures of him/her and his/her idiot friends holding kiwis? Like I'm supposed to even know what that means. I don't know but that's because I am also not insane. (archive link here)

Monica has doxed me no less than 10 times. He/she also thinks my name is something it's not, and calls me that, claiming that I cannot possibly be named Monica because he/she owns the name? He/She first started to harass me about 2 years ago because he/she claimed I was not allowed to cosplay as Freddie Lounds (fictional character) because I am not the real Freddie Lounds, who is a fictional character? Apparently this is because she gave a ton of money to a woman named Frederica Avery who as a cult leader and a scam artist and the main reason this website exists.

He or she has a blog on Tumblr as well as an older one livejournal with the numbers 1979 at the end denoting that he or she is probably close to 40 years of age and still behaving this way (Definitely looks it). He or she is always claiming he or she is not transphobic but will make fun of trans people. Especially me who he or she claims was born a man? If I look anything like a man, fine, but he or she looks ten times more like a man so at least I got that going for me. 

In any case, it should be noted that he or she is insane and devotes most of his or her unemployed life/time begging for the attention of Bryan Fuller via twitter as most of these people do. He or she has tried to lead "several" attacks on me, has put my name and phone number on craigslist, has claimed he or she was going to get my youtube and facebook page shut down (still have yet to see that happen) and has threatened me in many other insane ways that I still don't understand (like the kiwi thing?). He or she has also accused literally everyone of being me even after the point they have proved they are not me. The demented mind of this woman or man should be avoided at all costs. He or she has tried several times to get accounts of mine removed and though met with mild success, he or she has still never been able to actually stop me.