The True Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom

The Insanity Continues

Other HatersFreddie LoundsComment

I would like to address a post I found on Tumblr about me and how allegedly "pathetic" and insane I am. Since these children have nothing better to do than talk about me far more than I talk about them, I decided I'd give them something to read and mention their names while I am at it. 

First of all, one of their huge things seems to be to call me a troll and tell people to ignore me. Except, none of them actually ignore me. Half of my ad revenue from this site are people referred to from Tumblr to here. See, what they don't seem to realize is that I have an analytics page and I can see what link they clicked to get to my website. Which means I know who's talking about me and when. I don't actually care if they talk about me because unlike them I have a life outside of this website. 

To put it simply, this website contains finite information. Since it was recently removed on a bogus as hell DMCA takedown, I moved it to a place with far more creative freedom where it's harder to get things removed. One would think that if all I was doing was making up stories then there wouldn't be a need to silence me. Why shut up a person who is only spouting lies? I digress. However, this was the post that I was able to find through my analytics page. This is an archive link of the post since DaughterOfTheMurderHusbands has already deleted her original post (even though it can be seen there) since I called her a cunt, especially since she's acting like one so if the other girl, Hannibalnuxvomica, decides to delete hers as well, there's proof that it happened. 

First off they talk about the book I wrote. Which is pretty much about very specific people. Namely the woman this website is about, her cult, and then the 4 other girls who have gone out of their way to make my life and my family's life a living hell. It also details the cult wide mentality of these people, and this post? Well, it just proves my point. Then it goes on to talk about how my book is selling for 61 dollars, which it isn't. You can see right here it's selling for $2.99 cents so apparently, they can't read. Even more sadly, for them, the book does sell, so I've been getting revenue off of it whether they like it or not. 

This is very similar to what I've already pointed out of the group of them who pretty much hang around facebook all the time talking about me. This is very different to what I do which is...well nothing. This website has finite information on it. Information that was written 3 years ago at this point. Information that is copied and pasted and gathered from multiple sources. So what we have here is me, someone who set up a website to house information that is finite for other people to find, versus a group of people dedicated to discussing me and my behavior over a period of years while I go on and have a normal life. 

People who claim I harass them when I've never heard of them. People who want to be a victim of mine for no reason. People who invent real life clubs called "The Kiwi Mafia" because they are obsessed with me. People devoted to convincing the entire world I'm a meth addict, homeless, jobless, born a man, or any other number of stupid rumors because, despite anything that they say I've done, I've maybe done 1% of it. We are looking at a situation of a website maintained by one person that almost never gets updated, versus hundreds of people who devote hours a day to a canceled show, wanking over gay men and porn, begging for it to come back, while also discussing me, over and over and over, when everything that was ever written here or otherwise was written 3 years ago and just exists.

Their motto of "ignore her" doesn't work. In fact, they seem to think "ignore her" means "Go harass her" or "set up blogs about her" or "discuss her all the fucking time on every aspect of social media". I don't know where the disconnect is, I don't know what the level of delusion here is or why it happens, I don't even begin to understand the fact that they have 0 self-awareness to the fact that they troll, harass, stalk, and bully me far more than I do to them. My website and my book existing, without them having to ever look at it, is what they think is harassment. Them attacking me, doxing me, harassing my family, trying to get me fired, posting my name and number on craigslist, and stealing my copyrighted material, is far more harassment doled out towards me than I have literally ever done to them. Just consider that.