The True Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom

Nickie Michaud Wild

Nikie Michaud WildFreddie LoundsComment

Nickie Michaud Wild is a 45-year-old woman with a Ph.D. absolutely not in anything relevant (but uses the title doctor anyway) is a menace. Not only does she spend her time running at least 2 Hannigram related blogs (and this is a lot of work because for some reason they are all popular) she can't help herself from starting rumors about me and writing essays about me, which would be totally fine if she also didn't condemn me for writing about her like the hypocritical whale of a woman that she is. Nickie is allegedly married to a MTF woman named Teela and they spend their time perving on young girls from the Hannibal fandom, namely a girl named Rotem Rusak that seems to live in their general area. Nikie claims that she's a professor at Mount Holyoke College except that's barely what she does. She's a visiting professor (AKA: Doesn't have a full-time job which isn't surprising) and she waves her PHD in social sciences around like it means she knows jack shit about psychology. She also uses this to get people harassed based on "Feelings" she has. I guess she's also psychic? When Nickie isn't running her Hannigram related blogs:

Blog One
Blog Two

She is on twitter ranting about feminist issues and purity checks because she's basically insane. Nickie is one of those fat, virtue signaling morons who thinks she's better than everyone because she's a white apologist and radical feminist who hates men (but technically married one seeing as how her "wife" is biologically male). 

Despite not being full time employed Nickie likes to spend thousands of dollars a year to fly to something in Europe called Red Dragon Con (she did this twice in one year at some point) and read erotic Hannigram fan fiction to young girls for their pleasure. She also cosplays as...a fat dragon or something. Nickie is old enough to know better but she chooses to behave like one of her 15-year-old followers by harassing anyone online that stands in her way and making sure to spread lies and propaganda to brainwash them while she's at it. Though she might not be considered as dangerous as Rotem, she's definitely as insane as her. Considering they go to topless shows in cosplay together, I'm guessing that she's not far off from becoming dangerous. 

Hannigram is the pairing of male fictional characters, if you didn't know, which seems bizarre as most of these so called females in the fandom also claim to be lesbians.